Grand Opening At The Top-Secret Construction Site | Carl’s Car Wash Special Episode

(upbeat music) (boy whistling) – There. Carl’s Car Wash is open for business. Now open? Hey! That’s funny. I didn’t hire an airplane to fly a banner advertising that I’m open. Wait. That banner’s not for me. It’s for the construction site. They finally finished building whatever it is they’re building! It’s opening day! Change of plans. Break time! I’ll be back in an hour right after I see the big surprise at
that construction site. I gotta get there fast! I can’t miss one minute of
whatever’s about to happen! Hi there. Hello. I’m on my way to the big
grand opening across town. – My name’s Brunhilda
an I’m headed there too. I’ll give you a ride if you can shine up this old bus before we go. – I really don’t wanna miss the surprise. I’ve waited so long to see
what they’ve built, but wow. Your bus is incredibly dirty. I can’t have you driving
around like that Brunhilda. Let me get my car wash ready. Hold on! – That’s so kind of you Carl! I really appreciate the help. – No problem. It’s what I do. Now let’s see. What kind of vehicle are you driving? Is it a big rig, bus, or digger? That’s it! A bus! Now let’s see how messy it is. Is it a little messy, medium
messy, or super duper messy? I’d say it’s super duper messy. Let me see what kind of mess this is. (boy sniffs) (boy sneezes) – [Brunhilda] Gesundheit! – Just what I thought. Is it thick mud, sticky
chicken wings, or black soot? That’s it! It’s black soot from all the
other vehicles on the road. Finally, what size is this vehicle? Is it normal sized, or is it big? It’s definitely big. – I can’t believe my eyes! – Believe it Brunhilda. Your bus is about to become unblemished. That’ll be 18 tokens. – Fantastic. I always have some tokens on me. Five, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18. Here I go! (upbeat music) Carl, your soap washed all the soot away! My bus is beautiful. You’re a miracle worker. Hop on in! Now that’ll be 18 tokens. (boy laughs) – You’re in luck. I have that exact amount. (upbeat music) How lon will it take to get there? – Not long. I just gotta make a few quick stops first. (upbeat rock music) Ready to go Gus? – Born ready Brunhilda. – My pal Tony. – [Tony] Hiya Brunhilda. You’re right on time. – Are you fired up for opening day Fionna? – I’m fired up alright. – [Brunhilda] You coming
Billy and Commander Patterson? – It’s gonna be a blast. (upbeat country music) – [Brunhilda] Tracy? – Right here Brunhilda! (upbeat nautical music) – [Brunhilda] Ahoy Captain Mary. – Permission to board Brunhilda! – Aye aye captain. (horn blows) Anyone going across town to
the opening day surprise? – No need to answer. Just hurry! – Will do! – Can’t wait! – Put the pedal to the metal Brunhilda. (upbeat music) – Brunhilda, are you making anymore stops? – Just one. – Oh no. – We’re here! Woo hoo! (citizens cheer) (celebration music) – It’s a giant marshmallow. Why would anyone build
a giant marshmallow? – Hey Carl! – [Carl] I can’t believe it’s happening! – I think you’re gonna like what you see. (crowd gasps) – Okay everyone, settle down. I know you’re excited
for the big unveiling! – You know it! You know it! – Thank you Harris. I think there’s someone
here who’s going to welcome you to today’s event. Justin. (man laughs) – Thank you for coming. You were all very patient as we constructed this top secret building. Well, most of you were anyways. Before we go in. – We get to go inside
the giant marshmallow? (man laughs) – It’s not a marshmallow young man. You’ll find out what it is
soon enough, but before we do, I’d just like to thank a few people. First, all of our construction workers. Bolton, Dharma, Florence, and Cecile. You did an amazing job. It was a race to the end, but we came across the
finish line in record time. Finally, a special thank
you to someone who’s always been there when we needed him, who went above and beyond
to keep up in tip top shape, a big thank you to Carl
of Carl’s Car Wash. (crowd cheers) – Well thank you everyone. I don’t know what to say except that it’s my honor to have cleaned your vehicles. I can’t take it any longer! What is this place? – That’s your cue Hector! (crowd gasps) – A race track! (crowd cheers) Look at all the cars. There are so many of them! I can’t wait to clean them all! Woo hoo! (upbeat rock music) (upbeat music) (kids giggle)

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