Gun Control in Florida HB 6001 | Should College Students be Allowed to Conceal Carry?

Gun Control in Florida HB 6001 | Should College Students be Allowed to Conceal Carry?

Should college students be allowed to
conceal carry a gun while on campus What’s up guys Ryan here with Tampa Carry Current Florida law prohibits concealed carry inside of a college Here’s what the law says You cannot carry at any college or university facility unless the licensee is a registered student
employee or faculty member of such college or university and the weapon is a stun gun or non-lethal
electronic weapon or device designed solely for defensive purposes and the
weapon does not fire a dart or projectile Currently college students
are allowed to have a firearm in a personal vehicle while parked on
college property as long as the firearm meets the definition of securely encase Introducing House bill 6,001 Which would allow students teachers and
administrators to concealed carry a firearm while on a college campus Now tell me in the comments below Do you think that this is a good idea? Should students be allowed to walk around with a gun while going to college Now some of you are probably thinking What if a student freaks out just shoot people Well honestly, does the law really matter? So if a student is gonna freak out and they’re gonna go hurt a bunch of people
on a college whether it’s legal or not Does that really matter? The other thing I hear from people all the time they say that college students are just too
immature to handle the responsibility of a firearm Now you have to remember under
the current Florida law you have to be 21 years or older to get a valid carry permit or you can be active duty military or honorably discharged from
the US Armed Services Now I was 17 when I joined the military So that means even though I couldn’t buy cigarettes or go to a strip club I would legally be allowed to concealed carry a gun in the state of Florida which i think is epically awesome You also have to remember a student
that is 21 years or older is probably gonna be like a senior Those are the people that are usually
more mature and more grounded Those are the people that should be
walking around with a gun in my opinion Other people say that having
students and teachers with guns is simply gonna cause more problems and more violence at our colleges However I kind of disagree There are 10 states
across the nation that have already made it lawful for people to conceal carry a
gun while on a college These are Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia,
Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas Utah, Wisconsin Now just imagine Do any of these states really have issues
with mass shootings at a college? You know we know that 98 percent of all
mass shootings in history occur in a gun-free zone So what in common sense tell you that if we want mass shootings to stop at our colleges we need to take them off of the
list of a gun-free zone Personally, I want a bad guy to think to themselves if I’m gonna go hurt people out of college there gonna be a lot Who knows how many
students or teachers that are gonna be armed and ready to defend themselves Melisande sheepdogs this bill has been proposed in the state of Florida
multiple times I think three or four and every single time it keeps getting
shot down It is up to us to make sure our representatives know how you feel Make sure you contact your local representative Tell them whether you
support or don’t support students and teachers conceal carrying a firearm at a college I think this bill needs to go thorough It’s something I strongly
support and I am gonna email my representatives immediately Thanks for watching sheepdogs If you like this video give it a big thumbs up Make sure you share it on social media so that we can defeat the evil YouTube
algorithm that’s trying to suppress us amazing gun companies and until next time Stay safe


  1. Yes of course. They should be able to protect themselves and That would make a crazy think twice about going there to do harm. Gun free zones are not safe at all.


  3. I'm not sure. Example if a student has a beef with a specific teacher theres nothing to prevent that student from drawing down on a teacher. Other than that I have no problem with concealed carry on a college campus. I will be emailing my state representative in support of this bill.

  4. I am unsure, my oldest son just turned 21 and he bought his first firearm, and he just moved out and I am uncomfortable with that age having a person who’s frontal lobe to make decisions in a emergency situation, but I feel the same about joining the military until mid twenties when the prefrontal cortex is completely developed. That’s just my view of logic. At the same time, we made sure our children had all sorts of training on safety, laws until now, (have to forward laws to my son) and they know to never use in defense unless it’s a life threatening situation that can’t be avoided. So I guess I would be uncomfortable him not having a firearm at the same time, a catch 22 I guess…

  5. The only way to stop a criminal shooting people is a good law abiding citizen firearms owner when LE isn’t available fast enough

  6. I need to think this through I am not sure exactly how I feel about it. But I don’t want them legislating any of the 2nd amendment either… hmmm. Thank you!

  7. College student here, moved out and go to school 600 miles away from my home town, glad to be able to carry everywhere I go, especially living on my own, never know what is going to happen which unfortunately includes on campus, but can't carry there yet 🙁

  8. This reminds me of this girl showed me her pistol in her glove compartment, that her father gave her, when we went to University of Texas. She told me it wasn't register. But we had rapist problems back in the day.

  9. As long as their active or active reserve military or part-time or full-time leo should be allowed to carry on any campus with or without concealed carry license "as long as they meet the standards mentioned above, as well as they must carry their valid military or agency Identification card".

    All other persons must possess a valid concealed carry license on their person (same as if your carrying off campus with a license), from the state of Florida or any other state that FL recognizes reciprocity of.

  10. Ryan I agree with almost all ur videos but this one I am not sure of. I have a 21 year old daughter in University. I don't know how I would feel about other students carrying. I'm not against it but…🤔

  11. Having passed the course for concealed carry, you should be allowed to carry any time, any place. If it is a" gun free zone' it is a "target rich environment!" I'll protect my family, myself and YOU if the need requires. I may have to face a jury of twelve, but YOU and I will be there to face that jury

  12. I think that the right should be there, BUT I also think it should depend on whether the college is a public or private college as well. I do not think this issue is as simple as a "Yes" or "No" answer. And HB 6001 just does not go in depth enough.

  13. 1st I personally know more than 2 college faculty members, and I do believe they should be able to carry on campus. 2nd, thanks to the ccw law requiring a carrier to be 21+, I DO feel that students should be able to also get a license under those laws. I don't think that students under that age are generally mature enough. Yes, vote on this bill!

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