Hello everyone. This is Justin Freeman. [MUSIC] I’m a junior here at IU Bloomington,
majoring in economic consulting and public policy analysis in
the Kelley School of Business. And first things first,
started off with some breakfast today, got some breakfast bars as well as
a smoothie with some bananas, milk, peanut butter,
those types of things to start off my day. My first class is at 8:30 AM. I am, right now,
in the living room at my apartment. Gonna order an Uber soon. Get to class and
show you guys what I-Core looks like. The notorious I-Core that a lot of
business students have to deal with, typically their first semester
of their junior year. [MUSIC] All right everyone, we’re in the Uber now, just on my way to class,
I’ll be there in a few seconds actually. Like I said, we’re gonna I-Core, it’s a block in an intensive semester for
business students. And you just have block classing, so
I only have class from 8:30 to 10:50. And this is fine, yeah. [MUSIC] I decided to get a meal plan. Even those in my junior year,
for moments like this, when I get out of the class at 10:15,
I don’t have to travel back home to my apartment when I can
just grab some food on campus. Maybe watch some anime or something for
a little bit now that my day is done with. [MUSIC] All right guys, I just got my lunch here,
and I actually ran into a friend of mine. Micah, say hi.>>Hey, what’s good everybody.>>So we’re just here, he finished up his
lunch I got me some chicken alfredo and threw maybe a little bit too
much pepper on top of it, but [LAUGH] we’ll see where it goes. Alright, guys just had that good,
good, yummy, yummy, yummy lunch. [LAUGH] I’ve never said that before. But, yeah, just finished with lunch. Gonna head over to Wells now,
which should only be a two or three-minute walk, and
then maybe do some finance homework. So, yeah, I got a panel, some headshots,
a networking event to go to. So tonight’s gonna be really, really busy. But for now,
we’re just kind of enjoying our free time. Alright, ladies and
gentlemen, we are here, now, walking up the steps of Wells Library. A place where all the grinding, and all the hard work finally pays
off in the classrooms, so, yeah. [MUSIC] Alright, guys, we’re back. I got to Wells on the fifth floor,
ran into some friends. Ran into Kelby here.>>What’s up, y’all.>>Kelby just let me know that there’s
actually free Chik-fil-a sandwiches in Kelley right now. So we’re gonna make our way over there and
get us some free chicken sandwiches because this is what
business students love, free food.>>Free food.>>Alright. So, we found free Chick-fil-A. We don’t really know what
we need to do for it yet. So, we’ll see how this goes.>>I got the two Chick-fil-a sandwiches. I promised one for
my roommate and I got him one. Completely free, but
they also made me take a second hat>>So I just threw them both on and we’ll see my roommate’s reaction. Drake, bro, what’s up?>>What’s up? Appreciate you. [MUSIC]>>Here we go, guys. Back here, skateboarding now,
got a secret study spot I wanna show you guys as well as
Jeremy I’m gonna surprise you with. Right now we’re leaving his apartment,
we’re gonna head to the secret study spot after catching one of the buses,
the A bus at the stadium. But yeah, as you can probably hear right now we’re
doing a little bit of skateboarding. [MUSIC] Here we are, guys, back here on the bus. Just riding this thing all the way around
until we get to our final destination, the secret study spot that
I had planned for you guys. Jeremy.>>I’m excited to see it. I haven’t been there before. So it better be a good spot or
else Justin’s in trouble.>>Alright, so
we just got off the bus, Jeremy and I.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>By the Sample Gates, right down there. I mean, we might get a shot for
you guys later, check that out. It’s obviously IU’s kinda trademark. Maurer School of Law, great place for you guys who are looking for
a really chill study spot, that isn’t Wells Library or
any of the secret spots you may have. Now, it is quiet in here,
so I’m gonna go quiet. But I’ll show you guys the steps
we take to get to our spot. [MUSIC] Here we go. [MUSIC]>>This place is low key. Okay, I’ve never been in here before.>>I get a lot of work done in here.>>It’s quiet.>>Yeah, [LAUGH].>>This is next level.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, we spent a while in there, studying, working. Finalizing things for
our application for studying at abroad. And I mean,
how’d you like it in there Jeremy?>>It’s really nice, it’s really quiet. You can get a lot of studying done,
it’s easy to focus in there, so it’s cool. You heard it here first man, it got
approval from Jeremy from the studying spot, a thumbs up,
I hope that you guys enjoyed it too. I got some footage in there for
you guys to check out the place. All right guys, so I’m here now on the scene at the Kelley
Excel event that we have here today. Like I mentioned earlier,
I’m going to be speaking on the panel. They want us to share our experience,
share our experience that we had doing that as well as some tips
that we might have for some students looking to go through same
admission process and so that’s about it. Alright, here we are. We just finished up with that panel. How’d you guys feel like it went?>>I think it went really well, Justin.>>I think it went really well as well.>>Cool, cool, cool, so
why don’t you guys introduce yourselves?>>Yeah, so my name is Gabby. I’m a junior here at Kelley. And then we just spoke to some incoming,
or not incoming, so we just spoke to some freshmen
about their Kelley journey.>>Yeah, my name’s Alexander,
I go by Alex. My last name’s Barfias and I’m a junior as well here at
the Kelley School of Business.>>Hey, and so like Gabby said,
we were on that panel. We gave them our best advice
that we possibly could. And now we’re gonna go do
our junior I-Core things. So I got about an hour and 20 minutes now
until the networking event with the big four that I mentioned earlier. So I think I’m gonna head over
to a food court, maybe… what are we feeling, A Cut Above? Yeah, I think I’m gonna head
to Forest to grab some food. Got about an hour and 20 minutes,
like I said, to make it there and back, so we’ll see how that goes. [MUSIC] Alright, guys, here we go. I just got my food. [MUSIC] So apparently we’re being
flash-mobbed right now, by an organization called,
For The Kids, it’s IUDM. an organization called IUDM
is flashmobbing us right now. Their motto For The Kids. And it’s alright,
it’s pretty spectacular, though, these people who are doing this right now. So check this out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Okay, so great lunch, grabbed me a smoothie
at the end of it all, to top it off. So right now,
I’m heading to the networking event. Since it’s pretty nice outside, and I’ve
been on the run today, I think I’m gonna enjoy this little walk across campus and
head back to the Kelley School of Business where I will be in the Conrad Prebys
Career Center for the Big Four chat. Of the largest four professional
service firms in the world will be at Kelley School of Business talking
to business students about themselves and the opportunities that they have. So it’s a very important event for
me to attend, I’m excited to be on my way there now. So there, you have it, guys. That was the event and that was
pretty exciting and that’s about it. That’s a wrap for today. Day and night,
Kelley School of Business, baby. You’re on the grind. And that’s one for the books and
hopefully you enjoyed my day. I am going to go home and relax. I don’t know if you remember, I started
off my days in some sweat shorts and a t-shirt. And now it’s a full circle,
and I’m in a business casual, and I can’t wait to throw
those clothes right back on. [MUSIC]


  1. Yawn! Boring! Is this about IU, or just Justin? What about the MIGHTY MARCHING 100?? Or the parties, which make IU even more famous?

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