Homecoming Surprise After 3 Years and 20kg Down – Medan, Indonesia

Homecoming Surprise After 3 Years and 20kg Down – Medan, Indonesia

hey YouTube so I’m currently in London and this is my room Miss Mary I’m Tiana cos I’m living to Maidan Indonesia I just finished my university so I want to go back home and I haven’t been back for three years I haven’t had a chance to go back home and met them and the first year second year is fine but then when it goes into that yeah I really really miss home I really miss my family I haven’t told them that I’m going back I took one of my elder brother so he can’t fetch me my stuff but I can talk my dress up my family my dad my mom and my other brother so I want to see what the expressions will be when singing of sitting there and I look very different three years ago I mean I keep a photo here I was 20 kilo havea film let’s see whether they still recognize me yeah so tonight I am flying back to me my brother is late because my kid was with my mom and he need to send her somewhere because she doesn’t know so he could have an excuse to leave her and now I’m at random corner in the poly normal Airport because I don’t want to look crazy talking to the camera but people forget walking around here finally I’m here in a hotel so that is surprising tomorrow morning yeah I’m gonna planned today I’m going to see where I should put the camera and put it for the voice and sim1 know you want oh yeah yeah yeah dun dun hello little at all okay I do – yeah right there do I come out right yeah my not me call a book I wanna hear I mean I bought one – AHA Dao else hey Peggy none o this year take care what to take I’m on a monitor oh yeah Amy oh wow oh wow why did Amy I might pick up you got door nomicon Samadhi yeah you go I’m uploading on sound oh yeah yeah yeah my busy come on I will edit it oh yeah yeah


  1. After I lost 50lbs I did something similar with my grandparents. I had my grandmother convinced she was meeting my sister for lunch only for me to be the one who walked up to her table instead. She cried and was in shock to see me so thin again.

  2. I wish I can go back to my birth country, Malaysia, i only stayed there for like 7-8 months i thinkπŸ˜₯i was only still a baby

  3. If this were me, my mom would tell my dad, that's our daughter and he would refuse to believe her and say she was crazy, and then when the truth is revealed my dad would be like, "oh I knew it was you."

  4. That is so nice! I live in China and once I secretly came back to Europe for Christmas (nobody knew, not even my brother), I arrived at midnight a day before Christmas' Eve and my grandma got so shocked because she thought she sees a ghost πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (well, what would you think when someone shows up in your room in the middle of night xD)

  5. Wonderful surprise i like so much this video but mother was recognized at first sight Mother's heart is very critical….

  6. Awesome video, could feel the emotional moments. I came as a student too. Finished uni, got my citizenship and a job too. Now I am heading back home (surprise visit) for Christmas after 6 yrs. Cant wait, guess it’s gonna b so emotional.

  7. 3yrs later utube recommended this to me who does he think i am?
    And how does this video is related to my previous watched videos!!?

  8. I wonder how old he was when he left. If he was 17 when he left, 3 years you do look different even without weight loss, but if he was like 23 then you don't look that much different without the weight loss, either way really cool video.

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