How Much Power Does Norway Have? (Forsvaret)

How Much Power Does Norway Have? (Forsvaret)

So we’ve been looking at a lot of different militaries and countries from all around the world and here on FTD facts Truth be told we’ve had a lot of viewers tuned in to our last video about the facts of Norway, which may be awesome But simply we forgot to do a video on how much power a country like this Actually has and because although it is small in terms of military It’s actually quite an important country that makes up defense for the entire world And not just for itself and today we look at Norway and figure out how powerful this country actually is How is it going everybody? Welcome to FTD facts the channel where I look at people cultures and places and militaries from all around the world Said that really really fast to hope you all got it Anyway, so like I said today we’re gonna look at Norway because while we’ve done videos on Norway in the past And we generally like to continue to talk about countries and look at in them in different lights So today we’re looking at how powerful its Military is now how it works here on FTD facts If you guys are really liking this content You want more Norwegian content? Then just hit the like buttons because like buttons help us determine if you guys want more videos around This country and the themes around it Anyways, guys, let’s get started and let’s look at Norway and all of the powerful things it has going on for it So the military of Norway is known as the Norwegian Armed Forces Or also known as for tsavorite or even the defense and the principal task of the Norwegian Armed Forces is to safeguard Norway’s sovereignty and defend the country against external attacks, but how does it all break down? well Firstly the Norwegian Armed Forces has four branches And that is the Royal Norwegian Navy the Air Force the Home Guard and of course the army itself So for Norway the total population sits at approximately five million two hundred and thirty thousand forty five people with approximately two million 150,000 people that are considered as available manpower But of that only approximately 1 million seven hundred and fifty five thousand people are classified as fit for service but that of course doesn’t mean that everybody is actually a part of the military not everybody’s just picking up a gun and Going to town basically the total military personnel of the Norwegian Armed Forces sits at approximately 70 2,500 and as for the personnel that are currently active within this military it sits at approximately 26 thousand five hundred people the rest of that which is approximately Forty six thousand people are classified as a reserve personnel, and you may be wondering of this personnel How does conscription work with them? Basically Norway does have conscription but in today’s world it’s not what it used to be and I’m gonna explain that because in 2016 the country adopted what is classified as a somewhat weak form of it? Which pretty much means if one is chosen, they have a 19th month obligation But for this conscription you can actually turn it down if you are somewhat of a conscientious objector however of its active personnel they say approximately sixty eight hundred to seven thousand conscripts are brought in a year and to further expand on this in the year of 2012 approximately 63 thousand eight hundred people were pulled in for the exam for conscription But only about ninety eight hundred of them were actually Chosen and although it doesn’t apply to now but I like to go into the history of this of course before all this all Young males had to serve of course for the Armed Forces of Norway believe it or not. It’s not just for men But today it’s now also available for women And as a matter of fact women have actually had the right to enlist since 1985 But in 2015 they opened conscription to women making Norway the first NATO country and European country to have Conscription for both men and women and of course in today’s world one has to be at least 19 years old to join this army Now, of course, this wouldn’t be a really good power video if we didn’t look at the numbers of The Norwegian Armed Forces in terms of equipment now just to let you guys know before we get into the whole thing some of these numbers may not be completely accurate because Norway probably doesn’t tell Everybody in the public what actually have they gotta just have some secret things that certain countries just don’t know about Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t but with that in mind, let’s start with the Air Force. So now the total aircraft strength is over 128 and of this a 49 of these are classified as fighters now This is exactly what I was talking about because when it comes to the number 49, I know it’s not already accurate So that is just an approximation. And the reason I say that is because Norway is going through a major modernization with its fighters because in history, they’ve had 46 F16 Falcons which they state that they currently still have in use today however It’s also been stated that they have 16 f-35 Lightning twos but they say there’s a total of 39 of these that are on order and seven of them are currently for training so I’m not entirely sure on how many fighters but I will say they do have these two types the f16 and the F-35 and there’s gonna be a lot new fighters for the country in a very short while anyways of this They also have approximately 39 transports now they also use the Lochhead C-130j which they have four of them They have approximately 32 trainers, of course several of these are the f-16 fighter and you may be wondering for a helicopter strength What is it? Like well, they have 35 of them most of them classify as utility or something of that nature They unfortunately don’t have any attack helicopters And there’s really no information on whether or not they will get attack helicopters in the near future However, let’s drop down to the ground and look at some of the things that the army uses for example they say they have Approximately 52 combat tanks in total now of this they use the leopard 2a4 main battle tank in which they state 36 of them are currently in operation and currently right now there are talks of modernizing some of these tanks as well even replacing some of them by 2025 for armored fighting vehicles, they have six hundred and eighty four of them and 144 of them classify as the cv90 which they get from Sweden. They also have approximately 54 Self-propelled our hillarie and it’s also interesting to know that Norway doesn’t also own or use any rocket projectors I always found that a little bit weird now jumping over to the Navy they have approximately 62 Navy assets. Of course This one is really hard to say because they haven’t really given accurate numbers as well And of course Norway is changing some things when it comes to its patrol boats and most importantly its submarines However of this Navy they have approximately five frigates in which they have the fridge of Nansen class frigate I also think when it comes to this forget It’s a rather new type on the Block because it was introduced I think around 2011 so it doesn’t really need a lot of modernization and it was preceded by the Oslo class frigate as well and with that in mind We should also mention that they have approximately six Corvettes and they do have six submarines now I’m not sure about the status of this number exactly whether or not it’s six or ten or somewhere in between that the reason for that is because they did state that they were purchasing new German type tou1 to Submarines, which were to be delivered for 2019 whether or not some of them have already been delivered I’m not entirely sure and currently right now they use the ulla class submarines But I’m not sure if they’re Replacing them with these new type or whether or not they’re just adding to them and to finish off the numbers of the Navy Norway has over nine patrol vessels and Approximately six and mine warfare vessels now probably the biggest question when it comes to Norway and that is nukes Do they have them do they use them? Are they for them? Of course Norway is a country that does not have a nuclear arsenal nor has done any nuclear testing However, it should also be noted that Norway has not signed the UN nuclear weapon ban treaty However, it is a part of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty Now, of course just because Norway did not sign the nuclear ban treaty doesn’t mean that Norway is for nukes The reason they’re pretty much against it is because they don’t think countries like Russia Pakistan and other countries that do have nukes will actually abide by the ban and disarm So therefore they just think that in terms of their allies in the United States It’s not really good for NATO defense if they sign this treaty And with that in mind, although Norway may be small as I did just mention It is a part of NATO as a matter of fact I found it interesting to know that Norway was one of the original members of NATO when it was founded and just for anybody who wants to know when that was started That was on August 24th 1949 So they’ve been a part of NATO for a long long time but overall the one big thing that we should look at when it comes to the Norwegian Armed Forces is budget because as of 2014 which is the most recent date the budget for the Armed Forces in total came to 7.2 billion u.s dollars Which means in that year norway spent approximately 1.6 to of its total GDP on its military Which is actually below the recommended 2% for NATO countries, but of course Norway hasn’t always been like this as a matter of fact It’s a rather evolving army because back during the Cold War era Norway was a country that focused on defense building air bases and ground forces However by the 2000s things changed and they’ve had more of a mobile operation in order to provide peacekeeping operations around the world however That is you and me learning about Norway and how much power this country actually has and we didn’t even talk about Economy because it is a very important country when it comes to its economy but military is very important as well So what are your thoughts on this guys? Do you think it’s more powerful than it’s actually eating on let us know down there in the contro? Let me know down there in the comment section below On top of that guys is I always save you guys are just loving news content and you want more Norwegian topics well You know just hit the like button because that’s how I can tell that you guys really really like this stuff and you want more Norwegian topics, so be sure to do that, of course, don’t be afraid to check out our other stuff We’ve got some really cool videos I’ll put at the end of this video for you guys to check out nails on the description box below but either way today you and I learned a lot about how powerful Norway is a Great country that has always been a smart and tactical Ally to the others of NATO and around the world One that of course may question the motives of some Arrangements around the world But has always been there in terms of major events in need from its involvement in Anniston, Kosovo Bosnia and many more operations Norway has always been a country on guard This is how powerful Norway is the soldiers who act outside? their own interests So hope you guys like that video Yeah, here’s some other stuff that you guys should check out If you haven’t seen our facts on Norway video really guys give that a good look because it’s great to learn about Norway I mean, I was really surprised about the stuff that was in this video or within this country But in that feel free to tune in to us, and of course have fun Bumming around in the YouTube space. 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  1. I am Norwegian and a ✌Valkyrie and a VIKING ✌not been in the ARMY because I am a PASIFIST💜 but I will defend if my LOVED ONE and me if we got attaced..✌💪💏

  2. Norway and the folks that live there are just kick ass!
    Eye-bleeding beautiful, charming, lovely and lots of bad ass mountains.
    As a matter of fact; if you flatten Norway's mountains , it will certainly be one of the worlds largest countries.

    /With love from your loving neighbor Sweden!

  3. Americans who see a video about America: Ok Cool next.

    Norwegians who see a video about Norway: OH MY GOD THAT IS MY COUNTRY! I AM SO PROUD TO BE NORWEGIAN!

  4. The strength of the Norwegian armed land forces was estimated in a report in 2017, which concluded that we realistically are capable of defending an average municipality (of which there are 422 in Norway) measuring 3×2 kilometers.

    The Brandvik-report just crushed our military land powers abilities and capabilities.

    We have the best special forces in the world, though, but you've already done videos on them.

  5. The helicopters… oh boy.
    They are italian. They have been on order for god knows how many years.
    They are not coming. They destroy only one thing:the budget. They should rather have bought italian pizza. Mama mia

  6. I would say Norway has a too weak millitary. Their own reports state that they cannot detur an invasion long enough for nato to arrive. Nor that it is equipped, trained, and funded in the scale it needs to be.

  7. Norwegians better get used to the idea of speaking Russian very soon, because President Trump is pulling America out of NATO.

  8. we sell poeple…oh we are great..btw im Nrgn. and im FED up whit GLORIAS wictory. we are like a small town number wise.5mill

  9. They have way more than 35 helicopters!, plus the Westland Augusta Lynx Mk7 and Wildcats are technically light helicopter gunships in some variations, I should know I was a helicopter pilot for the Marines aka MJK.

  10. Tell us about civilian small arms ownership. How many like long range rifle practice? Any interest in high precision shooting among civilians, like in the USA or Russia? This could be more significant than even professional military.

  11. Our army has become so much smaller than it was before. My dad was in the army for a year. At that time we had more weapons and soldiers than both Sweden and Finland. But now it's different. But i'm happy about it! I want our country to get rid of the army all together and only have a coast guard like Iceland has.

  12. 8:20

    While it is true that Norway does not have nukes, it very much has done testing. The first research reactor was already operational in 1951, less than a decade after the first reactors for superpowers such as the Soviet Union, USA, UK and France. (

    We also sold both resources and information to the Israelis (which passed some of this on to Apartheid South Africa) that helped them develop their own nukes back in the 1950's. (


  14. Attack choppers is a nice idea in Norway, actually. Lots of mountains and fjords to hide in and behind. Though for the exact same reason, it's a nightmare to invade, at least from the sea. Chances are invading boats would sink one by one from man-carried missile systems and mined fjords.

  15. I believe you presented the case well. There is another question – For what do we need this perceived power? – No one believes for example that Norway could withstand a wave from the east for long although there are of course other incentives for maintaining a strong army. On point; in the case of a Russian invasion one outspoken goal is to at least be able to halt and deter for a long enough time that the NATO allies might respond with minimal mobilization and then escalate accordingly from there on.

  16. actually the MLRS was introduced, but scrapped because of the cost of guided missiles and that the normal rockets were cluster munitions which are ratified banned in most of Europe

  17. Norway will most likely not get atack helicopters. This is because we have "forsvaret" (defending). So the norwegian Military is a defending force, not attavking. There for we, until now, so not hav atack helicopters👍

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