Historical Weapons : The Sarissa

Historical Weapons : The Sarissa

The Sarissa Pike
The Sarissa was a long spear or pike about 4 to 6 meters in length introduced
by philip of macedon the Sarissa would come into use in his Macedonian phalanx
as a replacement for the shorter Dory spear this improved the reach of
the Phalanx considerably and as a result made the macedonian phallanx effectively
the dominant military formation in the Hellenistic world tThe Sarissa was made of
tough resilient Cornel wood Macedon was famed for having high-quality timbers
and as a result had a steady supply of wood for their weapons it was also a
very heavy spare weighing approximately 5.5 kilograms to six point five
kilograms The Sarissa had a leaf shaped iron spear
head as well as a bronze but spike and to allow it to be anchored to the ground
to stop charges of enemy soldiers the bronze material of this but spike also
prevented it from rusting this spud spike also served to balance out the
spear making it easier for soldiers to wield it could also be used as a backup
should the main iron head spare Point Break they also acted as an effective
counter weight as the Sarrisa was a very long spear several adaptations were
needed in order to both transport and use the spear when marching the spear
would often be carried in two parts and then slotted together when in battle
this made transporting the spear far easier weight of the Sarissa
also meant they needed two hands to operate it this meant that the large
hoplite shield was useless and was replaced by a smaller shield called the
peltor were slung over the neck of the soldier via strap despite this weapon winning many
victories for the Macedonians it was almost utterly useless when not in a
tight pharynx formation this was largely due to the size of the weapon which made
it extremely impractical when fighting one-to-one this meant that in these
situations the Macedonian pikemen would often either use swords or shorter spear
gradually the Sarissa saw itself become outdated mainly through the improper use
of thus Sarissa Pike phalanx by the successor kingdoms of Alexander the
Great these kingdoms often failed to protect the flanks of their phalanxes
and as war became more mobile The Sarissa saw its use slowly decline
being replaced by more mobile options thank you for watching listening what
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  2. Long spear is a key to victory. Fourteen centuries later it will stop the heavy knight's cavalry and make infantry the dominant force again. As always ,great video!

  3. I would love to see the Greek Gastraphetes (belly bow), because it's one of the most forgotten weapons in Greek history, and used by and against Alexander the Great.In fact this weapon was stated to penetrate any type of armor of the age.

  4. Can you do more videos of battles?

    I'm guessing it's harder to animate the squares on the battlefield than the soldiers like in this video moving but it would be nice to see more of them

  5. Do a video on Napoleon's old guard you could go into detail about:
    .their selection system

  6. You should do a video on "The Mother in Law", a consistently terrifying weapon that has made grown men tremble throughout the ages.

  7. I have always wondered….if phalangites were pike infantry, how did the Macedonians attack large cities? The sarissa would be very unwieldy during a siege.

  8. Celtic templer I like you how you say the the greeck (belly bow) soldiers were used by and aginst Macedonian palanx,soldiers and Aleksandar the Great of Macedonian.
    Your awsome bro.

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