Graduation Commercial – SNL

Graduation Commercial – SNL


  1. All the fucking traffic their bullshit creats.
    They got the sitting in direct sunlight very right.
    In AZ weather?!
    Not even for my graduation.

  2. At my graduation, everyone only remembers how I snaped at a teacher before the ceremony. Its brought up every time I run into an old classmate.

  3. "some of us were considered popular, cool and girls didnt notice me , but in a few years, oh boy oh, things gonna change. you wish you have gotten with me"- Oliver Klein, 2018, valedictorian, Madison High school

  4. In the end no one really cares, ur kid isn't an "individual", they're not special, they're just another brick in the wall…and the story repeats yr after yr….

  5. Lmao funny how a year ago they thought “get your laws of my uterus” was weird but in 2019 it’s actually happening

  6. It is now law that anyone caught dabbing in public can, and should be, beaten mercilessly with a sack full of coins and thumbtacks.
    So it is written, so it shall be done.

  7. My school was smart they had the graduation inside in the gym. Too bad the school didn't have air conditioning

  8. They forgot how the principal says, “Please stay silent until the end,” then every damn family goes “WOOHOO!!! YEAH!!! GO SANDRA!!!!”

  9. Only in America would leaving high school yes high school be a big deal. In Britain no one makes such a fuss because it's expected that you will complete basic education.

  10. Don’t forget when all the graduates throw their hats in the air, then they get mixed up and you go home with the kid’s hat that never bathes

  11. Imagine being the good quiet kid in school and the principal and the vice principal literally look at you like they’ve never seen you in their life

  12. Lol Pete Davidson’s newly atheist teen in the Christmas mass sketch and this one as a goth kid both have the same name. Coincidence? I think not.

  13. Don't forget the downtown venue with all the one-way streets, and the relatives that can't navigate them.

    My office window used to overlook one of those. During graduations and state high school basketball/wrestling tournaments, you'd car after car going the wrong way. Had to clench butthole in anticipation of hearing screeching tires and a horrific crashing noise.

  14. Tbh I brought my gameboy to graduation and just played it until they got to my row, and then after. Everyone was just watching me play lmao.

  15. A kid at my cousin’s graduation actually did a backflip on stage and he barely made it, I’ve never seen so many people gasp at the same time.

  16. "And when visibly pregnant senior Courtney King takes the stage, watch that news hit the parents' section like an atomic bomb."

    "Is it a boy or a girl?"
    "It's a dab."

    This sketch was hilarious. I am dead.

  17. Why do HS graduations even exist? Seriously though, HS is the lowest common denominator of the education system. You literally show up to the classes and you graduate.

  18. my cousin's graduation speech for valedictorian was pretty salty, but he ate a raw egg at the end, so I think it was worth it

  19. At my graduation, they played the Pomp and Circumstance march WAY TOO FAST. People were practically running up to get their diplomas.

  20. Dude. You think that's bad? My graduating class is going to have somewhere around 800-1000 students XD Great sketch though

  21. At these Graduations, no one who's a parent cares about the other kids. They just want to see their kids time to shine. After that's done it drags.

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