How I Fixed Credit Fast: Removed Collections, Charge-off, and Adverse Accounts – 30 Days – Secret!

How I Fixed Credit Fast: Removed Collections, Charge-off, and Adverse Accounts – 30 Days – Secret!

hey what’s up everybody it’s Brandon Weaver here and I want to talk to you today about how I fixed my credit using the section 609 credit repair secret. Now a lot of people out there talk about credit utilization keep your credit utilization down or get a secure credit card and use that credit card build history and get a better credit reporting history you’ll build better credit and you’ll heal your credit. Chances are you don’t want to give a credit card company or a bank cash for a secured credit card. Your credit utilization can’t be kept low because you can’t get a credit card. You can’t get credit history because you can’t get credit. You can’t get a car loan, you can’t get a mortgage, you can’t get a credit card, you can’t get utilities turned on. You can’t get anything that anyone needs credit for. You might be afraid to get a job because you don’t want your credit run and a lot of employers won’t take people with bad credit. So how did I fix my credit using this 609 credit repair secret? Well first of all I want Express to you that you need to dispute all of the negative stuff off your credit reports.You need to get that negative, delinquent, adverse accounts off your credit report and this is how we’re going to do it. So check it out, I have a document here from April 16 2013 April 16 2013. I want you to take a look at this some of this stuff has been scrubbed for my privacy but you see there it says negative accounts 15. 15 negative accounts. I had 15 negative accounts on my credit reports and I had them removed, deleted they are no longer on there affecting my FICO score and my credit score is fantastic how did I do it? Well basically I sent a letter section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not care whether the negative accounts is valid or not the letter disputes the credit reporting agencies right to report the adverse account not whether or not the adverse account is valid. So what you are asking is in your letter in this template that I’m going to give you that you can get right here today is the ability to dispute and ask the credit reporting agencies if this in fact, if this was reported correctly do the credit reporting agencies have the right to report that delinquent the adverse the negative stuff on your credit report? Do they have the right to do that? If they don’t, it must be deleted. What they need to maintain is a signed document stating that this credit this account is yours and not anyone elses and that they have the right to put it there. If they don’t have a signed document with your signature on it they have to remove it. Now and remember April 16 2013 I had 15 negative accounts on my credit report. This is a certified letter receipt and the date is upside down there, but April April 17 2013. So very quickly I sent a letter one of the letters that here in the template the ebook that comes along with it will teach you how to do what I did for myself you don’t have to pay someone else to fix your credit you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars with a credit report repair people any of that nonsense. You can do it for yourself only nine bucks here nine dollars(subject to change). You can buy it through PayPal, it’s totally secure. I got a response back. Experian, this is an Experian Brandon Weaver April 17, 2013. So remember May 17th 2013. So I sent a letter in April 17 2013 this is 30 days exactly 30 day, because the credit reporting agencies have 30 days to respond to you and look at this Capital One. I don’t know if you can see, [results: deleted] I had some accounts updated pending which were eventually deleted which I can show you what my credit score looks like. They were eventually deleted but then I have a collection account Midland Funding deleted I had a US Department of Education an old student loan that was delinquent and had been paid off and was just sitting there from years ago deleted. I eventually got all 15 of my adverse accounts deleted. I had to go through four rounds of disputing. So that was my first letter 30 days letter I sent another letter. Then I did send another letter and another letter after four rounds of disputing for me, for you it might be much quicker so you know for you you might not have 15 negative accounts that you need to be removed so for you it could be 20 days. It could be 30 day, it can be 60 days, 90 days. For me it was 120 days. And this is my credit score right here let me get this four seven six five this is my score as of August 8th because they only update every month or so so it but right here right there you can see it for yourself your FICO score as of August 8th, seven six five and that’s up in the very good range. you know. Very good range and I had very poor credit I had a credit score of about 500 something. I couldn’t get approved for a credit card. Anytime I moved into an apartment I had to spend more money on a deposit. I had to pay more money to get my utilities turned on. I had to pay more money for I mean, just any anything that I wanted to achieve. I was being held back because of my credit. Now I wanna tell you a story I don’t wanna get too much into what I’ve done now with my credit. I’m not trying to brag. I just want you to know what is available to you is that I was able to get rewards credit cards you know cash back rewards but more importantly travel credit cards. I was able to take myself and my girlfriend a Tokyo Japan with credit cards signup bonuses from American Airlines because I had very good credit. You’ll be able to do the same if you want to go and travel or if you just wanna get a car loan or did you want to get a mortgage or if you want to start a business and get trade lines in your business or if you want to I don’t know just get a job. You’ll be able to do this for yourself you won’t have to pay anyone else and you do it right now here, buy it either link above but whatever. Buy it now. This is going to help you achieve your dreams whatever you want nine bucks[subject to change] you buy it through the secure PayPal link I personally will email them to you. You don’t have to go download it somewhere or anything of that nature to worry about you’re not gonna get it you gonna get it from me Brandon I’m going to email it to you and if you have any issues or problems or concerns you can contact me at the links below I have a contact page on this site and you can contact me. You can get coached by me. I can teach you how to fill it out step by step you can email me, I’m here for you okay I’m not some faceless faceless company that’s just hoping you can do it on your own. I’m here for you so please get this ebook the section 609 credit repair secret ebook with the letters nine dollars today, you can have a great credit score you can have a great life you can get the jobs you need you get, the trade lines, you can get the car, you can get the house and get the mortgage. You could travel the world. You can see anything you want. Yes. thank you. thank you. I get pumped up, I get very passionate thank you. I appreciate it. please buy it and tell a buddy about it this will help so much


  1. So if i retrieve the credit reports … which i have. The account numbers are incomplete do i have to call each collector? To get them . It may sound like a dumb questiom …

  2. Where exactly do I send the letters. Can someone please tell me. Do I send it to the collectors. Where does it go

  3. Do I have to notarized and certify my letters or is it just an option? What happens if I send it regular mail?

  4. First of all, I live in Canada. I made some credit mistakes in the past. On my credit reports, I have three accounts in good standing which are my student loans, my cell phone bill, and a savings loan (for credit rebuilding purposes). On my EQ report, I have two collections. One for a vet bill that my ex boyfriend told me he was paying (he broke my dog's leg) and in fact didn't pay at all. I didn't know until I pulled my credit report late last year. I have since paid off that account ($2000). The other account is basically from my own stupidity. However, the account is 5 years old, and set to fall off in April of 2019.(In Canada, charge offs are reported for 6 years from the date of last activity). This account is also on my TU report. When I checked my scores in January of 2018, my EQ score was 429 and my TU score was 560 now am so confused on how to get it all fixed.

  5. ok I bought my letters got 5 collections to work on need a 50 point bump. been watching for a few years now. lets see what happens

  6. What do I exactly have to write in these letters? I have 2 collections accounts and delinquency in 2 other accounts that where never payed , someone please help , my score is at 630 but the bad history is killing me

  7. Is this only for old accounts?
    Can it be accounts that are closed and not paid off? Would they need to be paid off first?

  8. I’ll be trying this early next week ? Do you happen to have contact info so that I can email you with some questions about this ? I just finished a credit restoration program however the only thing remaining is a handful of medical bills and that’s what I’m needing off . Thank you in advance

  9. I have just spent the best $9 of my entire adult life. No joke, I bought the ebook on February 27th and by this past Monday, my dispute was finally closed. Overall, my score went up about 80 points! I had never had my score this high up. Thank you Brandon!! I have now started recommending friends and family to do the same.

  10. Brandon I purchased your course and wanted to know how can I get your or your staff to fix my credit I’ve have a sudden change and time is everything

  11. Which package is the best for me if I want to remove or work with collection agencies to boost my credit score to purchase a house or condo in the future? And also which packages includes pay for deletion letters?

  12. This works for sure! I sent 1 letter and it was received 3/28 (certified mail ). 4/7 I had 24 points added to one bureau and 95 points to another. I'm so grateful for this video. Real close to getting over 700. Thanks Brandon ur a blessing to many…

  13. I have been doing credit repair for about 4 years and one of my family members who tough me how to do it has been doing it for 22 years. this video is correct and this is the way to fix credit

  14. Hey Brandon, I just received my first round response today. 4/14/18. Experian 2 deletions, TransUnion 3 deletions. Still waiting on Equifax. Now on to my 2nd rounds. Thank you!

  15. Ok , I just ordered my letters and eBook… Im trying to buy my kids a home… Let's see how this goes.. And I will update as soon as I get results.. Thanks!

  16. Hey Ya'll,
    With the letters Brandon provided for me, I was able to change a credit card's "Charge Off" into a "Closed Account" and that has made my credit score jump 20pts.

    It Works….


  17. Ok. I just got. Reality check today which made me realize it's time to be in the best position to buy a home. I M going to give this a shot and take a leap of faith. I definitely need the help. I will keep you posted.

  18. Hi Brandon, I have had bad credit for 25-30 years. This is all stuff from when I was married. My husband purposely destroyed my credit and I believe he was still using my information even after we split up in 93. I have not had any credit cards, except for 1, which I paid off the next month in full. He took me for about $100,000.00 .Someone told me that I have to fight this. I was under the impression that my credit reset itself in 7 years.

  19. I would like to order the eBook. how can I get a copy of what I have on my credit and what is affecting it or needs to be disputed to begin with? Brandon weaver

  20. Question, Do you have dispute all negative inquiries with all three major credit agencies? Or will working with one company, such as Equifax, eliminate the negative inquiries associated with my credit report with all three companies?

  21. Imma try this…all these people cant be wrong..and I am desperate! An "Eviction" was put on my credit bc I was 2 weeks late! Never went to court..I paid all of it at once 2 weeks late. I had to get a ledger from them

    So this might help or not..if this happens to you..getting that ledger and proving your dedication to pay that balance and STAY which I did for 6 mths AFTER this "eviction" so called happened…and now..They are leaving it out with just that proof! This little tip can help anyone in this situation.

  22. Hi Brandon. I'm so glad to have come across your video. I am now going to purchase the 9 dollar ebook with dispute letters/examples. How do I get in contact with you further? I would love to email you with any questions I may have. I look forward to finally dealing with these old "demons" that have been holding me back for so long! Thank you so much! !

  23. Hi Brandon how do you get an old eviction removed it’s been about 7 years… I’m definitely going purchase your E book.

  24. Hi Brandon.. I made the mistake having an agency do this…the score did not change after 5 months and no change..I cancelled it..then a friend did it for me and my score went up…but after several months the collection must have been sold to another company ant that is on my report also I did a consolidation on student loans….would your program help me….

  25. I recently purchased this, May 2018, I watched all the how to videos and read through the dispute templates. I pulled my credit report and added the accounts I wanted to dispute to the templates for each credit bureau. Today, 5/10/18, I just got them notarized, and mailed them with certified delivery. Expected delivery dates are 5/12 for the one in GA, and 5/14 for the TX and the PA one. I will provide updates as I hear back from them and at the end of the 30 days. My fico score as of today is in the low 540s. I have a total of 9 disputes. Wish me luck.

  26. Is this information still up to date? I've settled several accounts about a year ago but still have the negative comments on my report? Will your information still help? I only ask becuase this was posted 3 years ago. I'd like more information please

  27. I wanted to update everyone watching on my experience with this method so far. I found Brandon's videos about 2 weeks ago and I immediately began putting together my packets to submit to the credit bureaus. I already had a Credit Karma and free Experian account setup prior to me sending out my letters, so it helped as a baseline to gauge any changes to my scores. I pulled my annual credit report from all 3 bureaus directly from their sites prior to writing/submitting my letters also, so I knew what each bureau had reported. I sent my letters to the bureaus on 5 May 2018 and I received notifications from my Experian account on 11 May 2018 that they opened my disputes. That same day, my score increased 40 points and then on the 14th of May one of the accounts I had disputed was removed and my score with XPN increased another 4 points. I'm still waiting on notifications from my other disputes and the other bureaus, but so far I could not be more excited and motivated to continue working at this!

  28. Friend I know is suffering a negative bankruptcy report good for 7 to 10 years. Will this fix this also? Fix meaning getting it removed.


  29. I recently got 2 debt sent to collections.would using this help my credit score boost up? As recent as they Are? Or would I have to wait longer to do soo?

  30. I’ll definitely be using this technique to help my husband improve his credit. I read the book and it’s very self explanatory and easy to follow. I just finished typing the letters for him and will be mailing them next week. I can’t wait for the final result. I think I’m more excited than he is. ☺️

  31. For $9 can’t go wrong. Gonna give this a try. Have 2 negative items for collections from a cable bill and hospital bill, a charge off from a car loan, and 28 hard inquiries. It may take some time, but it will definitely be worth it.

  32. Thank you my dude, thanks a lot. As soon as I get the $9 I’ll get it. No, no joke. I really don’t have the money right now. But when I do I’ll get at you my dawg. Don’t care who think this is funny, but the shit is real in my life right now.

  33. I purchased the program only with a credit secret program. I sent out my first round of letters and HIPPA letters. I have had 7 items removed from credit and it jumped 20 points. I also have had creditor send letter back with copies of print out. So I'm going to send my second letters. Also make sure letters are sent certified. I will keep u posted

  34. Omg Branfon, after 1 month 5 items deleted from Experian including A CAR REPO after the 1st round.

  35. I purchased this. I need help though…. can I contact you for assistance???

  36. Brandon Thanks for this video. I got sick and tired of falling behind. I'm 33 years on and couldn't get approved for a car loan. I was terrified. I went online and read about different ways to clean up my credit. I then came across your video and read some of the comments. I then committed and bought your $9 eBook today. I watched the video and read the entire book. I then downloaded all of my credit reports and read all of my negative inquires. I then Took all of the which was 9 for Experian, 16 for Equifax and 15 for Trans Union. I put them all on there and got it notarized and mailed them all certified. I'm excited to see how this all pans out. I'll report back here with results once I find out what happens. Subscribed to your channel. Thank you brother.

  37. Hello. Can I get my late payments on my student loans removed? I have been paying my loans for a year but I have a prior history of non payment of 72 months.

  38. Alrrriiiigggghhhhhttttt! I just purchased the package! I’m ready to get my credit report together! Gotta buy myself a house next year! Let’s GO!!! 😁

  39. I just seen your video and I've never had a credit card but I can't get one because I missed monthly payments for stuff I bought online is there anyway I can fix that

  40. I have multiple delinquent accounts on my credit history from a divorce 10 years ago. My scores averaged around 600-620. A little over a month ago I came across Brandon’s video and decided to buy the $9 packet. On June 4th I sent off my first set of certified letters. Today is the 27th of June and my TransUnion score is up 55 points to 677 and Equifax 28 points at 655. So far I’ve had 4 delinquent accounts taken off and late payments also taken off. Ready to send round 2 letters off next week!

    Thank you so much to Brandon for this video and the packet. If I had known credit repair was this easy I would have done it years ago.

  41. Just TWO business days after the credit bureaus received my letters, my VantageScore went up 39 points. Transunion went up 42 points. Waiting for the other two guys to catch up. This works! Well worth the time, effort, and money of doing it right with signing in front of a notary and paying for certified mail. Thanks, Brandon.

  42. I just bought your $49 package today. It was alotttttt of stuff. First round of letter will got out tomorrow 8/25/18, I will be sending the collections on Monday and update on this as I progress.

  43. Just to provide an update. I purchased this program about a year ago, my score was about 640 and now, a year later my score is 747. This stuff works! Give it a try!!

  44. For all the people who have doubt, just wait. I just purchased the forms today… 9/14/2018. going to send the information to all the bureaus within next week and will keep yall updated over the next couple of months.. follow along

  45. Sent my first round of letters yesterday! I will let you guys know how it goes as soon as I hear back! Thanks Brandon for all the videos and knowledge.

  46. Well I know I could of done this sooner. But I got lazy. I started off on Feb. 2016 sending my first letters. On March I had 3 collections removed, again I got LAZY. And waited till next year on Feb 2017 to send another round of letters, and I had more delinquency s removed. Till 2 were left. It took me till my 3rd round of letters to have them all removed. As of December 2018 everything is clean. I was able to move in to a nice appartment with my girlfriend and kids, bought a brand new car of the year in 2017, was able to get my first credit card last year to. Do not doubt this, 609 credit repair works.

  47. Listen to this guy he is a genius! We got a 5,000 CC removed from collections and the CC company sent us an apology letter telling us that we didn’t owe them any money and that they would update all 3 credit companies

  48. This still works I got this didn't use for almost 3 months, when I did use it, my score jumped 40 points and this is just my first round of letters

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