Has Eddie Gallagher’s case exposed the military justice system?

Has Eddie Gallagher’s case exposed the military justice system?


  1. I dont think anyone would have thought the tweet as an order especially that high up. Eddie better Thank God and then Thank Trump.

  2. Did the guy who took the picture. With the dead body, kneel beside the dead body? Cause in most cases Trump, hates kneelers.

  3. Since when does trump care about military? He insulted john McCain a war hero who almost died in Vietnam. Then he insulted the parents of a soldier. And you trump nutheads were quiet. You don't care about the military. It is all about a strategy to fool people. And the fact you still have to blame obama shows that.

  4. Anyone ever heard of the "Chain of Command"? The Secretary violated that process. HE SHOULD BE FIRED!! As for the prosecutors in his case they should be stripped of rank, disbarred and then kicked out of the US Navy with a "DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE"!

  5. Thank you!! The politician officers are the worst and need to take a hike along with ALL that can't keep the weight standards, riders of the profiles all the time, and the PT cheats officer and enlisted!!!

  6. In my humble opinion but Serious opinion and it's about like taking an aircrew aviation wings away paratrooper emblem away if one earns it they keep it plain and simple.
    There's a chain of command for a reason.

  7. Trump needs to rehire his entire immediate staff and get rid of the Obama holdovers once and for all. The time is at hand and hopefully he will do something like that so that he doesn’t get stopped any longer by his own staff….civilian and military.

  8. The officer corps in today’s military is atrocious. Biggest bunch of overpaid pansies that ever wore the uniform. They should be ousted and sent to the Peace Corp. This is a product of 30 years of social engineering of the military by politicians like John McCain and others in his former circle.

  9. Bill Bill Bill, you ask a question but before they finish answering your first question, you cut them off and try and start another question. Every time! Very annoying.

  10. The military justice system is not broken. It was abused by politicians. Gallagher never should have been prosecuted. Posing for the picture was inappropriate and not proper conduct, but it was not criminal.

  11. I'll bet I can perfectly describe SECNAV: born with a silver lobster fork in his mouth, spent weekends on Martha's Vinyard and sailed the cape with friends of the Kennedys, attended a prestigious private school with other coddled brats, got his appointment to Annapolis after taking the SAT three times and working with an expensive tutor, probably had family friends among the faculty, didn't perform very well on physical tasks and high-stress leadership but was very a tidy, thorough pencil-neck. Upon graduation probably worked an administrative job stateside or possibly for a naval attache. Then assigned to DEPNAV in Washington and just pushed his pencil, attended parties, and secretly was jealous of those who had the gifts necessary to command men in combat instead of in a room of filing cabinets. Eventually the Clintons suicided enough people above him to make him the man (among clerical warriors) and he spouts off about discipline and honor: two things he has never had.

  12. Anyone that''s ever served in the military knows there isn't really a justice system in the military. The only area where there's a passing resemblance to a real justice system is if someone actually goes to trial on a court martial. But those are more like faux trials than actual trials. They prosecute violations of military law which there is no legitimate process for creating. The military can simply declare anything a crime at will. And there is a completely different set of rules of evidence and procedure that would never pass constitutional scrutiny in the civilian world.

    And court martials are incredibly rare. The vast majority of the "justice system" of the military is handled under article 15 of the UCMJ. It's called Non Judicial Punishment. Every branch has their own terminology for how they refer to that process, for example the navy calls it captain's mast. But it's all functionally the same. And the name is very telling. There is a reason it's called Non Judicial Punishment and not a Non Judicial Hearing. These proceedings are entirely under the purview of the commanding officer, and they are a complete joke. There is rarely any evidence even presented, you have no ability to be represented by an attorney, you are given no opportunity to actually prepare or present an actual defense, you can't call witnesses or cross examine witnesses providing testimony against you. They basically just amount to the commanding officer letting your accuser tell a story about what happened, then the CO might or might not ask you a few questions, and then he issues your punishment. The whole process is done in five minutes, and nobody walks out without receiving some sort of punishment. And some serious penalties can be handed out in this sham process including being thrown in the brig, forfeiting half your pay for a number of months, being demoted in rank, and getting a bad conduct discharge from service.

  13. Those coming after Chief Eddie Gallagher are a bunch of P****'S ! ! !

    The only person who could carry the chief's dirty socks is obviously President Donald J Trump . . .

    Thank you Mr President . . .

  14. With Officers like Hunter Biden are we suprised? I am not in the least. Next the crazy leftist will want to smear the Greatest Generation for winning WWII. War is He'll people. Face it.

  15. It's too bad that even the United States Military have such corruption within their higher ranks. A true American hero who fights for the people and freedom of our country receives the "Witch Hunt" stamp of approval from the political forces within the military. It never ends, this is part of the "SHAMMING OF AMERICA".

  16. Once you put silver eagles on your collar, you leave the military and become a political leech that cares only about its political career. Some are better at faking it than others.

  17. Oh, it gets soooo much worse than this. ALARAT was the Army's attempt to rid itself of sexual offenders to appease feminist. Problem-there wasn't that many sexual offenders in the Army (despite feminist claims) and the Army started expanding the definition until the majority (the VAST majority) that were charged, and, soon to be discharged, had committed minor offenses that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with a sexual offense of ANY kind. Just so the Army could say they did something. Shameful, disgraceful, and utterly corrupt.

  18. If Military Justice existed in the US, Michael Aquino would never have risen in the ranks the way he did, and there would still be Christians in the military.

    Military Justice? Bah Humbug!

  19. President Trump uncovering corruption, every angle he can. All he had to do here is pardon Eddie, and let truth and justice take it's course.

  20. I'm disgusted with JAG officers who go after american military members as though they are common criminals. Require JAG lawyers to spend their first year in the military to serve in combat. Only then will they fully understand what the ground troops are exposed to.

  21. Generals use to ride into battle on a white horse with the soldiers. They would bleed with us at our side. Now they are brown nosing politicians, 1000 miles behind the front line, who stomp on the necks of our heroes. Then they come from behind for an hour or two for morale visits to the troops, where they get to act like they are heroes too.

  22. These lefties in the legal system constantly go hard after normal good people and throw the book at them while they let real criminals out.  They don't care who they hurt on their way to the top. Look at Kameltoe Harris.
    Then they hide behind things like doing the right thing when really it's about them.
    It's not like there isn't punishment for breaking the rules. Gallagher and the others have been through enough.

  23. The people who climb the ladder to 4 star Admirals/Generals are no longer concerned about the troops, they are concerned about their political careers. President Trump picks and congress approves the secretaries of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard. Those chosen and approved must be held to a code of non partisanship and their most important duty, support of the men and women who serve our country.

  24. This was wrong of Donald.
    Military has a code of conduct that is back by long time serving military members…
    he should stay out but he want to free his own ASAP rocky…

    – sad

  25. Trump needs to rollback military policies to 1990… The communistic directives are too embedded for cohesion degradation. !!!!!! ᛏ

  26. For those of you who never served will never understand how the Armed Forces works. While enlisting you sign a mountain of paper work that is basically a legal contract. You literally sign your life away to defend your country for what ever length of tour you agree to. This has nothing to do with civilian life, this is a world of defending and doing what you are told with out question. In the military you either follow orders or people die. Civilians have a way of thinking the 2 worlds are the same and this couldn't be any farther from the truth. They are worlds apart and must remain this way. War is ugly, cruel and puts people in split second situations down to me or them realities. If you can imagine being in a place where people hope to, wish to, pray for and will do anything in there power to end your life at any second and in any way they can? Ask your self what decision you would make in this kind of environment? I wish all a happy and safe holiday you earned it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. We will never know for sure if Eddies behavior after combat met all standards of what the Seals expect. However his combat record is truly exemplary. What we have here is a political hack job, fueled by a social justice warrior mentality.
    This ideology was installed into the Military Ranks by the Obama administration. One by one they keep popping their heads up with situations like this. Its like playing "Whack-a-mole" for the Trump Administration who keeps knocking down the Deep State Heads as they show us who they really are.

  28. Only a SEAL could have a wife where she's like a porn queen, aerobics instructor, and possibly in charge of an upscale suburban bible study. Maybe all three. They're probably so happy.

  29. Stop the whole narrative that our.military is protecting us. Cmon. We have lost more freedoms since 2001 than in all the last century. Our enemies are in our institutions and government and large corporations

  30. How ironic — the Fired SECNAV was on TV whining about the Commander In Chief not understanding the importance of good order & discipline and the chain of command in the military…after he bypassed SECDEF and told the President he could basically fix the Trident Review Board.

  31. A lot of the enlisted ranks refer to the JAG as JAGOFF, and rightly so. Don't expect any 'justice' from the military justice system. Higher ranks are always interfering with cases.

  32. Why is everyone getting this wrong??? Once they reach a certain rank IN ANY BRANCH they don't go on to become senior level officers unless they prove they're satan worshipping globalist pedophiles!!!!

  33. DONALD TRUMP IN 2020 Keep supporting The Troops and Draining The Swamp. Sounds like The Democrats corrupting all top levels of organizations.

  34. I served in the military for 20 years. The actions of the military senior leadership of late; including Lt. Vindman's action of bypassing his boss to rat (not whistle-blow) on the president at the impeachment hearing, is INSUBORDINATE. Any E-1, in any military branch knows this. Any one who by-passes their chain of command should be disciplined, fired or demoted to a position commensurate with their behavior. Politics kills warriors, and the Bill payers (warriors) of America should never be treated this way. Outside of a blatant, gross violation, they should be counselled, receive appropriate refresher training, and pardoned (if appropriate) to restore their good name restored.

  35. You're guilty until proven innocent…and even then they still make it to where you pay after being proven innocent.

  36. Anyone who has ever had to use JAG knows that its as useful as a fork at a soup restaurant. They are only there to cover the asses of superior officers and the military and thats all. Enlisted go by the waste side.

  37. It’s been going on for a LONG TIME PERIOD this case it just brought more light in the saga of convenience in the Military

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