How Strong Is Japan’s Military?

How Strong Is Japan’s Military?

Japan is one of the world’s richest countries But it’s Constitution prevents it from having a military The country’s self-defense forces are among the most technologically advanced on the planet But have not been involved in any conflict since their formation after World War two That could one day change Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a the island nation has ramped up defense spending over fears about North Korea’s nuclear program And China’s growing air and sea power So just how strong is Japan’s military? Japan spends around 1% of its GDP on its self-defense forces making it one of the world’s biggest military spenders The country has beefed up its defense budget for over seven years in a row spending five point two trillion yen for forty seven point six billion dollars in 2018 that Figure is still dwarfed by the United States Which spent six hundred eighty six billion dollars in its neighbor China which spent under seventy five million dollars The country’s planning to increase defense spending going forward outlining roughly 250 billion dollars to spend over the next five years a lot of the spending will be on US equipment in Order to narrow the trade surplus Japan has with the United States and easie friction with President Donald Trump Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a was reelected in 2017 on a pledge to take a tough approach to Pyongyang Japan’s Ministry of Defense has sought 5.3 trillion yen to be spent in 2019 alone to upgrade the country’s defenses from North Korean ballistic missiles Despite the rogue states leader Kim jong-un promising to abandon the country’s nuclear weapons Japan remains extremely wary of their Pacific neighbor a white paper from the country’s Ministry of Defense in 2018 Labeled North Korea’s Japan’s most serious and pressing threat Japan’s armed forces has around 247 thousand active personnel 679 combat tanks and more than 3,000 armored fighting vehicles at sea the country maintains four helicopter carriers 36 destroyers and 17 submarines in the skies the country has 285 aircraft including f15 and f2 fighters Despite having such firepower. The country’s armed forces are meant to be purely for self-defense in The aftermath of Japan’s defeat to Allied forces in world war ii a clause was created in the country’s new constitution Which outlawed war as a means to settle international disputes? In strictly legal terms Japan’s self-defense forces are not military, but extensions of the country’s police force Debates have raged for decades in the country over interpretation of the Constitution and if the clause should be changed Prime Minister Abe a is trying to revise the country’s constitution by 2020 to legitimize the use of Japan’s self-defense forces but will need a two-thirds majority in both houses of Japan’s government and a referendum in order to pass as The only nation to have suffered a devastation of nuclear attacks Japan has long had a policy against weaponizing nuclear technology But like with the Constitution some politicians have argued the policy needs to change in the 21st century in order to defend the country against new threats But any move in this direction will be met with fierce opposition at home Despite possible changes to the Constitution. It is still unlikely that we will see Japanese armed forces in combat anytime soon But the country’s recent joint exercises with the UK Australia in India Chill that Japan is making its regional rivals aware that they have allies who might help out in times of trouble You


  1. 2:35 if you want to be regarded seriously about your report, please correct your beautifully designed graphics. The two primary combatants against JP in WW2 were the U.S. and China. The Chinese flag at the time was the Republic of China's white sun, blue sky and red earth flag, not the five stars flag of the communist China. Communist China rose after WW2.

  2. Japan was mighty strong back in WWII era and can become stronger in the future if the government and the citizens have the willingness and determination.

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  5. 日本で戦争はさせない。そして日本人は戦争を二度としない。

  6. I think its great that Japan learned from its mistakes after WW2 and decided never again hold in imperial wars .
    There are a shit ton of countries out there that can learn from Japan (America being number 1 imperial nation on earth ) .

  7. American should strengten Japan as soon as possible to resist against china and north korea
    Japan is the most Important country for America that maintain power in Asia-pacific

  8. Honestly I feel like letting them restore their nationalism might help with the suicide rate. We'd also gain a very powerful, honorable and loyal Ally let them have a military and we should back them.

  9. Dear japan, Please no war think about your past. Hiroshima bomb kills a lot of innocent Japanese people after japan, not surrender after WWII. Think about world peace and move to the future like Germany.

  10. Can't wait to see Japan flex on the entire world and take down Communist China. If there's any other country besides the USA that deserves to be a superpower, it's Japan.

  11. If Japan goes to war with NK or China the U.S. Australia, U.K. ,India will join them under agreement the U.S. Will be the first ones to back them up

  12. ‘Self-defence force” is not real military. Japan has not been allowed to have military since it loses WWII. Every operation has to go with the permission of US.

  13. Trump has caused Americans so much unending embarrassment. Causing "friction" with all our closest allies. We will kick him out in 2020, that is for sure.

  14. Worthless comparison when comparing north korea airplanes by the numbers its like comparing Scooters vs Sportbikes. Japan military budget is Higher than all North korea GDP

  15. what a waste of money, china just step on japannese. in 21st century, japannese are like germans, civilized and not warlike. Just ask U.S for help, U.S troops have been in so much battle and probably the most experienced in combat in the world. then again, when nukes start flying, nothing matters.

  16. Richest my ass, their national debt is nearly 2.5 times its GDP. Keep printing and printing money and Japan will become 1918 Germany.

  17. We're ready for war , I will sweep it all Galapagos su.cker
    Korean Armed Forces Fire Power Demonstration

  18. bring back the ija ijn ijaa tradition yet keeping a pacifist attitude , bring your great grand fathers uniform to the young soldiers of japan , bring back there swords and gloves to the front defense , bring back true honor to the jsdf

  19. With the country who taught the us navy how to use aircraft carriers in warfare, to the counrty who almost have won world war 2 . And to the nation who shocked the entire western world with their tenacity and cunning and taught the world how to fight to the last man, to the last warship and to the last kamikaze, i wouldnt want to be in their receiving end given that they rearm again. Wewww!!

  20. My father fought the japanese in world war 2, president george hw bush threw up on japanese prime ministers shoes 1991😂. Remember world japan never apologized for the rape of nanking, captured "asian comfort women(sex slaves)",…us military is in japan not to keep china from invading but to keep japan from being a "war monger" again. If so the usa and asia will get together and have a…"special party" at japanese expense😜🎆 banzai my butt🐒

  21. An Armed Forces that serves as a mere extension of the Police Force isn't the Military. Just look at The Pontifical Swiss Guards of the Vatican City-State, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and, Costa Rica. ⚔️

  22. If Japan 🇯🇵 helps me I can support 200 million shoulders for them.

    Good Day!


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    I have no one else that can come to my aid medically for protection. AMERICA HAS BEEN MY ENEMY AND I NEED JAPAN TO PROTECT ME IN RESPONSE TO THEIR INTERFERING WITH MY MISSION.

    Your help is reserved as well as mine so please advise. Money is not a subject but the wait may take some time – Isaiah 13. I can support my 200 million soldiers legally for any war crimes that arises or have been arisen.

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  23. See I know Japan SDF is formidable because I watched an Anime where they fought against a whole Medieval Empire from another world.

    Thank you Japanese Animation!

  24. With evil nine dash lines and disrespectful UN Law of sea. Counterbalance to China's threat in the region is necessary. If you don't want your country is occupied by China such as Muslim Uighur or Tibet, then you must arm yourself. Now, China is harvesting thousands of human organs from its minority secretly. U.N. human rights body hears.

  25. Never. Long as Pearl harbor exisit the USA. Owns Japan. Unconditional Surrender….We just nice. Military Japan is unreal. So attack us if we fighting someone else. Japan lost. End of story.

  26. Russia China are rising rapidly
    How long Japan wants to rely only USA
    They should act independent and stronger powerful better

  27. It's been 70 years since WW2 and Japan and America are great allies now. Japan should have article 9 removed so they can start building up their defence force into a proper military. If North Korea and China ever get aggressive, Japan will need any advantage it can get

  28. You see Lenin said Imperialism is the ultimate stage of Capitalism. Money is also a tactical instrument to delay REAL DEMOCRACY and PROSPERITY to take root in developing countries. Prosperity in the developing nations is contradictory with Capitalism and Imperialism. Only the fool won’t be able to see and admit

  29. I'm sorry I couldn't even finish this video. First of all if japan was attacked or threatened by NK or china, millions of Japanese would sign up and fight, secondly there navy is incredibly powerful, and can be upgraded in a few years to an attack fleet. Japan is the America of asia, they're extremely patriotic and quite frankly very racist, they can defend themselves. The largest military base in the world is there, controlled by America so…they're fine.

  30. I mean, there's a lot going on with the idea of Japan going to engage war against the US (again), but I think they won't. They know US well, and they also know how much more of a danger China, NK, and Russia are. —Althrough possible— It is not likely for Japan to allign themselves with the possible WW3 "central power" (Russia, China, NK) since they're on a bad term for decades now. (China hates Japan because of war crimes, Russia is also suspicious, and NK for obvious reasons).

    If there will be a WW3, it will be most likely to occur like this:

    Russia, China, NK, and other pro-communist nations (the ones in middle east who got weapon supplies from Russia, or the ones who hate the US)


    USA, Britain, NATO, Japan, SK, Australia, Canada?, and many more pro-US nations such as most of south-east-asian nations, India, Arab, UAE, and Israel.

    For African nations, they do have a lot of people, but —not trying to mock— they're mostly not very well trained army, obsolete technology, and lack of educated people might hold them back. Although African nations could give a decent boost for any side, Africa would most likely be a warzone or the arena where the war would occur.

  31. What's with the Idiot drums to this Vid?? Seriously ridiculous stuff. Try and Focus on the subject matter not 'World Drum Fest 2019'

  32. China's policy of helping North Korea build up its nuclear arsenal is brain dead. Now they're probably going to have to also face a nuclear armed South Korea and Japan. Fools!

  33. The day the Communist Chinese started flapping their gums. Making claims to Islands and sea lanes. They ended up turning Japan from Defense to Offense. Just as Germany was allowed to rearm after WWII….To prevent any Soviet Threat. The Communist Chinese ignorance. Just gave Japan what it needed for years. An Excuse to expand. And the United States is helping them do it.

    Wait till you see Japans new Stealth Fighter…

  34. Japan should rebuild their military . You can’t solely rely on the defense of your country to an ally. Plus When conflict breaks out it would take the US military at least two weeks to fully mobilize and send aide. Japan borders the other two countries that rival the US Military in strength

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