How Dirty Is Sniper Training?

How Dirty Is Sniper Training?

a lead Canadian sniper and gun collector. Ryan is one of the world’s
leading competitive marksman. And Ryan’s putting
me through what he calls the meat grinder,
to give me a sense of what it’s like to be a sniper. Ryan? [LAUGHS] Seriously? This is not going to end well. Hey, Ryan? Uh– OK, I get it. A little trial by fire. So weird. The feeling of being
hunted is freaking me out. Like, he could be
watching me right now. That’s really what’s
playing with my brain. The other thing is we’re
in the middle of nowhere. [PAINTBALL FIRE] Ah! Where are you? Ryan? No w– seriously? No way. Hey buddy, how’s it going? NARRATOR: You killed me. Welcome to training. NARRATOR: I had no idea
you were that close. Sniper training, also
known as the meat grinder. RYAN STEACY: Let’s get
you in your ghillie suit. OK. [LAUGHS] NARRATOR: First worn by
snipers in World War I, it helped them blend
into their environment and stalk their prey. The ghillie suit is
named after 19th century Scottish game wardens
who first created the suits to help them
catch illegal poachers in their fields. RYAN STEACY: Yeah, you’re
looking pretty good. But first we got to dirty
up your ghillie suit. So on your stomach. Go. Lay down. Don’t be pushing sticks
out of the way and stuff. OK, roll around. Let’s go. Put as much of it
on you as you can. Roll it in. I think you’re good. Let’s go. First thing we’re going
to talk about a little bit is how to get from
place to place. They use a technique
called stalking. – Let’s do it.
– All right. You want to stay as low
and as flat to the ground, and you want to move
as slowly as possible. Remember, there’s a guy
over on that other hill, who if he sees anything,
he’s going to rain mortars down on your butt.
[STICK CRACKS] ‘Atta boy. Cracking is not good either. NARRATOR: I heard that. RYAN STEACY: Your
pants are falling off. Yeah, they are. [LAUGHS] Come on down here. I’m kind of into this. We’ll see how into it
you are in a few minutes. NARRATOR: Oh. RYAN STEACY: I
want you to slither through this water, trying
to be as quiet and as slow as you can. Think you can manage? – Yeah.
– OK. Let’s see what you got. How’s the water in there? It’s cold. RYAN STEACY: Don’t
think about the cold. It’s not cold. ‘Atta boy.
Keep going. [EXHALES, SPITS] Not trying to make much in
the way of noise, splashing, signs that people
are going to see. Stay as low to the ground as
you possibly can, all right? I want your chin in the water. Just go under that one there. Oh, Christ. RYAN STEACY: ‘Atta boy. Your pants falling off? [LAUGHS] Nice, using the logs as cover. Good. Outstanding. Oh. RYAN STEACY: I
think you’re good. Let’s go. NARRATOR: All right,
I’ll admit it. I’m not the most graceful
sniper in the world. But hey, you got
to start somewhere. Pull up your pants. I knew you were going
to hug me, you bastard. [LAUGHS] You’re welcome.


  1. I have fired a .22 target rifle, a .243 marksman rifle and a Springfield. The Springfield had the most recoil, but also felt like it wasnt much. Really fucking loud though. I don't know why I bothered with this comment

  2. Everybody wants to show their AIT like it's something special well guess what it's not easy for anybody doesn't matter what you are

  3. So what do snipers use to counter thermal imaging cameras? Ghillie suit or not if they are spotted by one of those they're screwed.

  4. That is not dirty, scrubbing and washing an angsty 89 year old former communist demented jerk of an ass hole grandfather who can keep his piss and smells like pis and shit, because you know, good natured grandson, that is dirty, or being they guys who crack the ice blocks in the sewers that is dirty

  5. Fortnite Pro : Theres people over at 202. ON ME ON ME ON ME!

    Second Pro : Watch out theres a player behind you!

    Fortnite Pro : Good Call good call.

    Second Pro : Lets camp in this bush and lets snipe some people

    Fortnite Pro : …. 😑😑

  6. Look there is a huge difference between a sniper and a marskman. This guy is just a marksman. He ain't no bob lee swagger

  7. when u trying to snipe someone but little do u know u have been the sight of another hidden sniper and he got a clean shot at u😱

  8. Whats the solution for keeping away poisonus insects and sneks? 99% u gonna encounter them if u roll around like that all day.

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