Ghajinikanth (2019) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Arya, Sayyeshaa, Sampath Raj, Sathish

Greetings! This is a super hit movie. Get aside. Bachchan needs air. Give oblation to everyone. Great. – He’s kicking.
– The Emperor will take care of things. Hey! It’s Amitabh Bachchan. ‘What’s the code word?’ ‘You belong to us now.’ Isn’t it good? ‘You belong to us now.’ Hey, even our child
is enjoying the movie. Is it?
– Yes. After all he is my son. ‘Look! Don’t steal again.’ ‘Do you understand?
– No inspector. This is the last time.’ ‘I don’t know.
– You don’t know.’ ‘You don’t even know
where to deliver the stuff?’ You are pregnant.
– Laxmi, what happened? I feel I will deliver.
– Get up. – Take care. Don’t worry. The hospital is close by. Take care. Laxmi, have courage. Please help her.
– Get an auto. There’s no time to go to the hospital. She’s in labor pain already.
She will deliver here. Alright. Take care. What would happen if you were
inside for some more time. – Take care. Slowly! Slowly! Slowly! Will you tell me
what’s happening in the film? You killed my Amitabh. ‘You shot the bullet.
But the Goddess saved me.’ The house must drown in the rain. Let everyone die.
– Whom are you talking about? Alright. Sit down. Why did you come in this heavy rain? What’s there in the box?
– It’s for grandpa not you. Dad said grandpa likes sweet. My grandson. Come here.
– Grandpa. Did you see? My grandson loves me a lot. You are right. You love your grandson
but not your son. He lives so close to us.
But you don’t talk to him. Listen, forgive him. He is your son. Go and talk to him. I was pondering on this
for a few days now. Gayatri, my grandson
will connect me to my son. Rajni, listen carefully. Go and tell dad I want to meet him.
– Alright grandpa. Rajni! Come in. Come in. What did grandpa said?
– Grandpa. Yes. Tell me. Yes son.
– Dad, the snack is attracting me. Hey! Rajni, where are you going? Rajni, what did grandpa tell you? Grandpa…
– He must have cursed you. Do you want to hear that from your son? He always says one thing.
Why did you marry me? Grandpa… Eat. Don’t talk. Listen, if you want to talk to him then go and visit your parents. Father! Father! What happened to you? Mother, what happened to him?
– You have come now. He wanted to talk to you. And you have come now
when he can’t speak. He could call me here
if he wanted to talk. He told you to meet him many times. But you didn’t come over. Did he call me? When? Didn’t Rajni tell you? He didn’t tell me anything. Did grandpa ask me to visit him? Why didn’t you tell me? I forgot it dad. As children I and Ramnath
played marbles. I used to ruin whatever he did. But fooled me by marrying secretly. And he named his son Rajnikant. I didn’t lack behind.
I had a daughter Kamli. We will get Rajni and Kamli married. We will become relatives from friendship by getting them married. Both of you come out of your thoughts. Go and check if Rajni is ready or not? I will bring him out.
– Yes. Please. What are you doing here?
Where is Rajni? He is getting ready. Rajni, come out.
Everyone is waiting for you. Yes dad. I am coming. Stop guarding him. Come with me. “Rajni!” “Rajni!” “Rajni!” “Rajni!” Greetings uncle! Why are you shocked? If you are shocked to see me now.
You will go in coma on the wedding day. Why are you ruining
your family’s reputation? Whose?
– Look down. I wanted you to be a great man. But you failed me
and became a rotten brat. You are not Vijaykanth but Gajnikant. Mummy!
– Shut up! You keep taunting him.
Are there no girl’s available? There is only one girl left. She will marry him. That is the best option. Hey!
– Here we go. Yes sir.
– What are you doing? I am spraying pesticides. Look, having the
same medicine every time ruins a human’s body.
In the same way these plants become weak by pesticides. No matter how much you keep it clean. It will be poisonous. Ramnathan. – Yes.
– He is Satyamurthy. He’s a scientist.
But he’s god for the farmers. In fact all his life… Greetings Satya.
– Don’t praise me falsely. He is Ramnathan. He has come to meet you.
– Greetings! I am pleased to meet you.
– Satyamurthy. Please come. Let’s sit and talk. Actually his son is a scientist. Right now he is a junior.
He will be in a senior post soon. And his name is Rajnikant.
– Is it? He looks like a hero just like his name. Yes. He is a hero. He respects elders even now
though he is a scientist. He is very simple. Is it?
– When I told him. That she is your daughter.
He said I don’t want to see her. – Wait! Look don’t misunderstand me. Does your son has any habits? Sir, there can be a fault in me. But not my son. Don’t mind what I say. Ramnathan, if the leaves have a scar I get upset. This is about my daughter. I need to think it over well. Mr. Ramnathan! I will meet your son today. If everything is right
then let’s go ahead with our plans. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Yes dad!
– Hey! I just met Satyamurthy, the girl’s dad. He will come to meet you. Speak to him. Yes. I will do it. Listen, Gunna has praised you a lot. They are good people.
The girl is also pretty. Don’t do anything wrong. Uncle Gunna did a mistake
by praising me. They will now say
we wanted such a son-in-law. Oh no. Don’t do any style with me. Don’t show that
you are absent minded. Got it? Don’t threaten me.
Or I will forget it. Okay. You should be a brand
ambassador of Alzheimer. Disconnect the call.
– Okay. ‘What a father!’ Today it’s a bud. Soon it will bloom. When it blooms,
the bees will hover over it. Rajni!
– Yes. An old man has come to meet
you at the reception. – Right. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Yes Chaman! Hey, why are you crying? Do one thing.
Finish crying then call me up. Rajni! My girlfriends wedding
is fixed with someone else. It means you have no girlfriend. I got ruined before I settled down. Make time and kidnap her. Don’t worry.
You will surely get married. I can get married
only when it’s possible. I will nail it. Stop crying first. Alright. But how will it happen? The plan is this. We will give her father
some diarrhoea pills. We will give a strong dose.
He will not leave the washroom. Take a kiss! Tell her to put a burkha and run away. And speak in a strong voice. Disconnect the call. ‘I will come on a horse.’ Hey! Is this tea or coffee?
– Coffee. Do you call it coffee?
It taste like some syrup. I will teach you to prepare coffee.
Come on. Ma’am, did you inform him about me? Yes I did. Collect black beans. Note it down.
What are you doing? Then pound it into a powder. Mix with 109 ml of milk.
Add sugar and squeeze a lime. How are you writing it?
– That is how a strong coffee is made. Wow Karan! The food is good.
The maid prepared the chicken well. I need to kiss her hand.
– What are you talking about? You are interfering in my talk.
I was praising the food. Stop praising the food. Did the person
who came to meet you, praised you? Was someone going to visit me? He forgot Satyamurthy.
– What happened? What happened? Nothing can be done now. He forgot again. Anu, was someone waiting for me? He was sitting here since morning.
I feel he has left. Dad! Give me his phone number. As if you will appease him. Stupid! You are useless.
God knows what time you were born. You killed my father first.
Will you kill me now? Let’s forget about killing.
Give me his number first. Hello! – Mr. Satyamurthy!
I am Ramnathan’s son Rajnikant here. I was late as some delegates from
USA came to check the sapling seeds. No issues. We will meet
some other day. I have left now. No. No sir. I am really sorry. Suggest a place for us to meet.
I will be there in 5 minutes. Meet me at the coffee shop
near your office. Okay sir. Order the coffee. I will be there before you finish it. Alright. Rajni!
– Excuse me. Chaman!
– Yes Chaman! I met you after separating from you
at the fair. No matter what it is.
Destiny allows us to meet in time. It’s something like that.
– What are you doing here? I got your sister-in-law here for a meal.
– Hello brother! Is it a male in a female form? It was your idea.
– Yes. Yes. Let’s go. Hey! Did you find a place for her to stay? Dude, don’t worry about it. Just worry about my marriage. Get a pen and paper.
– Get a pen. Don’t bring a black pen.
The emotions bloom out. Sir, here. Take her to the registrar’s office. And get married there. Alright.
– We will come as witness. Alright.
– I will feed you. Give me a kiss. Did you understand the plan?
– Do you have any courtesy? Stand up. I am waiting for you since 2 hours. You are teaching him love tricks. Come on speak up. Sir, sorry. Sorry my foot! You have no right to say sorry. I wasted my time
on a stupid person like you. I am ashamed of myself
thinking about it. Why are you feeling ashamed? We are shameless since we are born. We sold whatever shame was left. We are alive because of that. By the way I was beaten up
many times for love sake. Because of that beating
I found my princess. Whom am I arguing with? Rajni, was he your father? No. He is the father of a girl whose
match he came for. – Your wife’s father? Uncle! Uncle! Listen to me. I want to confess something. Rajni is a good boy.
You won’t find a boy like him. So give him your daughter. What did you say?
– I mean get them married. Hey! Get out. I am already out. Should I die now?
– Chaman, go away. He was playing with you.
– Yes, I know. What is this nonsense? Sir, please don’t mind his words. Sir, I want to tell you something. Sometimes I don’t remember things. If I am busy with something
and I get some other work in between. I forget the first job completely. My office staff told me
you are waiting for me. But my friend called up
so I forgot about it. I didn’t want to hurt you. Please forgive me if possible. You have such an illness. Am I a fool to get my daughter
married to you? Listen, you are a mean person. Don’t think about my daughter. Don’t try to meet me. Or else… Eat your food. I am not hungry.
– Why? This is not the first time. Then why do you look sad? Gunna builds your image
and you ruin it always. Once you get married. We will get to play
with our grandchildren’s. We will have a daughter-in-law. She will take care of the house.
Your mother will take some rest. Don’t forget this.
– Yes. As though I forget it purposely. If you don’t forget it purposely
then remember it on purpose. You have ruined life.
I feel like breaking my head. Ramnathan,
why don’t you take him to a doctor? I have taken him to a specialist. He said nothing can be done.
He’s imperfect. He troubled us.
– Again the same thing. – Shut up! I will give you a last idea. Find someone just like you. And run away with her. Don’t forget her on the way. If you want you can forget us. I didn’t ask you to find a wife for me. If you find one get married to her. I am ready for it.
I will bless your marriage. Go away. – Ramnathan,
shall I talk to him? – Eat your food. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ How many calls will you make?
I told you I am on the way. I am not Superman to fly
and reach there. Rajni, where are you? Come quickly or the boss will die. I didn’t ask him to dance
in the bathroom with his maid. Look, I tell you if he dies. Our life will be ruined. So come soon.
His cuss words are hurting. Wait! Wait!
– Hello! Hello Rajni. Excuse me.
Where are you going? The place where she is going.
– Oh, you are a blood donor. Yes.
– Show me your I.D card? ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Hey, where are you? Come soon.
– I already donated my blood. It will reach you in time.
– You donated blood. Where did you do it? Nurse, which floor is this?
– First floor. – I’m at the first floor. Hey! You went to the first floor.
You had to come to the third floor. He didn’t tell me. Nurse.
– Yes. – Can I get my blood back? Once you buy something
you can’t return it. Sorry! I could remember
that I had to donate blood. I forgot where to donate it. The boss is asking me.
What will I tell him? He can’t have my blood. Hell! You forgot it again. Hey! The boss will surely die now. Alright I’m leaving.
Tell me which cemetery I must come. Where are you going? Rajni? Sir, is the blue car
at the parking yours? My car is not in the parking area.
It’s on the road… Oh! My car? How did you forget? Sorry ma’am. It’s a mistake. Your mistake can kill someone. Is a child’s life not important for you? Actually…
– Don’t give me excuses. If the child doesn’t get blood in half
an hour it will be difficult to save her. I’m sorry ma’am.
– Your sorry will not help. Don’t worry ma’am the man
who came with you donated blood. – Who? He forgot his I.D card here. And the patient? – You can check
the patient, the treatment is done. My car is damaged.
– Pay for the damage. Or I will get you arrested. It’s a small scratch.
It will get repaired. Do you call it a scratch?
The lights, bumper are damaged. Sorry sir. Don’t get angry.
Tell us the expenses. Two five times is 10.
– Let’s go. – It will cost 20,000. Oh my God! 20,000.
– I won’t reduce it. Hello! Who is it? – Sir, you
donated blood at the hospital today. Is it? That is why I am feeling giddy. Yes. So what?
– Nothing. I just wanted to thank you for it. Okay. You are welcome.
Shall I disconnect? – Sir, one moment. I have your I.D card.
– I will take it from you tomorrow. Sir. Again. Thanks a lot. If you didn’t come on time… You are calling at the wrong time.
Disconnect the call. Stupid!
– Talk to him. Why are we standing here?
Okay tell me what to do. Cash? Is cash okay? How much? – The amount
that will do our work. Are you insane? Tell me the amount. Sir, 15,000.
– 15,000? Are you mad? I won’t pay more than 12,000. We are lucky. I think he’s mad.
Let’s take the money and leave. Take it. Count it.
– Remember us if you need a scratch again. Bye sir. Thank you.
– Bye! They did the damage. I paid for it. Wait! My money! He is different from others. Very unique. Hey! What are you murmuring about? Is everything fine? Sister-in-law, do you know
I met the best man in this world. Whom are you talking about? Is he better than me? Dad! I was trying to get
A negative blood since 2 days. But the one who was ready
to donate it didn’t come. A miracle took place instead.
An angel came in suddenly. He saved that child’s life
by giving his blood. Is it?
– Even I didn’t believe it. But when I called up he reacted
as though he didn’t do anything. Dad, do you know
when I said thanks to him. He was not ready to accept the favour. There are few people who help others. If they help
it’s for publicity and praise. It proves you have met
a great hearted person. I met a man too.
– Is it? He has no right to live in this world. He irritated me. Anyway, forget it. It will be rude
if you just thank on the phone. Give him some chocolate or sweets
and say thanks. Alright. I had snack in the morning.
It’s four hours. When will she come? Brother, is she my sister-in-law? She looks very pretty. Not like junior artist.
– I feel everyone is a heroine. Here comes the bad luck. How are you uncle?
– Why have you come here? Have you come to take
the body after the post-mortem? My boss is strong. Both of you…
– Forget it. Who will come to meet him? I came to meet my girlfriend.
– Girlfriend. Yes. Your sister-in-law.
– And good fortune of my family. She took a litre of blood. And made him fall in love.
– Oh, I get it now. You forgot the boss’s favour for love.
I will curse you. You won’t find your girlfriend
even in Google. Unlucky fellow.
– Why are you interested? If he forgets things. I’ll remind him. Brother, don’t listen to him. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Hello!
– Hello sir. I had called up.
You forgot your I.D card. I am calling again
to remind you of that. Who is it Rajni?
– It’s a nurse. Nurse? – Yes. I am in the hospital.
Bring it to the ground floor. Sorry sir! I can’t come today. But if you want
you can take it from my dance school. Alright.
I will take it from your shop. Sir. Sir.
Are you sure you will take it? What a question?
I told you I will take it. Disconnect the call.
– Block her. Why is the nurse interested in me? Looks like she is impressed
with your I.D card. When you take back the card.
Tell her I love you! No. No. Never. When I am in love with someone else.
What do I got to do with a nurse? ‘It’s ruined.’
– Hello! – Hello Sir! Hello! Where are you? I’ve reached. Sir! Turn to the left.
– Yes. I turned. Now what? Hi! Hi!
– Hi! Hi!
– I. D. Card. Here it is. Do you dance? She teaches cooking.
– Not cooking. But I take a dance class. It’s the same thing.
You need to eat for both reasons. But I don’t understand
how did you get my I.D card? Actually the patient you
saved yesterday is my student. God, you are great!
It’s my luck that I donated blood. Whom are you talking to looking up? It’s a petition. I asked for a boon if that child gets
healed I’ll feed biscuits to the dogs. You are a great man. If you meet my dad once. I would like it.
– I will meet him. I’ve to meet him.
Or the match won’t be fixed. Fix the match? What do you mean? As every relationship starts
with something or the other. We started with blood. Great people talk great things. You are really a great man. Who?
– She is talking about you. Okay. Me. I wanted to ask you something.
If you don’t mind can I meet you daily? Why?
– Dance. To learn dancing. Oh! Dance? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Actually outsiders are not allowed her. But if you have
a younger brother or sister then you can come here daily. She wants to peep in on the
pretext of dance class. – Shut up! Alright. I will get my brother
tomorrow and get him dancing. – Yes. What are you doing?
Where will you get a brother from? He’s mischievous.
So I want to learn something in life. That’s fine. But… Don’t call me ma’am.
Just call me Vandana. Your name is so sweet. I am getting late for class. Shall I leave now?
– Yes. Please! Okay bye.
– Bye. Free. The sister is free
with the brother. One free uncle with another.
And a maid also free. If you want grandma is for free too. One lakh per day minus GST. Along with that
vanity van is compulsory. Ma’am, if we give you salary.
We will have nothing left. Yes.
– Your budget is high. Next. I said a younger brother not sister. Look at his skin colour. Where did you get him from? He must look similar to me not you. Rajni, don’t be racist. Dark people are loving.
– I will change his colour. Give me a white plate.
– Yes. Here. You! Give me.
My bowl is empty. Drop some money. Rajni, don’t think of
making that beggar your brother. I have thought of it.
– Sister, tell him to give me money. Rajni, he is right for you. His face looks similar to yours. If you had a brother
he would look like him. I found someone. Hi!
– Hi! Hi!
– Give a rupee. – Control. He is my brother Khatora Das.
– Khatora Das? What kind of a name is this? I held a bowl when I was born.
So I got this name. Oh! How cute! Somiya, get an application form. Sister, I have seen him somewhere. Brother! Brother! Give money quickly. Khatora Das is coming here.
Hide your face quickly. Brother! Brother! Give me some money. I told you to get lost.
– If I eat I will bless you. I haven’t eaten anything because of her. If possible give me to eat. Don’t marry this miser. He is a greater beggar than me. I wish not to meet you again. Hey you are a beggar right? Vandana, I know this boy well. Hello! He begs from lovers
at the park and troubles them. They run away on seeing him.
– What? These people dressed him up
and got him here. There is something fishy here. Don’t say anything, son.
Or we’ll be in trouble. Is this true? Yes it’s true. He is a beggar. Where do you live?
– At Anand Nagar. How are the people there?
Do they give alms? He started his business. Stop him.
– Stop. Stop. Why are you begging at the dance class? It’s true. He is a beggar. But he is not a thief.
He’s an unlucky child. Who is not a beggar here?
I and you, all are beggars. He begs from the rich. While we beg from God. His mother made him to beg.
– Is it? But his father said
just like his brothers he will not be a beggar,
but he will have a good family. Brother! She called me beggar only once. You called me beggar
so many times already. You are not a beggar. You are our child.
– You called my family a beggar. That’s why I adopted him. Adopted him. He was born as a beggar. But he won’t leave this world
as a beggar. I promised his father. I will make you the best dancer of
the world not just the city or nation. Even if I have to see
this dance teacher secretly. My brother! Wow! I feel like a peacock is dancing. Come on. Stupid. What we were talking about? Fourth day on the 3rd.
– Yes. The fourth day on the 3rd. Sit down. Whose picture is this? Hello! Sit down Rajni. Why have you come here?
– Just like that. Won’t you ask what will I have? I told her are you mad? It’s a good opportunity to overact. Listen brother, here. Have my shirt. No. I am fine. Okay.
– But I want your watch. It’s my time.
– Hey, ice-cream. Sit down. I will get it.
– Get the sweetest ice-cream. – Here. It’s very nice. I thought you will get an ice-cream
for me. But you are having it alone. I heard it on news there
are drugs in the ice-cream so I was checking
before giving it to you. Give her an ice-cream too.
– Okay sir. I got saved. What are you doing? Will you ruin
the family’s name? Dance like this. Now clean the glass in this manner. Wait! I will show you.
– Let’s go. It’s so amazing. I can’t bear it anymore. Come here.
– What are you doing? Rajni, keep me down. Please! Hi! What is this? Where are your shoes? An old man was walking bare foot. I gave him my shoes. We are meeting after so many years. Where is your son?
– He said he will come to pick me up. Okay. Here he comes. Oh! Welcome Ajay! How are you? I am good. How are you? Good.
– Dad, shall we go? – Okay. Wait! You just came in.
Have some coffee. Sorry uncle. I have some urgent work. Doesn’t matter.
We will have coffee some other day. Dad! Let’s have coffee. Please have coffee. Satya! I feel Ajay likes your daughter. Don’t be surprised. You are searching a groom for Vandana. I am searching a wife for my son. If they are ready to marry each other. We will convert our
friendship to relationship. Dad! What’s this? They have come for the first time.
And this is how they behave? It was so embarrassing.
– Speak softly. The boy’s family will hear us.
– So what? Let them listen.
I don’t like him at all. I will stay single.
But won’t marry a policeman. Cool down. Cool down.
I’ll talk to them. Sorry! We have seen many girls. But he didn’t like anyone. He liked Vandana on first sight. That’s why I told you
what I felt without thinking. I am sorry, friend. Don’t say that. Actually my daughter
doesn’t like policemen. Son, don’t…
– It’s okay, uncle. Thank you. Dad! Let’s go. Alright. Eat on time.
– Give the phone to Vandana. Yes. Wait. Your brother wants to speak to you. Vandana!
– Hello! Vandana!
– Hello Vandana! Listen, I feel she’s in bad mood. Call her up later. Alright. I will call later. Bye.
– Bye! What happened?
Didn’t he propose to you yet? I understand everything. Now tell me. No. It’s nothing like that. We are just friends. But I like him a lot. But I don’t know
how he feels about me. But under some pretext. He comes to meet me
at the dance class daily. This is called love. Is it?
– Yes. Listen to what I say. Don’t show your love
for him for a few days. First find out if he loves you or not. Okay sister-in-law. Done. Brother, give some alms.
– Hi! Hi! He dropped it. Wow! He gave me a bike for alms. Brother, you are not God.
You are greater than him. Sister, he is a good man. Take care of him.
– Yes! Come on. Hi!
– Hi! You are truly large hearted.
– I am feeling shy. Come on. Don’t you have classes today? So you are pulling my leg. No. You gave your bike to that beggar. That’s why I am saying this. Bike?
– Yes. Look. Bye! Bye! I will come back in a moment. Where are you going?
I will go and find the waiter. Hey! Wait! That is my bike. If I go home without the bike my dad will
throw me out of the house. – Forget it. A hungry man doesn’t return his
food or a naked man his clothes. But this food,
I mean the bike is mine. I forget things. I gave it by mistake. If you have Alzheimer eat almonds. Have pity on me! Return my bike. Why are you kicking?
It’s a bike not a horse. How do you go to the second gear? Press the clutch and pull up the gear. It’s so great.
– Hey, wait. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’
– There’s less soil. Hello darling! Do you know I waited for you yesterday? At least you could
call up and inform me. I forgot her because of the bike. My sister Chanda had come for donations. I went to give her donation. You are lying right? You feel I am lying. No. I was kidding. I know you are not like normal people. You are right. I am not normal. I won’t talk to you. Ma’am, teacher, nurse.
I don’t like these words. Call me by my name. Alright. I will call you by name. Oh! What was her name? Hey! What’s your sister-in-law’s name? She is called sister-in-law. I would have told you
the real name if I was with you. Hello! If you don’t want to
talk to me then please tell me. No. Actually I am going
to take your name for the first time. I was thinking why we don’t meet instead
of taking your name on the phone. You are really very different. Okay. I want to ask you a question. But don’t lie to me. I never lie. And I never faced the truth. Do you… What? That do you..
– Yes. Go on. I’m listening. I was asking if… Do you like me or not?
– I am sorry for the interruption. Hi sir!
– Thank you Rajni. Thank you? Why? To donate your blood. Your blood freed me from death.
Happy Independence day! You forgot it after donating blood. You are welcome sir.
– Give him sweets. Why did you get me sweets?
Instead you could raise my salary. Come on the 32nd of next month. Actually he is going on leave.
I will give you his salary. Let’s do the funeral rite.
I mean let’s do the office work. You are acting smart
and he has no values. The blood was tasty.
– Bye. If I told boss the truth
you wouldn’t get sweets. – Let it be. Have sweets and enjoy. Hello! Hello! The sweet seems to be stale. Disgusting! Sweets should be sweet.
This is tasteless. Surely it’s not pure. Near the tea stall. – Yes.
– There’s a dance school behind it. Yes. – You get the best sweets there.
– Dance school? – Is it? The queue is very long.
– Queue? Yes. Sometimes months pass by. Even my girlfriend was on call.
– You can stand in the queue. Hey! Hi!
– Hi! I am still here. Tell me. Sorry! My boss had come.
I was talking to him. Did you finish your classes? Yes. It’s over. Good. You were saying something? Nothing much.
I was just joking. Joke? I like people who joke. I don’t remember jokes.
Or I would tell you a few jokes. By the way I wanted to tell
you something since a few days. I don’t know
if this is the right time or not. But can I ask you a question. Do you… Yes? Do you take a monthly salary? Or you get fees per class? No. If it’s less.
You need not tell me. – What? Bye! Vandana, your phone is ringing. Hey! Rajni is calling up. I feel he doesn’t like me. Why is he calling up now?
Disconnect the call. Hello! – Hello darling! Just a moment.
I will give the phone to Vandana. Talk to him.
He is calling you darling. Hello! Wanted to go for a movie.
– Who wants to go? If I am calling you up
then we two are going right? Come quickly.
– No. I am not coming. Look, don’t break
my heart by refusing my request. I have taken the tickets already.
So don’t refuse me. In this movie
the hero flies like Superman. It was a stupid joke. I am not interested.
I am not coming. Looks like you are still angry on me. Don’t get angry. By the way I wanted
to tell you something important. You told me the most
important thing. What else is left? No. Don’t do it.
My honey, sweetie, custard. Dumbo! Don’t you understand? I am sure he loves you. The movie is an excuse.
He will surely propose today. Sister-in-law, really? Are you sure he loves me? Definitely! Talk to him.
– Hello! Hello! Speak to him.
– Hello! – Hello! What time is the show? She agrees.
Reach Movie Time theatre at 7 PM. Okay.
– Okay. Bye!
– Bye! Yes! Did you see that old man? Vandana, how are you? I thought it’s you from far.
I recognized you. Have you come to watch a movie? If I am at a theatre then
I will surely watch a movie, right? I won’t shop here right? It means you are still angry on me. Why do you wait
for the person who’s not here? I am here.
We can enjoy together. I am talking about the movie. I am not on duty.
We can watch the movie. You can consider me your friend. No. Thanks! No matter how much you fly away.
I will trap you one day. Don’t take something given in alms.
– No old man. I don’t leave alms ever. Hit the coin. Wow! You’ll die in any moment, but you still eye on the queen. The queen is loved by all. What is he talking about? The queen of the game.
– Yes. You are already shivering. But I can still play.
– You can’t do it. Today the queen will be mine. It won’t go. Hit it. I say it won’t go in.
– It will. I feel something is wrong. Oh my God! The movie. I didn’t go there
while I called her to watch it. Do you want to pee? Don’t worry.
The queen will surely go in. You just said my hands are shivering. The real queen is here.
Concentrate on your performance. Focus on the queen. It has to go inside the pocket. Aim at it. Don’t worry at all. You can do it. You can do it. Will you have juice and hit it?
– No. After I get the queen. Are you waiting for
an auspicious time to hit the queen? Come on uncle. Hit it. He took the queen! Thank God for saving uncle. Dad, this is your second
wonder after I was born. Uncle, drink some juice.
– Not a glass. Give me the whole can. What are you watching? Give it here. Open your mouth. Taste life. Rajni, what you did today
is a mathematical miracle! It’s a medical miracle. I meant to say the same thing.
A miracle is a miracle. Dad, you are great. Rajni! All the doctors had lost hope. That my dad’s death is confirmed. But you didn’t lose hope. You saved my dad through carom. Give me a hug. Our secret will be out
with his overacting. Let it go on. Sharma, switch off the radio.
– Alright. Dad! Your life is saved. Let’s go. Can we play another game? He is still excited. Take care.
– I feel it’s affected him. Where do I leave him?
– Near the gutter. Actually uncle didn’t have
anything since a week. It was important
to play carom to save his life. That is why I didn’t come
to the theatre. I thought I would
call and inform you. But… I could think of only one thing. Uncle’s life slipping away from him. I sacrificed our meeting for him. I am sorry.
– No. No. Don’t embarrass me. Even though you didn’t come.
But you saved a life. There can’t be a better deed
than saving a life in this world. You are not a human being.
But an angel in the form of human. If everyone is like you in this world. Then no one will have any problem. When the secret will be out.
You will be in trouble. After seeing this do you know how I feel about you? How?
– You are above all. If she finds out the truth.
She will kill you. As you didn’t come for the movie I came here to break our friendship. But after seeing this
my respect for you has grown. We will meet tomorrow morning. Bye!
– Bye! Hey! You come to this area
for prostitution. What? What are you saying?
– We know everything about you. Come on. Come on. – Shut up!
– Leave! Leave me. Hasn’t Vandana come home yet? It’s her call.
– Okay. Hello!
– Dad! What happened?
Why are you crying? I am at the police station.
– What are you saying? Why? I don’t know. – Look! Don’t worry.
Give the phone to the officer. My dad is calling up. Talk to him. Yes sir. Sir, why did you arrest her?
What did she do? We arrested her for prostitution. Prostitution. It’s not possible. Listen to me. Get a lawyer
in half an hour and bail her out. Or you will get
your daughter through court. Sir! Sir! Sir! Dad, what happened? Vandana is arrested by the police. I will go and get her home. Did you do something again? Listen! I am outside Vandana’s house. Did you forget what to do next? I didn’t forget anything.
A car just left from her home. Maybe it’s my father-in-law’s car. I planned to meet Vandana at midnight. But I am thinking of going in right now.
If I forget it will create problems. Look, this is the right time to tell
her your feelings or you will forget. Do you think she will agree?
– Yes. She has fallen in love with you. Go and talk to her to confirm it.
– Alright. ‘The number you are dialling
is switched off.’ Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Nothing will happen. Boss, is there any hospital close by? The hospital is at the main road. You are on the wrong road. I forgot it. Tell me where is it? Take a right from ahead. Then left. Then take a U-turn. Forget that.
Isn’t there any other way? Reverse your car and take a right turn. Sir! – Who arrested her?
– Sir, I arrested her. It’s a prostitution case.
– Prostitution? – Yes. Do you know who she is?
She is my wife. I am going to marry her. Did you have a drink? Sir, it’s my mistake. I am so sorry. Tell her sorry not me. Ma’am, it’s my mistake.
– Go now. Sorry uncle. You may leave. Who parked the bike on the road? What are you doing?
Why are you removing the bike? Can’t you see I have marked it? Why?
– An accident took place. The car won’t move from here
till the senior officer is here. Who is responsible for the accident?
– Look there. He is standing there.
– Him? Couldn’t you drive properly? Where do you live?
– In town sir. I am here since 30 years. Even I live there.
Where do you stay? I stay in the by-lanes of the town. The tyre slipped due to rain. Don’t worry. I am with you.
The car gets out of control in the rain. You have understood it.
But who will tell the policeman? You are from my locality. Save me from this trouble. Sorry!
It’s taking time to find the hospital. We will reach soon. Uncle! Don’t worry. I will handle the case. I am sorry for your inconvenience. Vandana, sorry. I called you wife
in front of them as whenever a policeman sees you,
he won’t trouble you. Please don’t take me wrong. Doesn’t matter. One more thing. Such a situation won’t arise
if there’s a police man in the family. Do think about it?
– Let’s go dad. – Yes. Let’s go. Sir! Do you still think
this girl will like you? I don’t wait for others likes. I have just cut off her wings.
I will soon trap her. Anyway, you tricked her well. She won’t sleep the whole night. Go and have it. Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law, get up.
Open your eyes. Sister-in-law, get up. Please! What happened?
Did sister-in-law agree? Everything is over. The story ended before it started. A mother and child
is about to die because of me. I don’t understand what to do right now. Alright. Don’t worry. Look for people around.
Find out where you are. I will come right away. There’s a sign board. And nothing else. Chettinad Health City Hospital. Did you bring the patient?
– Yes. I got her. Is there a problem? This is a miracle. The child was stuck. Then somehow
he came in the right position. It was a normal delivery. In fact her treatment
was done before reaching here. On the way? Thank you doctor.
– You have done a great job. Rajni, is everything alright? Yes. Everything is fine now.
But I was very scared. Doesn’t matter.
The situation is good now. – Yes. Rajni, did you inform Vandana?
– Oh, I forgot about it. Hello!
– Vandana! Your sister-in-law was in labour pain. I got her to Chetna Hospital.
Come quickly. What are you saying?
How is sister-in-law now? She is fine now. Alright. We are reaching there.
– Alright. Sister-in-law, she looks like you. Oh my baby! Where is he?
– What? He saved us.
If he didn’t come in time maybe we both would be dead. Go and get that angel inside. Listen. Her sister-in-law is delivering.
How can I propose now? – Hey! This is the good time.
Go and propose to her. Rajni! I love you! I love you so much! What happened? Didn’t you like it? Girls propose so easily? And we boys? Week pass thinking when to hold hands. Stupid! Vandana! I love you!
– I love you too. Oh! Baby looks like sister-in-law. Sister-in-law has called
you to meet her. Let’s go in. Hey! The car is at the signal.
Park it first. I will park the car.
– Right. I am abused because of you. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Yes dad. What is it? If you aren’t getting married won’t
you let me to attend other’s weddings? Who is stopping you? Go on. You have the car. Get it home quickly. You will get the car in 5 minutes. You said that 5 hours earlier too. You will forget it again. Don’t disconnect the call
till you reach home. Dear, Ajay’s dad is calling up. I thought over this issue.
The boy is good. I feel this is a perfect match for you. Look there’s no hurry. Think cooly.
– Dad! – Yes? Vandana loves someone else. Whom does she love? Actually he is the same guy who took me to the hospital
in time that night. Vandana and he loves each other. Do you remember that boy? He donated blood to Vandana’s
student and saved her life. Yes.
– He is the same guy. Oh! Is he that guy? I have no problem. He’s a nice guy. I will feel
lucky to have such a son-in-law. Do one thing. Tell him to meet me. Thank you dad!
– You are welcome! Thank you sister-in-law! I will get him here tomorrow
to meet you’ll. – Yes. Why waste time? ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Hello darling! I love you!
– Love all the time. Why is love overflowing? My wedding is getting fixed.
Won’t I be happy? What? Your wedding is getting fixed. Yes. – You are in love with me.
While you are marrying someone else. You are so stupid. My groom is you.
– Okay. Okay it’s me. Right. I spoke to dad. And he’s ready for this match. Okay. Then?
– He wants to meet you. We will meet in hours.
– Come soon. Okay. Okay. Bye!
– Bye! Bad days are over.
Good days are here. Here. Here. He agreed. Wedding. Singing. Laxmi, your son is possessed.
Get some broom and slippers quickly. God! Save my child. I am in love! I am in love! Love! Love!
– How will you drive it out? I got the broom.
Where is the ghost? Why are you shaking? Stop it. You are not possessed. I am not possessed but I’m in love. A fairy is in love with me. Fairy? Mom, tell your husband
to get himself massaged. He has to dance at my wedding. What did he say? I’m imperfect.
No one will marry their daughter to me. Èven a maid won’t like to marry me. Nature has replied back to you. A girl is interested in marrying me. Get married soon. I like the look on your face. This look won’t cast a spell on me. My future father-in-law will be here.
Invite him well. – Let’s go in. Reduce the radio volume.
– Sir, didn’t you like the music. I will forget why I came here.
Reduce the volume. The whole universe
is not letting me to focus. No matter what happens. I will stay focused. I will meet Vandana’s dad definitely. Listen brother.
– Father-in-law. Will you take care of my daughter?
I will get some water. Tell the person who gave birth to her. Brother, I will be back in a minute. My life will be ruined
helping you for a minute. The tap is right here.
– Even the sea is here. Go to hell! Stay here. I will be back.
– Hey! Sister! Come and sit down. My father-in-law will be here. She is leaving the bubbles on me.
Sit little away from me. I will concentrate. ‘Don’t think about my daughter.’ ‘And don’t try to meet me.’ He is the same rude guy. If he sees me he will create a chaos. Run. Run.
My father-in-law. I am doomed. Phulmati!
– Wait. Wait! Wait! Are you going to swim? Where is your mom?
– My child. Sister, is she your daughter? Yes. – You are very careless.
– She is my daughter. Does someone leave their children alone? I told you to take care of her.
Why did you leave her? Are you human or a beast? Did you ask him to take care
of the child? You do it with elders. That’s fine. You left this innocent child alone. Uncle, do you know this man? I knew him in time. I was lucky. It is wiser
to stay away from such a person. Or my daughter would be in your place and my grandchild in her place. He is a forgetful man. He is an icon for mind diversion. No. No. Youth icon. Am I right? Thank God you didn’t
marry your daughter to him. I thank God you came in time. Doesn’t matter. – What would
happen to my daughter? Thank you sir. Did her talk affect you? You have Alzheimer.
You must have forgotten it. Forget everything and be happy. Mummy! ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ ‘It’s ruined.’ The person you have called is in shock. Stay on line for few years.
Or wait for another life. Uncle, why are you
sitting in this manner? Mom, tell him to stop acting. Yes.
– Am I acting? What about the things you do daily? You have made our life a mess. You are repeating the same thing. People who scream and talk much, gets kicked out. You are talking too much uncle. Suggest something uncle. He won’t say anything.
He feels I am a joker. Not only him.
But the whole city feels the same. Rascal! There’s some comedy in everyone’s life. But there’s only tragedy in your life. Hey! Do one thing.
No one will know this. Marry the maid. Father-in-law, bless me. God bless! May you have children.
Give me a grandson soon. Sister-in-law!
– Leave her. Go and do your work. She is wooing my son? What is he asking the maid?
– Look son. If you lose her
you won’t marry your whole life. If she does
some makeup she will look good. She has to apply lot of makeup.
– Shut up! She will look like a heroine. Look at her waist. Uncle, if you like her so much
why don’t you marry her? Then keep watching her waist daily. They are perverts.
– Shut up! If you woo her
she will be yours someday. Your dejection won’t help you. Mom, only you understand me. Give me a day. If I drink some alcohol.
I will start seeing my future. Alright.
But drink within your limit. Okay. You may spoil your liver
if you get drunk. Hey! Look down. No matter how much you plan. I promise I won’t let my daughter
marry you. Come on. You can’t do anything to me. Try. Come on. Come on. You can’t do anything. How long will you run after me? You won’t be able to catch me. Come on dear. I am disappearing now. If you hit me again then…
– Then? – I will cry. Wow! Great! Stupid! He comes anytime. I don’t know why dad
is giving him importance. It’s a trouble. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Hello darling! What’s up? Baby, are you busy? No. But why are you so sad? Forget that. Listen to me carefully. I want you to meet dad
and fix up our match. Dad? – If you had come that day
we would be engaged now. Leave it. Come today to meet him. If I come to meet him he will stop us from meeting. What? What did you say?
– Nothing. Tell me how to meet him? Okay. Just a moment! Dad! – Yes.
– Rajni is on line. Tell me when can he meet you? First confirm if he will come or not. The last time
he had switched off his phone. I will bash your face. He was busy in a social work that day. Give him a chance.
He will come before time. Alright. Ask him to come
to the park. We will meet there. Okay. Come to the park in one hour. Please don’t disappoint me now. My sweet honey. Bye! Bye!
– I need to meet her father. Have this.
It will improve your mood. Why is it smelling?
– Brother. I mixed dung of dinosaur, birds. And watchman…
– Watchman? No. Watchman’s goat.
I mixed all of it here. I added 32 seeds of the sunflower. Bite it.
– No. Who was it, uncle?
– Rajni. He’s a good boy. Oh! – It’s difficult to find
such a boy these days. Vandana loves him a lot. If it’s Vandana’s choice
then it surely must be good. Uncle, if you don’t mind. Can I come with you to meet him?
– Yes. Why not? Finish your food.
We will meet him after that. Brother,
after that call you look worried. Is everything alright?
– Not at all. Her father is coming to meet me.
– Then do meet him. I have met him. He knows about my Alzheimer. If I meet him.
He will surely cancel the wedding. Then don’t go. If I don’t meet him
Vandana will cancel the wedding. Come on. Let’s go. What kind of a friend you are?
Give me some idea. Why are you irritating us? Learn something from movies. Take someone to him.
And tell him it’s you. It’s so very simple. I got the best deal of the year award. I don’t like people
who are not punctual. We are waiting here since a long time. Brother, drive slowly.
– He like punctuality. In this manner we will die. Uncle, you look upset.
Shall I drive? Yes.
– That is my father-in-law. Where? Who is it?
– Where are you going? You are Rajni. Why didn’t you forget his face?
– Go now and… Go my dear.
– I haven’t taken a bath today. Hey! Bless me father-in-law.
– What are you doing? Why are you pulling my leg?
– Sorry. The leg… I am Rajni.
– Oh! Rajni. Why are you late?
– I have some gas issues. My bike runs on gas.
I don’t know about the gas. So I couldn’t find gas.
And a tragedy took place. I don’t believe this.
Is Vandana’s taste so bad? It’s all about one’s choice. You like Sunny Leone.
I like Sunny Deol. Both are super hits.
Uncle, who is he? I mean who is he?
– Oh, him? He is our family friend.
Mr. Ajay. Police inspector. – Hello! I didn’t wash my hand. It’s okay. Everything is going right till now. God, help me! Oh my God! Hey! What do you do?
Why are you licking the ground? Get up. Get up.
You must drive carefully. You are carrying grass
instead of sending it by tempo. Can’t you take help?
– Who will help a poor man? My heart is a gold mine.
– Okay, sit. By the way
who else is there in your family? Only me. Stupid. I am asking about your family. What does your mom and dad do? What do you do? What’s your address? What’s your monthly income?
– No need to ask about this. It’s needed.
– Are you’ll giving me a loan? No. Not him. He looks like he
works in some government office. He is inquiring a lot. I have mom and dad.
My dad is a house husband. – What? Your dad is a house husband. Did you hear dad?
Mom is a housewife. You heard it wrong.
My dad is a business man. Uncle, he’s so funny. He is answering nonsense. He doesn’t suit Vandana. Uncle, forget this guy. This wedding shouldn’t take place. He’ll commit suicide.
– Whom are you talking about? My father. He will get an attack.
– He have a weak heart. Does your father has an iron heart?
– Uncle, what is this? Uncle, I worship Vandana. Give her to me as an offering. I shouldn’t say this. But you look like a rotten vegetable. Whose picture did you show to Vandana? Mine. I love him.
You can check my love. He calls me names.
– Hello dad. Hello!
– Did you meet him? Yes. I am sitting with Rajni.
– I want to talk to him. Yes. I will give the phone to him. Uncle, I don’t want
to talk to strangers. What if he kidnaps me? It’s my daughter Vandana. Talk to her. Uncle, she will get
disturbed if we talk to her now. She must be washing
utensils, clothes, brooming. What if she doesn’t dry clothes? Why will she do these jobs? Because I wash it in my house.
– She wants to talk to you. Talk to her.
Or she will feel hurt. Vandana! I will go to the corner
to tell her I love you! Hello!
– I met your father. He looks like a goon. And a villain is with him. Hey, who are you? Vandu, you are my friend.
– Who? – Your voice is cracking. Bye. Hello!
– I will switch off the phone. What is happening?
Who was speaking on the phone? You have got so much vegetables.
Does your wife cook well? Come home. You can taste it.
– ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Hello darling! Hey! Are you calling me darling
in front of dad? In front of dad? Who was speaking to me?
He was speaking strangely. Is everything fine?
– Just a moment. I’ll call back. Brother, please halt. – Come home.
– My house will be ruined. He was really intelligent. A great scientist of the world. Do you know what discovery’s he made? Vest for the bull.
– Shut up test tube baby. I am so worried.
Karan is not picking up the phone. Are you a friend or a murderer? If you are murdered
then how come you are alive? Shut up!
– Chaman, what’s wrong? Your sister-in-law got married.
– Congratulations! – What are you saying? Sorry, we couldn’t
come for your wedding. You got married. Then what are you doing here?
Go to your wife. – Hey! Your sister-in-law didn’t marry me. The milkman took her. Didn’t you pay the bill?
– It’s because of you. I took her to the registrar’s office. I thought you would come as a witness. But you’ll didn’t turn up. She was so eager to marry. That she absconded with the milkman. Sorry. Tell me where is she.
We will kidnap her. By now the lights must be off. You feel sleepy after drinking milk. You have an ugly face.
Don’t make it look uglier. Laugh. Laugh. My friend will laugh.
– Enjoy. Have a party. Make a friend laugh.
And the other cry. Karan, where were you? You didn’t send any type of message. You forgot that
I had gone in your place. Watch the flashback. Yes.
– Go home. I will take the groom on a date. Brother, I am not your type.
Take someone else. I will test first to find out your type. Uncle, go. I will investigate.
– Carry on. Okay. Bye. Uncle. Hey! You don’t know
what kind of police man I am. I understand. If you want to benefit
then be within limits. If you act smart.
I will feed you to the dogs. Don’t say that. I am ready. Let’s date. He took me about 50 kilometres away. I was tired sitting in his vehicle. He took me to a tea stall.
I thought he would give me tea. Ginger tea. A goon was brought there. Sir, he broke the signal.
And was running away. I didn’t break any signal.
I just crossed the signal. Hey! You didn’t wear a helmet.
And you break a signal. I was walking. Why will I wear a helmet?
– Will you lie to me? You look frustrated.
And want to look smart. This is my area.
And my rule is followed here. Sir, I will buy a helmet. Forgive my mistake. Whether the mistake is big or small. Everything is same for me. And I don’t forgive anyone. I break their bones.
– I got it. What did you understand? You understood it now.
You will forget after an hour. He is ready to marry Vandana. And you don’t know anything. Do one thing. Forget your girlfriend. In short I have noticed you can’t do anything
while Ajay is there. I will do anything. I will make my father-in-law repent. Then my name…
I forgot it. I will tell it later. Let’s come on the subject.
I will be his daughter’s groom. Look, no matter what happens.
He doesn’t stop doing comedy. Did you feel this dialogue
was not enough? – Right. Then listen. The one who fears.
I will tell the rest later. You will forget it. Tell me now.
I won’t play. He cheats. Vandana, Rajni is calling up. Yes dear. The number you called
is busy with another call. Don’t pick up other’s phone
without permission. This was Rajni’s call. Strange! ‘I feel I have to go in now.’ Vandana! Where do I go?
– Vandana. Where were you? My shoulder is paining. Apply the Ayurveda medicine. Please! Look, it’s lying there. Check my shelf. Okay alright. Thank you for telling me. What are you doing here?
– Rajni had called up. Did you call up? Why did you come secretly? Do you know dad likes you a lot? What did you do to impress him? No. He liked that fool. Your father doesn’t understand quality. Thank God you are not like him. Or you would lose me.
– Are you drunk? Dad really liked you. Is it? – Yes.
– Did he like me? His praise is my praise.
He’s accepted so I am accepted. I understand it.
– Hello! No. I was thinking how lucky I am? That I found a pretty girl like you. By the way there’s something in you. Tall and handsome. Also humorous. Healthy body. Strong voice. What else is needed? The exterior is right.
But the interior is bad. – What? My six pack is not good. Six pack. I don’t want that.
– Yes. What do you want? What do you want to give?
– Whatever you ask for. By the way why did you come here? Why did I come here? I remember. My friend wants to work with your father. Take it as a request,
favour or donation. Do this work.
He needs a job. Please! Take care. Do it. Don’t forget.
Bye. Love you. – Excuse me. I have approved him two days ago. And he started requesting already. I have so many assistants. Dad! He is an experienced candidate. Rajni has requested it. Please! Alright. Call him tomorrow. Thank you!
– Oh my God! She forgot her father for her new love. Yes! Thank you darling!
– You came for this right? Hey!
– No. I am feeling shy. I took another one.
– Rajni! What happened?
Did you forget how to brake? If you lie again. I will fire you.
– Sir. He will fire everyone.
– What are you doing? Leave me. Once I step forward I don’t stop no matter what happens. Did you watch a movie at night? How did you become a soldier suddenly?
– I am just preparing myself. Come with me.
– You will sacrifice me too. Good morning uncle. What is he doing here? He wants a job.
I spoke to Vandana. I referred him. If you have referred him
then take him away. – Why? If he stays here
I will spray pesticide in his mouth. He shouldn’t be seen here. Go away! He is a fungus which destroys a plant. He is a fool. My servant is more intelligent than him. Get lost!
– I am not here to be your son-in-law. I have come for an assistant’s job. By marrying your daughter. I didn’t come to settle down. I am here to take charge of my life. So, don’t get angry.
The reason for your anger I haven’t come here for that. Whom are you talking about? About his daughter’s marriage. Okay. Continue.
– You don’t forget things. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’
– Chaman, call me later. No. No. No. He insulted me. – Sir you can
test me before you give me a job. Wait at the coffee sir.
And see if I come or not. ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Hey, pick up the call.
Talk to the caller. Sir, I am picking it up
as you are requesting me. Yes. Speak on the phone first.
– Yes. I am standing
in front of a precious person. Tell me what it is fast. Rajni, I found a girl
she is very sweet. Hey! You found a sweet girl. My brother is right.
– Okay. There’s a network problem.
He will talk at the corner. He will come back soon. Wait! Wait! Listen to me. Wait! Where are you going?
– You are sitting with her. Rajni, you won’t get your sweetheart. Look there. Your father-in-law has left. Father-in-law. Sir. Sir. Listen to me. You asked me to take the call.
I was not ready to take it. Please give me another chance.
– Let’s go. Sir! Sir, listen to me. He selected Karan.
And rejected me. The daughter likes me.
The father doesn’t like me. What does he think of me?
– Donkey. I was supporting you. He insulted me so much. Brother, she can’t hear it from here. I will go to her and tell the story.
– Alright. Let’s go. What does your dad think of himself? Why are you angry? What’s wrong? He forgets it everyday.
Today he remembers it in anger. You don’t divert. Carry on. Does anyone gets fired on the first day? Say it slowly. Does anyone gets fired on the first day? He is very angry. – The labour
union will speak against this. Does someone fire you from your job
if you don’t look good? Knowing he is my friend.
He was still insulted. He called him names.
– Thief. He was in tears. No one will respect me after
marriage if this is the state now. My father-in-law lost respect
after today’s incident. It’s possible his ego is hurt.
– Is it? You are thinking of his ego.
What about my ego? – Wait! Don’t pamper her more. If we don’t get a job it’s fine.
We don’t want the girl too. No. We want both.
If father-in-law fired me. We will leave the city.
– Listen to me. Either our child
will be your dad’s grandchild. Or only my dad’s grandchild. Think about it.
Understand it. Decide it. That is the last dialogue.
– Pack up. Hello! Hello! Walk slow. Dad, if you didn’t like Rajni. You should have informed me. He got his best friend to you. And you insulted him in front
of the workers. It’s not good. But I didn’t tell him anything. If you scold his friend in front of him. That’s also an insult right? Don’t insult Rajni
calling him Rajni’s friend. You remember I went
to meet a boy for your alliance. He was a forgetful guy. He is the same guy. He is an icon. Dad, will you give him a job or not? If you don’t want to give it then
tell me clearly. Don’t give excuses. You are not ready to listen to me. You are also not understanding my love. Dear, he is an expert
in forgetting things. If you keep that fellow around me.
I will have a brain haemorrhage. That’s good.
You worry only about your joy. It’s okay if we break up. He said he doesn’t want to see me. He didn’t even turn
to look at me while leaving. Sister-in-law,
do you remember he had saved you? Dad, you couldn’t keep your promise. Dear, don’t cry.
Tell him to come to work from tomorrow. If the earth can bear him. I am nothing in comparison. I will manage it. Keep this on one side.
– Good morning sir. Here comes the trouble. This farm will be ruined. Hey! Don’t use pesticide
on these plants. They will dry up anyway.
– Okay. Do you pity me? Your cat understands you.
What’s her name? Dog.
– The cat’s name is dog. It’s a nice name.
– Doggy. You are my future son-in-law.
And he is your friend. More importantly
your names are same too. That clears one things. God is angry on me. And he is venting
his anger on me. – Thank you sir. You are amazing. I am taunting and insulting you. Still you came to meet me. Your mind didn’t develop.
Only your height grew. I feel this is your sin
from previous birth. It will be with you until you die. Until you die. – ‘It’s ruined.’
– And this ringtone. Don’t take the call.
Or we will be ruined. Sir, I was saying…
– ‘It’s ruined. It’s ruined.’ Rajni, whenever I get calls I am ruined. Simple. Throw. Neither the phone will ring
nor you will get ruined. I won’t be able to take calls.
– Not even one. Thank you.
– Mention not. Go away. I don’t understand one thing. Despite forgetting things.
How can you be happy all the time? Sir, it’s very easy. Life is to live.
A job to earn. And love to distribute. These three things
are enough to be happy. You read it somewhere right?
– True. Vandana come here. Vandana?
– Where? – There. It’s a surprise. I asked her to come here.
– Is it a surprise or shock? What happened? Why are you shocked? He should be shocked. Be shocked. – I am shocked.
– Did you see he’s shocked? Both are mad. Come here. Hi! – Hi! – I kept this unfit candidate
for the job. Are you happy now? Not me. Ask him. Are you happy?
– Yes a lot. Speak up. Happy! We both are very happy. You forgot our folly so quickly. Kept away your anger.
– Made us very happy. What is going on?
Why are you speaking in duet? Yes. Right. We were scared.
– We died out of fear. The mind was locked.
– And the heart turned to ashes. Thank God you appeased us. We will buy wealth.
– Fame, bungalow. Everything. On EMI.
– We will take loan. Both is same. – We are one too.
– Before I get the job we had planned things. I will go mad.
Bye son-in-law. Why are you nodding at the same time? As we both have heads. So we nod. He is also affecting you.
– Yes. Sir, his buffalo is not well. He’s in love. We need to take it to the cowshed.
– Yes. So we are leaving. Okay.
– Alright let’s go. What happened?
– Blessing. Just leave.
– Right. I will write the dialogue
next time. No cheating. I should remember it right? Gayatri, your parents are here. Please come in. How are you? I am fine.
– We are fine. Hello!
– Hello uncle. Hello aunt. Mummy!
– How are you? Give her to me. She’s so sweet. She’s so sweet. It was his idea.
He didn’t want to leave the Europe trip. We took everyone with us.
So we were not here for your delivery. Sorry dear.
– Doesn’t matter. Now we are here. Love your grandchild.
Don’t scold me. Doesn’t matter dad. Vandana, I heard you are engaged. You can’t meet him alone. We want to meet him.
– She is feeling shy hearing his name. And look at my wife. She’s shameless. Concentrate on your food. We are having
the naming ceremony tomorrow. Invite them. We will meet them too. Dad! Sister-in-law is right. We will call their family
for the function. We will talk about the engagement too. Yes sure. Mr. Ramnathan, there’s someone
at the door. Check who is it? Alright. Rajni, Satyamurthy is standing outside. Who is Satyamurthy? Your future father-in-law. Why has he come here? He hasn’t told me about it. Go and take care of him.
– Should I go? – Yes. Alright. What is it? He knows that I am your father. I had taken your proposal to him. Mummy!
– Son. Send him away. What will I tell him?
– You are a good actor. Come on. She does overacting.
– She does it less than you. Wait! My towel.
– Take care. Greetings!
– Yes. Please come in. Consider it to be your house.
– Right. Aunt, isn’t Rajni home? My husband’s diabetes has increased. That’s why Rajni has
taken him to the hospital. – Oh! Doesn’t matter.
We will wait for them. – Yes. Right?
– Please be seated. I will get coffee. Please sit.
– Right. What’s happening? You love this girl. You work for her father. When he has come with the proposal. You are hiding in the bathroom. You will drive me crazy. What will you do
even if you know things? I wouldn’t be hiding here
if I knew what to do. Sit quietly. There’s a call.
– Son. – Yes. Where are you going? The phone is ringing.
Must be an important call. Important call.
Your father-in-law is sitting outside. You want to say hello.
– Oh my god! His phone is here. Some hot tea. Thank you.
– Thank you aunt. – Here. Aunt! Rajni’s phone is left back. What to do? He forgets things. He forget things easily. What did you say?
It means my son-in-law has Alzheimer. You are mistaken. His father has diabetes. Maybe he forgot it in a hurry. Else he remembers everything. My son is very intelligent. I am smelling this after many days. Looks like mom
prepared something special. Hell with you! I feel it will take time
for your husband and son to return. Yes. Maybe. – Actually tomorrow
it’s my grandson naming ceremony. All my relatives want to meet
my son-in-law. If you come for the function
I will be very happy. Yes. We will surely come. Alright. Bye. Shall we leave?
– Yes. Be happy. Rajni has surely found a good girl. Will you promise me something?
– Yes. No matter what happens
you will be my daughter-in-law. My daughter will marry your son
without such formalities. Okay? – If it happens I will offer
some coconuts at the temple. Bye now. Let’s go.
– Bye! Have they left? Yes they left.
– Is it confirmed they left? Let’s go out of the bathroom. Laxmi!
– Mummy, have they left? Laxmi.
– Yes. You are very smart. You fooled them. Rajni, do anything. I want Vandana as my daughter-in-law. She is very loving. Hey! Maybe I forgot my phone inside. I will get it.
– Alright. Dad! When did you
buy such an expensive phone? Stupid fellow. You have kept my phone
on charge in your bedroom. Whose phone is this?
– Actually my phone… What are you doing? You are not ashamed.
But the onlooker feels ashamed. We live close by. We didn’t have water there. I got daddy here for a bath. Aunt. – Yes.
– You told us to take bath here. Yes I am his aunt. They live in the slum.
They came here for a bath. There’s no water connection
at their house. Why are you standing?
Start overacting. Hello! Hi! Praise the Lord!
A long time ago I had come for an alliance. Today you are here
for your daughter’s alliance. What did you say?
– No. Nothing. It’s the same thing. He is also a son here.
You have come at the right place. By the way didn’t you bring
your daughter with you? She’s standing outside.
If she comes in it will create trouble. Sir, you just left.
Why did you come in again? How do you know I had come here? Aunt. Aunt told us. Give my phone.
– Which phone? Are you getting late?
– Bye. I don’t understand what’s happening?
– Brother. Sir, she is calling you.
– I am calling you brother. Me?
– Yes. Your clothes are stitched.
Go upstairs and wear it. What is the use of wearing clothes
after your dignity is lost? Right sir? Bring them to the function too. Yes. Sure. We’ll be there. Aunt, message me uncle’s address. Okay.
– And email it to me. Actually I am a male. That’s why I trust email not WhatsApp. Let’s meet tomorrow at the function. Okay sir.
– Bye. We got saved. Stupid! We will be divorced
for getting you married. I was in my underwear
in front of my new relative. My wife called me brother. Am I your father or uncle? Hey! Will you call your husband brother because of over acting.
– What could I do? What if our secret was out?
– Will you call your husband brother? So what if I called you brother? This is wrong.
– You are my beloved after all. This is wrong. – Beloved.
– Shut up. Go away! At first I used to get trapped, now even the junior artist is taken in. We don’t need enemies
with a friend like you. If that policeman finds out, he will make a mess out of our life. He is right.
– Yes. A lover’s friends are beaten up
because of love affairs. This time the whole family is involved. Why are you doing this? Why? Don’t ask questions. Do what I tell you. Move aside. Junior artist. – Yes.
– No matter what happens. If anyone questions you. Just smile. A little less than this. Yes. That’s it.
Everyone be alert. Please come in.
Hi Rajni. – Hi! – Greetings! Dad was asking for you’ll. Uncle.
– Yes uncle. Brother! You are at the wrong position. Why are you standing there?
Why are you away from me? He is my father. Greetings uncle. – Greetings.
– Please come in. How is the arrangement?
– It’s nice. Dad! – Yes.
– Rajni’s dad is here. Friend. Greetings. – Greetings sir.
– How are you? I heard your diabetes shot up. Dad, you’ll speak. We will be right back. Rajni, my eyes is flickering. He is our family friend. I saw it. The girl pinched you. Lucky boy.
But the balance sheet didn’t tally yet. Go and tally it. One more thing.
Don’t take your friend with you. Thank you. – Just a moment!
– Where are you going? Mukesh! – Yes.
– He is my future son-in-law. He’s the son-in-law.
– Right. Then why did the girl pinch him? What are you doing?
Someone may see us. Why did you tease me
in front of everyone? Do you want to instigate me? Shall I touch you? Leave me. What are you doing? You will be punished for your mistake. He is going to kiss her. A sweet punishment. Hey! – Where is the plate? I’m hungry.
I was searching for the plate. The son-in-law is there.
But why was this guy kissing her? I am so confused. Is it there? Let me check. If he is the fiancée.
Why is she having fun with this guy? There is a huge confusion here. You look so lovely. We like the boy. Vandana and his pair will look good. Hey! – Yes sir.
– Who is he? They are women. Sir. You want to marry Vandana. The one whom she is marrying
is standing at one side. Then who is he? He is clicking pictures with the girls. Eat your food. Uncle, who is he? He? He is a friend of my son-in-law. He’s right.
He’s a friend. But he was pinched. I mean to say
everyone feels he’s the groom. By the way where is he? Eat this on Monday.
I will eat this today. Eat this on Tuesday. Look there. The groom
and his father are fighting for food. They both will wrestle now. I will eat what is left.
– Eat food. He doesn’t know.
This has cheese. Butter and snack. That’s fine.
What is your friend doing there? He is clicking pictures.
– I know that. But people think he is the groom. Uncle, if he’s the groom,
he’ll look like one, right? I mean to say I, he and
your daughter are friends. And friendship is very sweet right? I will get some sweet. Sit down.
– That is not required. Sit down. He will get the sweet.
– If I don’t bring the sweet it will melt. Son-in-law, listen to me. Hello dear.
– Go away! Hello! People are doubting.
The secret will be out. Look, this picture is so nice. You both look so good together.
Post it on Facebook. Thank you for reminding me. There’s something fishy. Shall I remind you something?
– Yes. Your father-in-law is watching keenly. He shouldn’t know you are scared. Keep smiling.
Even I am smiling in fear. Meet everyone with a smile downstairs. Sir, where is the counter
for fruit salad? Go outside the gate.
You will see a road. Stand in the middle of the road.
Some vehicle will come there. And it will make a salad of you. Eat it. Hi Indu. – Hi!
– Sorry Vandu. Hey! The dress looks pretty.
Where did you take it from? I had seen a similar dress
on sale at the railway station. I will hit you. – That is also from
the sale. Cheap things from the street. I need to clear this confusion. Brother, just a moment.
Did you see my dad? Whose dad? – My dad.
My only dad. Where is he? Your dad? Is your name Rajni?
– Yes. No. Yes. And no. Vandana is searching for you.
– Not me. She is searching for my friend. Hey! Is Vandana getting married to you? She will marry me.
But she loves him. This is another confusion. Uncle, don’t stress.
You will get acidity. I found my dad.
– Eat it. Rajni, where were you?
– I am searching for you. Sister, please sit down. Sit down. – I need to speak
to you something important. I was talking to your husband. Let’s decide about the engagement
and wedding. What do you say? We need to fix other things
before fixing the date. Let’s decide that first. Look this is a personal issue.
Don’t interfere in this. Explain it to him.
– Yes. Brother, hold your tongue. I will go mad. I can’t bear more than this. I can’t do this role. I quit. Yes sir. Tell me your opinion. Which date should we fix? What’s the hurry? We will do it. Let’s eat food first. Shall we? Let him eat today. We will talk about this later. Right? Mummy eat something. What did you say? Mummy? Did I say mummy?
– Yes you did. You say I called her mummy.
– Yes you did. You have a problem.
Please check your ears. Aunt, come with me. I am hungry.
– Excuse me. Hey!
– Sir. We need to investigate this case well. I got it. Yes. Hello!
– Vandana is having high fever. Please call for a doctor. Alright. I will call the doctor. Yes. Hello doctor.
Vandana has high fever. Will you please check her?
I am at the market. – Don’t worry. I am coming home.
– Alright. Sir! – Yes.
– My mother is unwell. Can I go home early today? You didn’t tell me earlier?
– I just got the message. Alright. Finish your work and leave. No sir. I’ll work later.
Mother comes first. I am sorry. Where is Vandana?
– She’s upstairs. Will you send anyone to Vandana’s room? She is getting married to him. That is the biggest confusion. Yesterday her father-in-law
said someone else is his son-in-law. You are saying he is the son-in-law. Come on. He is the real one.
That one is fake. Rajni! What are you doing? How did you come here? Please go out.
Someone may come in. Look at his guts. See what he is doing. What are you doing? Wait here. I will teach him a lesson. Hey! Look from here. I came to bath you
as germs spread during an illness. Will you sponge me? He is giving her a sponge bath. Give me your hand. What are you doing? Stop it. I will give you a good bath.
That you don’t need to bath for a week. Hey, this is not a family show. Leave. No. I want to watch them. Is this a Tom and Jerry show? Leave. I must appreciate your courage. You came to my bedroom
before our wedding. You are also hugging me. What will happen if someone sees us?
– What courage do you need for this? If the owner’s house is facing problem. He will surely come to save it right? Whether you do anything or not
people will gossip. It’s better to help your loved ones. At least someone will benefit. Vandana! Vandana! The scrap dealer’s voice
sounds like your father. He is not a scrap dealer.
It’s my father calling out. How is she feeling now? She is much better. Rajni is taking care of her. You know he worries about her a lot. Yes relative.
Vandana got well after he came. I am surprised. Is there only one door
to enter and exit? Is there no other way to go out? You were speaking a lot just now. I won’t let you go. Doctor, if you want you can leave.
– What? How can I leave? I am a doctor. I won’t go
without checking the patient. – Yes. Right doctor. Go and check her once. Only then everything will be cleared.
– Mukesh. Do you know what’s the real
medicine for such fever? Love. Love heals lots of illness. Doctor, please come with me.
I’ll drop you. – Alright. Bye. Dad has gone out. Don’t worry at all. Water the plants nicely.
– Right. What is he doing here? Do you understand?
– Yes sir. He is going to meet father-in-law. Why did you call up?
– Why didn’t you attend Vandana’s call? Maybe his phone was on silent mode. I am talking to my son-in-law.
Why are you interfering in our talks? I wanted to say it. But he said it. Sir, do I get something for you?
– No. Actually Vandana wants to go
to Tirupati with some relatives. Okay. Go then.
– I want you to join them. How can I go? Why are you hesitating? They are our relatives. Our family. He is connecting wrongly.
– And you have to drive. No. I forgot driving yesterday.
So I don’t know to drive. Would you drive if you knew it? Son-in-law.
– Yes sir. Why are you interfering? Stand aside. I was saying that… Hey! Vandana is here. Speak to her. Son-in-law, now you are trapped. You have to drive.
– The heart called out. There was a smoke. The fire is caught. Just a moment sir.
– Yes. Get water for douse this fire.
– Right away. What happened? I can’t pretend anymore. Go and tell him.
Or I will do it. Things are going out of limit. Listen, luck doesn’t favour always. It fails sometimes.
What if it fails now? Sister-in-law is coming here. She is coming with attitude slowly. She will change my outlook.
– Do one thing. Sit in this pose. I will send a jar.
Don’t worry. – Listen. This friend is useless. Sir, take this. Wash yourself. I wanted to drink water.
– I thought you needed it to wash. I will wash you.
– Sir, look at his state. He has a stomach upset. He is doing the same now.
– What? I don’t want to say but with ladies around
he will search for a bush every minute how will he manage? I didn’t know about this. It is your work to convince Vandana.
– Imagine she is convinced. Mukesh, if you can drive
why don’t you drive? I driver in my town.
I have driver outside my town. Lazy man.
– Do you know the routes? You don’t find roads.
You need to build them. I will drop them there in 2 hours. He will use the GPS.
He’s acting smart. He went to the field with a jar. He did ding dong. Brother, take some medicine. Don’t go to the field. It will stink. Take a cold water shower in the morning. Rub hard. You shouldn’t be dirty. Hey! Did you see the board on the road? You will find boards on the road right? Something else is written on the board.
And we are going elsewhere. Rajni, it’s 8 hours we have left. You said it will take 2 hours.
– I have forgotten where to go. How do I take you’ll?
– Rajni. Rajni. I am talking to you. There’s lot of traffic at the main road.
So I’m taking a shortcut. What did you say? Shortcut? We are driving for 8 hours instead
of 2 hours. What shortcut is this? Just a second. I will be back.
– Where is he going? What to do? Where do I take them? Poor fellow.
He’s thirsty driving the car. Brother, give me a good coconut.
– Right away. Its good he drinking coconut water
and not anything else. How far is Tirupati from here?
– What? You want to go to Tirupati? – Yes.
– That’s 400 kilometre from here. You have taken a wrong road. 400 kilometre?
– Yes. Even if you drive fast,
it will still take 5 hours to reach. What were you telling him?
– I was just asking about his health. Is there a problem?
– No. My whole life is a problem. Rajni, what are you doing?
Drive slowly. Take care.
– We will be there in 15 minutes. Why 15 minutes? It will take 5 minutes. With this speed we will die. Idea! I don’t know what he will drink here? Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! – Is this Tirupati?
We are not fools. Don’t fool us. This is not Tirupati. This is not Tirupati,
but a greater temple than that. Hey! Hey!
– Shut up. Let him speak. Is it necessary to interfere?
Tell us what were you saying? When God gets tired at Tirupati. He comes here
to rest for 15 days in a year. Govinda! Govinda!
– Whenever you pray. He hears it much faster. Govinda! – Tell me will you go to
that place where God is under stress? Or you will go to the place
where he’s in good mood? He will hear everyone’s prayer soon. If you still want to go to Tirupati
then sit in the car. No. No. We will venerate here. It’s fine.
– That’s why I got you’ll here. Go and do your veneration. Go. Rajni, you are a superstar
just like your name. – Yes. Let’s go and venerate. Let’s go. Brother, will you speak anything
just because you have a tongue. God, why didn’t I go deaf
before hearing his nonsense. Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! We will go to Murgan Swamy’s temple
the next time. Yes. We will be there in half an hour. Sir, please come here. You can forget us.
But we won’t forget you. Hey! Your secret is out. Why are you looking at him?
He won’t say anything today. Ask me. I will tell you. Is he your fiancée?
I am not saying this. Your boyfriend says it. He is the real screen writer. He fooled all of us. That we did what he wanted. What?
– Yes. I had a doubt. I wanted to tell everyone.
But no one would believe me. Do you know why he did this? Short term memory loss.
Absent mind. He forget things. Just like a mobile network doesn’t work. In the same way he forgets things. He doesn’t even remember you. Whenever he forget something
he hides his mistake very cleverly. So that people don’t doubt him. You got trapped by him easily. He knew very well you would
leave him if you knew about his truth. So he fooled you
in the name of social service. Only one person in your family
knows his real identity. Your dad. Uncle, tell her. Dad? – He had come to donate blood
to someone else when he first met you. Taking advantage of that
he befriended you. Won your heart. And made you agree to marry him. He knew very well uncle would
reject him for his absent mindedness. So he made his friend the groom.
And he became the groom’s friend. So that no one doubts him. Do you want to know more
than remember his actions? ‘My life is a problem.’ I forgot. Did you’ll go to Tirupati?
– No. He is taking us around for 9 hours. He is also telling us false stories. He was vulnerable.
Maybe he forgot again. When you go for a honeymoon
after marriage he will be enjoying with someone else. What to do uncle? Rajni, is this the truth?
– Tell her the truth. Yes. No! I am disgusted by you. Dad, let’s go. Hey! Arrest him. No. No Ajay. Let him go. Don’t meet us again. Let’s go. Sit in the car. You told them everything. Why? You can’t keep a secret. Mummy, I am very hungry. Serve me food quickly. What have you cooked?
‘Paneer Tikka’ my favourite. Wow Mummy! You prepared my
favourite food so that I forget Vandana. After losing self-esteem a lover shouldn’t eat a morsel. I am a lucky guy. I will forget what happened
praising your food. Maybe I’ll forget her too. God has given me such a brain
that I don’t remember things. I will forget this too. Wow! What a shot! Virat Kohli will do a century again.
Dad. We will go to the semi-final this time.
And the world cup… Why can’t I forget her? Why can’t I forget this incident? When I tried to remember things
I didn’t remember them. And I want to forget now.
I can’t forget it. I never thought my Alzheimer
was my weakness. But for the first time
I felt I am handicapped. Listen mother.
– Yes. I agree I am absent minded. But I’m not a person
to cheat a girl in love. I agree I lied. Just to make her fall in love with me. Today she said
she is disgusted by me. How can I tell her mummy? How do I tell her how much it hurts? If I even give my heart to her she will still say
I don’t want to live with a liar. My brain was weak.
She weaken my heart too. Won’t absent minded people
get love in return? Dad! You were right. Absolutely right. You’ll were involved in this
because of my love affair. Please forgive me for this mistake. Here after I won’t fall in love. You didn’t eat anything
all through the day. Eat it. I am not hungry. How long will you stay hungry? Mummy, eat your food.
Don’t irritate me. Greetings sister.
Isn’t Ramnathan home today? Oh hello. Ramnathan. Please come here. You are looking at me
as though I am an alien. Alright. I will tell you why I am here. I have fixed the alliance. You would know
even if I didn’t tell you’ll. Your ex-lover is getting married. So you won’t be quiet. Don’t think of kidnapping
my daughter from the wedding porch. I am a gentleman.
I am telling you nicely. Enough brother. Forgive my son. We can’t see him dying slowly. After all we are his parents. I am trying to tell you this.
– You don’t need to tell us anything. What is there to tell now? You wanted to break this alliance.
It’s broken. Aren’t you happy? Please leave for God’s sake. You are saying as though I am getting
my daughter married elsewhere. Vandana doesn’t want
to have anything to do with your son. She has confirmed to marry
the boy of my choice. Son, do you know
what I thought about this? Satya, why prolong a good work? Accept this token dish.
And fix the match. Vandana! What do you say? Don’t blame me later. I won’t blame you. Whatever you say. No. No. I am not doing anything. I am not interested
in getting you married to him. I feel Rajni is my son-in-law. He loves you a lot. I like him. Uncle!
– Just a moment! I am talking to her.
This is between a father and a daughter. I am her father. It is my duty to
find a good husband for my daughter. So please don’t interfere. Listen. I don’t know
how you fell in love with him. But he loves you a lot. I know that. You didn’t see that craze in him. It’s his bad luck
that he couldn’t express it to you. When you proposed him at the hospital. I saw that scene. The person I rejected, you accepted him.
I was shocked to know it. When he helped your sister-in-law. I thought I didn’t understand him well
when I first met him. So I went to meet him again. He was waiting at the boat house. Here a woman asked him
to take care of her child. When he saw me walking in. He left the child there and ran away. After that he asked his friend
to meet me as Rajni at the park. So that he could handle the situation. I wanted to see
how far he manages with his lie. His concept on life was very clear. ‘A life to live. A job to earn.
And love to distribute.’ ‘These three things
are enough to be happy.’ When I heard this.
I saw myself in him. When he heard about your fever. Giving an excuse
of his mother’s illness. He came to meet you. Think hard. He loves you
just like he loves his mother. ‘His mind diverts
when something else comes up.’ ‘But when it’s about you.
His mind doesn’t divert.’ ‘I understood the treatment
of his illness. It’s your love.’ Everyone from the family likes Rajni. It means he’s the right choice
for you. Accept my choice. ‘Rajni worries about her.’
– When you were sick and he was with you I was very happy.
I say it as a father. You won’t get a better groom than Rajni.
At least not in this life time. Maybe you fear that problems will
come up because of his nature. But he fears that he might forget you, so
he keeps thinking about you all the time. Sorry uncle. You speak well. You speak too much. You must be a great scientist. Why did you need to act
to marry your daughter to a cheater? Why don’t you get them married? Remember you will ruin
your daughter’s happiness. The day your daughter dies
because of his absent mindedness. You will cry on that day. Alright. Get married.
– Dad? The auspicious time is at 12.30 PM. Mahilapur. Kamleshwaran temple. It’s my favourite spot.
I will call up my people. My daughter is getting married there. But remember Rajni will break your hand just before you put
the wedding chain on her. Wow! Well done uncle. Superb! I must appreciate your confidence. She will wear the wedding chain
at the time you mentioned. I will enter this house
as your son-in-law. Let me see how he stops me.
– Dad? Don’t fear my dear. Your doubt about Rajni
will get cleared today. Okay.
– Dad? Dad? Sir, even my dad
didn’t understand me so well. The way you know me. The people who taunt you go and shut their mouth.
Go and get my daughter. Go son. He has come here. But he won’t go back.
– I know it. That is why I changed the place. Don’t let him leave that place. As I am getting married. Kill him.
– Okay boss. Hey! Pick up the weapons.
– Okay. Prepare a lemon juice with spices. What did you say?
You want a lemon juice? You are not a juice vendor.
Then why are you here? Move aside. Brother, squeeze two juicy lemons. Add equal amount of sugar and salt. This much.
No. Put a huge iceberg. Then stir it so well. That it feels like nectar
not lemon juice. – Brother! My mouth is watering.
– Do you like it so much? – Yes. Then do one thing.
Take two sips from my glass. – Yes. Brother! – Yes.
– Say the same thing for me too. Prepare the same juice for everyone.
– Yes sir. You were frighten of this man. He came in as though
he would kill us all. But he is drinking
lemon juice just like a child. Short term memory loss.
He is an absent minded guy. Till he has the lemon juice.
You can also enjoy some juice. Okay sir. Happy married life. What a lover did you choose? He forgot about you.
And is having lemon juice. After I marry you. I will surprise him. Your father was speaking great things.
As if Rajni will come and tear me apart. Do I look like a kid? Hey! Change your expression.
I’m not a ghost but your future husband. Call the priest. Come with me. It’s like a current.
– Put this wedding chain on the bride. He hit me a lot. I lost my memory. Rajni! “Rajni!” “Rajni!” “Rajni!” Are you in a hurry to marry? You drank the lemon juice right? We have ordered for oranges.
We will have orange juice. Till then they will marry. I will squeeze you out.
– Squeeze me? How?
– How? Just like you squeeze lemons. Take out your weapons boys. Is this weapon okay? What happened Kallu?
Are you fazed to see me? What did you think? Rajni is Gajni that he will forget his girlfriend. I can’t forget her not only this
life time but the life time to come. Anyway, if the heart is clean. Then a zero turns into a hero. No matter how much the villain plots
he is always kicked out. Hey! You won’t go out alive. How? How? How? Please tell me. Just like a dog doesn’t get a car
if he runs after it. In the same way a villain doesn’t
get a heroine if he pursues her. You need to fall in love to get her. Didn’t you think before snatching Vandana
how will I breathe? How will I live? You forgot I am the hero of this movie. No matter how much
the villain loves the heroine. She doesn’t shake hands. But she surely makes you fight. Don’t leave him. Kill him. Catch him. Did you forget that
you have fought with us? – Yes. Oh no! I forgot. Doesn’t matter. It happens.
– Do one thing. The ones who are beaten up. Move aside. The rest can come here. I am saved.
The ones who didn’t fight go ahead. Brother! What is it? – You must be tired
after doing the action scene. Take some vitamin C. It is prepared the way you want.
First we squeezed two lemons. Added water. A bit of salt. And some sugar. Stirred it well.
It’s made for you. Drink it. – Well done!
– Thank you. Did you see I made him forget things? Boss, this is called
getting involved for no reasons. Look what I got for you. Will you marry me here? If he was marrying you here
why can’t I? Hey!
– Rajni! Hey! Hey! Will you untie me or not? Mrs. Gajnikant, we are married. Shall we go for a honeymoon? Not so soon.
We aren’t married yet. Two more knots are left.
Did you forget it? Oh! I forgot it. We have to tie the knot thrice right?
– Yes. Keep reminding me always. I tied one. This is the second. Third.
Congratulations on your wedding. I was thinking of giving name
to our kids. Stupid! Does Rajni know I am here? Did he forget it even today? Dad!
– No father-in-law. How can I forget you? Storing my wife’s taunt
has grown my brain storage. This is nothing. I remember my childhood memories too. Oh!
– Like the one I told you about. Ajay and Malthi teacher’s incident. That friend of mine.
– Oh that reminds me. After that incident.
We have no news about Ajay. He’s missing. Do you know where he is? Who Ajay? I am talking about Inspector Ajay. ‘Did you forget me after tying here?
The rats are biting me.’ Inspector Ajay. Him. I will wash my clothes.
– Clothes? I have washed it. Hey! Do you know
where the rats bite me? I told you to untie the rope. I am Gajnikant, so I had forgotten.

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