1. We want the kidnapped Japanese back. Japan’s our greatest allies we need to protect Japan and get their people back! Don’t break that bond w such a lovely strong nation in Asia.

  2. If U.S. gets in a conventional war, it's over who ever the opponent is. Fighting guerilla style is tough as the enemy blends into the population imo

  3. 400,000 starving men. Can they fight or would they run? They might just surrender the way the Iraqis surrendered to reporters.

  4. Kennedy uses the same argument that Obama used in regard to the Irainian agreement: war versus agreement… its not a binary choice… embargoes, blockades, and international sanctions can go on for years.

  5. an invasion to NK . means like 3 or 4 times worse than vietman . Irak and Afganistan sank the country into a very bad debt and NK will sink it 2 or 3 times more and the only winners are the corporations and i bet , noone of their childs will die in that war but they will make a lot of profit lke in Irak and afganistan and i still see people supporting wars. they have been lying the people since vietnam war and do you still believe ? wow!!!

  6. Not that strong!!! They know if war ever started with United States they are finished fast..if they act nice and give up nukes America will not attack them ever.

  7. US is scared shitless. They would of already attacked if they wasn't scared. You would have to kill the entire population just to win.

  8. Why would you have a moron like this interviewing him on your channel he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow we’re trying to make peace with a dictator and all you people at the news media are doing is asking questions that are starting or can start problems for the process of peace. I don’t get you people I think like Rudy Giuliani you all have your foot up your ass.

  9. They will loose but if the us is forced to do a ground invasion they will not come out unscathed.

  10. Look at WWII and the Russian, life don't worth crap in NK, all they need to do is sent thousand of shipping boat to the US, with people strap to a bomb. That is all it takes.. war are still fought with people.. the one that can't take losses will always loose the war. US life are worth much more then those in the NK, you can nuke them sure.. that would mean killing hundred of thousand in SK and Japan also in China, which they will not only fight back.. meaning they could not even consider using nuke.. but US on the other hand is a huge target without much neighbor concern.

  11. The norks are weak af. It takes 5 norks just to fire a rifle, three of them hold it up, one guy aims, and one guy pulls the trigger, although the recoil usually knocks them all down and they have to start all over again

  12. we know that NK military is weak, so why not US just leave SK, and Japan? Only draw back is Japan and SK have to spend more on military.

  13. I ain't buying their bullshit they ain't bad I ain't buying they broke either wanting somebody to pay Kim's way to the summit . He's got money he's got possessions ride your unicorn for all we care all we want is the nukes gone . ?? The world would be a better place if north Korea was gone ?

  14. completely stupid assessment of north korea we would get our asses handed to us if we went to war. Dumb idiots keep believing in this so called "modern weaponry" is "superior" when it is so full of shit. Clear example watch the video of the missiles shot down in syria by old soviet air defenses that are so called "outdated and weak" just shut the fuck up weaponry from ww1 and on can match any crappy shit we have today when it comes to land forces. Dont believe me look at us getting ours asses kicked in afganistan we havent done shite there.

  15. NK has the world largest traditional ground troops. Modern war technologies have helped to reduce the number of ground troops needed to win a battle. A robot soldier is fearless, deadly accurate, can see in all directions and conditions, can carry and shoot multiple weapons at the same time all 360 degree around it. 400 robot soldiers can well defeat 400000 human soldiers in a ground combat.

  16. North Korea's Korean People's Army actually has 1.1 million active soldiers, with another 2 to 7 million in reserve.

  17. The question is how vulnerable are South Korea's citizens not how strong is North Korea's military. The only way North Korea could fight a war is if China backs up the logistics. An army marches on their belly. Stop beating around the bush.

  18. Most americans are very ignorent about history and what is going on and make non sense argument without precise knowledge.

  19. If ASIANS SUPPORT ASIANS IN WHATEVER CAUSE, North Korea will be strong even without any superior weapons – it is people strength to win. Remember the VIETNAM WAR – an era the western world find it to understand. DON'T CROSS THE WRONG BORDER.

  20. look you retards commenting, north Korea and US can be allies and friends..I think we all kick back smoke sumn pop somn we,ll get along fine

  21. Brian is a war hawk, kfi640 is Biased for the globalist's agenda. Americans see you for what you are. Be careful fox 63000000 ??

  22. They would level Seoul in 20 minutes. This arse clown is clueless. The US has failed to beat the medieval Taliban in the last 15 years. The US is not a strong fighting force. Trump is also doing a wonderful job at weakening the US dominance. Trump is going to withdraw the US troops from the Korean peninsular. They have just won the Korean War. Go the Don.

  23. Look at all these dick swingers pretending this is a damn game. Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people would instantly die. NK has about 60 nuclear warheads and there's no way we could shoot them all down. Do you war mongering cultists want to see millions die as your prescious markets crash and your world descends into surreal chaos? Naive dolts, thinking you won't be affected.

  24. "The alternative to a deal is a war"? Seriously, anchor? There's no middle ground? I say your logic is false and dangerous.

    It's the typical American mentality – either you make a deal with me, or I'll deal with you!

  25. The main power of north korea is cina and his conjoined twins brother (south korea) as living shield . They would take his brother to die together if they attacked.
    Psiko kim will spam his mass weapon of dectruction not in us but to south korea people.

  26. If this was a Democrat president, war would of started already. Can't trust America when presidents keeps changing every 1-2 terms

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