GREENWICH: Market, Park, Fan Museum and Old Naval College

GREENWICH: Market, Park, Fan Museum and Old Naval College

Hello everyone! My name is Audrone and it’s Stormy Adventure Time. I promised you for quite a while that I will show you Greenwich around and today is the day. So let’s go What I really love about going to markets is that I can find really unique small companies like… I couldn’t help myself, I bought a chocolate which is really really pretty. And you can find anything. I’ve used to buy some cards or jewelry. It takes time to find something really great because there’s still loads of like commercial stuff which you can kind of find anywhere. But there are always something you can find really unique. So I love Greenwich market and I usually try to get here around lunchtime and grab something for lunch, head to Greenwich park where I am right now and have kind of a picnic. Just a quick warning. I love summer. I love spring. I love nature that includes flowers, plants, animals. So you can expect a lot of that in my videos. I completely forgot that it’s London Marathon tomorrow. So most of Greenwich looks like this today. Everything is fenced in the preparation for tomorrow. If you want to visit very interesting and unique museum, go to the Fan Museum in Greenwich. It’s absolutely amazing, very unique and that’s the only one like this in the world. Alright. If you enjoyed this video, please give it thumbs up. And if you would like to see more of my videos in the future, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel which is just a red button down bellow this video. And I will see you next Saturday. Bye!


  1. What a beautiful sunny day in Greenwich! I love the market shots you have! The observatory and the museum are great, too of course.

  2. Great video about this lovely part of London. I have visited London 3 times but all of them were really short visits and I didn't have enough to explore London and Greenwich as well. But during my next time in London, I know where to go.

  3. Wow what an eye catching place! I know you must of had a blast throughout your whole adventure but what was part of the whole trip?? Great video BTW!

  4. Good job Audrone! It was fun exploring Greenwich with you. I'm sure London has lots of cool parks 🙂

  5. Good to see this area, I've been to London many times but have never visited Greenwich. I really need to go next time.

  6. Cool shots of Greenwich. I sometimes work in Canary Wharf, but have never made it out to Greenwich. Next time, I will definitely go. How was the marathon?

  7. Hey there!! I really like your channel and this video! Your shots and edits are great! I love connecting with other travelers! I subscribed 🙂 I just made a youtube channel too and would love it if you checked it out!! Keep up the good work!

  8. Same as others, been to London a couple of times but never made it to Greenwhich but always want to. Did not know about the shopping market. Nice park and the fan museum is really neat!

  9. That does look like a wonderful day in Greenwich. We went there once as well and really enjoyed it. The park there is beautiful and the market has some cool stuff and great food.

  10. The amount of times we've visited London, but have never made it to Greenwich!? We'd love to. Is it the Observatory, and that awesome ship in a bottle! Love it.

  11. Pretty cool upbeat music…i love spring but i am so allergic to pollen, just looking at the flowers got my nose itchy hehe. Beautiful nonetheless.

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