Hostel Daze Official Trailer 2019 | The Viral Fever | Amazon Prime Video

Hostel Daze Official Trailer 2019 | The Viral Fever | Amazon Prime Video

‘Children have a very dramatic image about colleges before they get here.’ ‘But real college is no where close to Hirani’s ‘3 idiots’…’ ‘…neither KJo’s Student of the Year…’ ‘…and nor like Anurag Kashyap’s Gulaal.’ Gentlemen and assholes. Hi, Ankit Pandey. Civil. 5502. Why should I? 5500 bucks just for the name? What’s so special about your name? I am Chirag Bansal. Computer Science. When these videos will be seen in every corner of the world… And finally, you’ll get respect from every student. Now continue. I’ve been chilling in these corridors even before the first landing on mars… …and Ranveer started going around with Deepika. My name is Jatin, but people call me Jhantoo out of respect. Jhantoo, you motherfucker! Coming. Respect. Sir, ragging is still illegal, right? Of course. Won’t you feed milk to your beloved? If you don’t mind, can I ask for help? Today you two held hands, tomorrow… Jhantoo, you’re a bad-bad-bad person. Surprise… Just lift the pencil by the ass, and you can’t even do that. The new batch is so pathetic, man. What are you saying, Jhantoo? How can I show you my private messages? You’re feeling shy of your own wing mates. We slept nude together. Huh? When? Then who was that guy?


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