‘God Hates Fags’ Church & Anti-Gay Navy Chaplain Debate, Agree on NOTHING

all right this should be interesting
joining me today are two former guests on the show first uh… on the left here
is jonathan phelps from the westborough baptist church and on the right is
former navy chaplain gordon cling internet now the westborough baptist church is known
of course for the god hates fags slogan during his last appearance on the show
jonathan felt said that homosexuals should absolutely be put to death now on
the other hand former navy chaplain claims schmidt believes that the
solution to homosexuality can take the form of gay excesses and who she claims
to have performed a number of with a bout of fifty percent success rate let’s start there chaplain that i can
give us a sense of why do you believe homosexuals should not be put to death i’m a christian and i’m not lead jewish person although i received awards
from the jewish welfare bore the anti-defamation league is i believe the new testaments of the
bible y_a_ it clarifies the old testament of the bible and i think but there’s the distinction in simply if you
look at the data from the bible that the god of the old testament is
frequently described as hating some people and they got out of the new testament is
never described is feeding people unless it’s quoting the old testament
there is one time when it does that forty three times in the new testament
ts budget their word study on the word hatred and forty three times the word hatred is
used in the new testament units never used in a good way for
example jesus commands us to love people all and not hate people the bible says
in romans five eight got demonstrated his love for us in this
that while we were still centers christ died for us so the god of the new testament is
clearly a god of love and his never got a case and so i believe in and the christian
faith not the jewish religion and that’s why i’m different than other
people ok jonathan to go ahead and respond to that the chaplain making the
case but the new testament just doesn’t indicate they got hit anybody well of course dubbed the new test in the simply para phrases uh… in large measure the old testament look at some five five it says god hates all workers of iniquity and
they will put it uh… matthews seven and matthew twenty-five the loop
seven and chapter seven luke chapter thirteen the lord jesus christ on judgment day he says those that on the left he says
depart part for me he workers of iniquity i’ve never been
to you that new u_s_o_ at a uh… worded is talking about i never loved you know we have to define
what the hatred of god is and it’s it’s purpose the police the wicked in health forever the lord jesus christ was the greatest
hellfire brimstone preacher that ever lived on the earth and so that’s what they’re thinking about is to
find uh… spend a lot of your neighbor is first spoken up and political chapter nineteen versus seventeen and eighteen where it says he gives you the working
definition uh… inwards to this effect docile
suffer but you’re not separate upon thy neighbor as ourself by all mean rebuked him about us and won’t bring about the since
taking dale and great mercy from the bible not from your notions in
your head as to what you think uh… is taking them now but what does
the bob more deal as to what’s taking the health jonathan
i want to get your reaction then because we’ve heard the chaplain react to the
west for a baptist church of god hates fags idea the kaplan indicates that j access systems can be successful he
says about fifty percent of his personal success rate on a gay actresses and what
is your position on excesses in as a solution to
homosexuality jonathan i’ll answer that question promptly but
let me beg race for a minute that uh… no the love the spoken out there can have no or objective meaning unless
you’re doing it pursuant to the bop upon that is to tell them about the same
mistakenly health how at all we don’t hate any individual fact we manifest our love
towards them by warning them about this and that will cost them their eternal
soul and what africans they’ll end up in helena hell has to be
a manifestation of court dot i_d_ trial purpose to punish the wicket
in health river which is the definition of his hatred and as a relation to brother analysis uh… the bible talks in terms of their
b into types of children those their children of light in
children of darkness so some of that special um… brotherly fellow elect fellow christian love that led to fairly apply to uh… those that have and reprobate in themselves now let’s talk for minute about that
domi increased three strong because we don’t own salvation god may very well
manifest himself to that in fact hall says he was the cheapest absent but the excesses of okay thank you i’m glad you got me back on track their
because on a roll actions should ans uh… ’em are nonsensical it is uh… in terms of some human par uh… scene and talent i would cautions my good friend mister klink internet
that he should get his insurance paid out cancerous this story and cnn.com that
said uh… there’s that initially for that
nonsense because those fifty percent of the cases that
you lose nancy in those days supposedly you convert the later figure out that was a sham
into yet via i know i’m warn you about that because there’s no there’s no example since the apostles uh… or the lord jesus christ directing uh… any whilst tear it out of any there is a an example of the money i could be there and i recommend everybody read it but that special hocus pocus you know
with the head spinning green pea soup line out of their mouths a kind of a scenario there’s no bible forty for that uh… outside of the new testament
church laying hands on those that are pursuant to uh… jane chapter five right and other examples and uh… i think this is nonsense nonsensical talent please respond to that the idea
that this is an czar nonsensical again i have to go back to the bible
uh… appreciate my brother’s encouragement abouts hell because jesus does teach eighty eight times about internal
punishment in hellfire right now i a m teaches ninety times about heaven so
it’s about the same jesus says that the righteous what were the forgiven will be
rewarded uh… the known repentant will be damned uh… but as with regards to exorcist it is a new
testament practice and uh… only with the apostles because in local lebanese signet jesus or maybe
it’s luke eighteen jesus said dot not just the twelve but he also said that
the seventy-two ok it member already over being on experience it be said whatever authority dot is that are being he’s
also once he gets a trample on serpents tend to cast out demons he’s commanded us to do this and matthew
ten in any new testament christian who believes the u_n_ now the bible also has
to believe that god has commanded us to cast out the admins and it’s not like in the movies it’s not pea soup in people bombing and had
standing i’d never experience that what i’ve seen okay daniel repentance with two years when
people repent and come to christ the holy spirit moves into their heart and a
new way in the double d parts from them that’s common with any conversion live
in a which i want my brother to examine that so i know that there’s much more to
be said about the excesses of but in the interest of hitting a couple of
different points in the evening we’ve gotten initially we we’ve gotten the reaction from the chaplain to god
hates fags then we’ve gotten jonathan’s reaction to excesses and so now i want
to go back to the cap within and ask you as you know the westborough baptist
church in jonathan personally are known for picketing the the funerals
of soldiers with the idea that soldiers who are dying overseas are being papa
it’s a punishment for the u_s_ is acceptance of homosexuality as a former
member of the military chaplain what is your reaction to the protest thing of
soldiers funerals because of homosexuality well um… uh… you know it’s a complicated
question of course the there’s a great part i think his come out and said that
they have a right within the confines of a certain space to do picketing but i
think as a matter of taste i personally find it uh… in a reprehensible but they would side of the memory of
r_t_c_ soldiers and sailors who die for christian faith for religious freedom uh… and not necessarily that i don’t
know having served in the military i don’t know any soldier who died for
homosexual rights they just don’t think that way so i know
the administration thinks that way we should be protesting the obon
administration in their policies uh… rb let soldiers who come back for
more heavy sacrificed so much for the first amendment for your rights mister phelps for your
right to take it in protest we should be honoring those who sacrificed so greatly for that privilege to have free speech
and free religion jonathan taken away or excel as they i obtained a degree in the in history
and i specialize in the history of the first amendment the adoption of a person
and and the reason it was adopted and i
think no one can gains a against this it is to protect them i know preview so if they died for my right to say it than if i stand at a respectful distance
so everybody coming in in going uh… are free to do so and express my viewpoint which is a minority viewpoint the certainly they died for that right
and that’s cool the really the only significance other fight but what has happened is the military’s
declared war on that minority view they have
literally than everything within their power uh… to resist that to fight against that they hate concept of the first amendment so i call you hypocrites when you say uh… do that to paper of the first
amendment you despise the first amendment in my view and furthermore you understand that the map devastation
of the love of god is that he grants repentance two people if you will have to do with standing
there with the big signs that a soldier’s funeral jonathan because said of it please god by the foolishness of
preaching to save them that believed uh… and so we are and there is only
example in the bible you can find lots n stand some pulpit but standing out on the streets and the main places that people come and
go to spots if you will uh… that place where they’re not
invited to be and reminding them of the consequences of eternal consequences of the nation caps true love that’s true sacrifice that’s where it camps well i have to tell you are and sock
that through individual who were so obsessed with being against
homosexuality have almost absolutely no common ground at all on which they agree
i mean chaplain i we need to wrap up i want to go quickly to each of you
chaplain is there anything you want your very anti-gay of course dot hates fags
churches very anti-gay is there anything you agree with jonathan phelps on as a chaplain i was the guy who stood on
the street corner in defended it the right to pray publicly in jesus name
i even sacrifice my own career right for the first amendment freedom to say
controversial things like the name of jesus ivory and i i would defend
jonathan’s right to do uh… a picket you know in the right
place at the right time as the courts have said that it’s a lot you should be allowed to do that but i totally disagree with his speech the
bible never uses the word faggot the bible might refer to them asylum
lights are homosexuals but i think its disrespectful in some way they’ve got
they’ve got of the old testament forty five times says that he hates centers but the god of the new testament loads
centers and so but any agreement the my my concern is that jonathan wants to practice judaism and david if you love homosexuals that
have been really what you want a practices christianity because that’s
they got of the new testament is a god of love obviously that their jonathan
i’ll go to you anything you agree with the former kaplan about you have to actually answer your
question you test on it and that is hell and of course by agreeing to help he have student agree to god’s eternal uh… to punish the wicket in hell
forever which is can only be rationally uh… manifestation of his hatred as got under finds it it doesn’t define it definitely in the
old and new testament at your jesus christ the same yesterday
too their preferred the same offer both books the same spirit that interprets a to his people both books the manifest the truth uh… to his church in both books it’s nonsense talk about a different
deity in the old versus the new test tube okay well i guess then what we have here
is an incredible situation where we have to completely unrelated and
unconnected an incongruous anti-gay movement we have been speaking with
jonathan phelps of the westborough baptist church and former navy chaplain
gordon coinage met gentlemen thank you to vote for having the discussion thank you gentlemen that lets you get the couples to

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