How Strong Is China’s Military?

How Strong Is China’s Military?

In July 2017 China celebrated 90 years of The People’s Liberation Army with a huge parade of its military prowess. Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, boasted
that the People’s Liberation Army has the capability of vanquishing “all invading enemies”. Bold words indeed, but is that really true? China has a 2.3 million strong army, almost a million more than the U.S. While it commands the largest ground force in the world, it is plagued by mobility problems. China lacks sufficient transport helicopters, and still largely relies on trains for
transportation across the mainland. The ground forces mainly exist to deter and manage conflicts with China’s borders, and their goal is to increase mechanization by 2020. Figures from the Congressional
Research Service suggest that China consistently spends 2% of its GDP on defense. Over the years that money has gone
into modernizing its forces. China’s Cold War-era legacy
fighters that used to make up the majority of its air force have sharply declined, while fourth-generation aircrafts like the J-10 and Su-30 now make up almost half of the force Additionally, the Chinese have
developed fifth-generation aircrafts, the J-20 and J-31, which are said to rival their U.S. counterparts. It has also made a point of
modernizing its naval vessels, especially in the area of submarines
and anti-ship cruise missiles. China plans to increase its submarine fleet from 62 to as many as 78 by 2020 according
to the U.S. Department of Defense It is also undergoing efforts to build
an additional aircraft carrier, as they currently only have one: the Liaoning. Nuclear weapons and their delivery systems have been big news in both
Washington and Beijing recently. China, like the U.S. has intercontinental ballistic missiles buried inside underground silos. The 183-ton DF-5 has a range of over 7,450 miles and the capacity to carry 3.2 tons. On top of that they have two mobile ICBM’s, with an estimated range of over 6,800 miles powerful enough to strike most
of the continental United States. But the real strength to China’s military power is it’s cyber capabilities. China has three types of cyber forces: specialized military network warfare forces in the PLA, PLA-authorized teams of network warfare specialists in government organizations, and non-governmental forces that may be mobilized for network warfare operations. According to the Congressional Research service there have been numerous and
credible reports that China has used cyber espionage to
steal military secrets from the U.S. It seems for now, that China does not have the strongest military for traditional warfare. But the 21st century battlefield will
not just be on land, sea and air, but in cyberspace as well. And in that area, China’s military
may indeed have the upper hand.


  1. yeah it looks years to fight isis and Taliban and  they weren't even real armies in an sense of the world and these stupid videos make out that china will fold in a day what a joke and china has two carries your stats are even wrong.  If chana is so weak as you put it or North Korea is several times weaker I don't see the USA going in with Rambo and sorting the NK problem before morning tea.  your vid is a joke.

  2. China does the least talking but make things Happen while some countries bark the loudest however never get shit done ! Also Newsweek , you better change your the name to fake news every week

  3. China is the most powerful military in the world. We finally got to see what the american garbage looks like. And I was right. Its nothing but a little piece of shit

  4. China's space station is falling into the sea!! Barahahaha… Remember their glorious rover on the moon?…… On 11 January 2014, following the lunar night, the rover and lander were taken out of sleep mode,[9] and on 16 January the rover completed its first examination of the lunar soil.[37] On 25 January 2014, near the end of the second lunar day, China's state media announced that the rover had undergone a "mechanical control abnormality" and stated that the problem was caused by the "complicated lunar surface environment".[8] The Planetary Society reported that the rover was not responding properly to commands from Earth, so it "could not prepare for the oncoming night properly."[38][39][40][41] Specifically, the rover suffered a control circuit malfunction in its driving unit, which prevented it from entering normal dormancy and folding its mast and solar panels.[42][43]

  5. To be honest,
    The USA should've defeated China years ago…
    Now its gonna be more costly or less likely for the US to defeat China in the future.

    For people who dont believe me… think about WW2,Vietnam war and Korean war.
    During WW2 China was like a shitty country, but even so it survived after the attacks of Japan.

  6. Χαχαχα…η Κινα αν καθοδηγηθει σωστα….εχει καλους αρχηγους. Η δυση εχει χρεωκοπησει, τι περιμενει η Κινα?

  7. It’a 2018 they have 2 carriers you fake news twats. Also you failed to mention that their rail infrastructure is modernized and updated and covers most of the country. You were thinking of the US when you argued that they have inferior trains

  8. Seriously he didnt even know how fast China's ground transportation. Large amount and fast. Stop forcing other "norm" into China and keep daydreaming you are still the best.

  9. It’s a ridiculous assertion that China is USA’s greatest threat.
    These two nations’ partnership has made the world more prosperous.
    They will become the largest trading partners the World has ever seen.

  10. Lies about chinese cyber attacks again. Anti-china propaganda with 0 evidences.
    And the world asks why china dominates industry 4.0 patents?
    US has patents which are not published or what!

  11. China for most of it history are the dominate power in Asia or even the world during some Dynasties. China military modernization and prowess is no joke, if politicians in Washington don't get their act together China will surpass us.

  12. which countries handed US and its lackeys' collective asses on a platter back to uncle sam? north korea and china, when china was at her weakest did just that. US didn't prevail in spite of better weaponry, unchallenged air power, and better logistics. it was US first non win after ww2. that started a trend, unfortunately.

  13. What can you say does not matter how strong is China is as you got no allies you fuckup like the USA they give so much but they get it all back because they no bringing back to them because everyone knows USA is the nice guy end of the day 🥰😍😘😍🥰😘

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