How to Dye Fabric: Rit DyeMore Synthetic Dye

How to Dye Fabric: Rit DyeMore Synthetic Dye

With Rit DyeMore Synthetic Fiber Dye, you can now dye polyester, nylon, acrylic, and poly/cotton blends. I’m going to try dyeing samples of a bunch of different fabrics and see what happens. These synthetic materials need lots of heat when dyeing, so the stove top method is the best. Pre-wash the fabric with warm soapy water to remove any finishes so the dye will absorb better. Fill a pot with enough water so the material can move freely. Heat the water until it’s almost boiling. Shake the dye well and add it to the water. 1 bottle will dye up to 2 pounds of dry fabric. To get dark or saturated colors, double the amount of dye, especially with polyester. This is a small amount of fabric but I’m going to use a full bottle to get a saturated color. Add a squirt of dish washing soap and stir well. You can test out the color by dipping a piece of paper towel in the dye bath. Add more dye or more water if needed. Put the fabric in the dye bath. The material should already be wet. For this test I’m using: gabardine, chiffon, mirror organza, satin, velvet, fleece, minky, felt, poly/cotton broadcloth, poly/cotton poplin, polyester spandex, faux fur, crystal organza, glitz sequins, ripstop, stretch lace, power mesh, tissue lame, sunbrella outdoor fabric, challis, upholstery vinyl, oilcloth, and clear vinyl. Stir continuously for about 30 minutes with the water on a low simmer. Make sure the dye is getting to all parts of the fabric so it will dye evenly. Polyester should remain in the dye bath for at least 30 minutes, but other materials may be ready sooner. Nylon dyes very quickly and darkly. Dry clean only and fabrics that can’t withstand heat shouldn’t be dyed. But if you want to try, test out a small piece first. This dye may also work on some non fabric plastic items like buttons, beads, and legos. Wear gloves whenever handling the dye and cover any surfaces that need protection before starting. When your fabric reaches your desired color, or after at least 30 minutes for polyester fabric, remove from the dye bath. Keep in mind that fabric looks darker when wet. In a stainless steel sink, rinse with warm water, then cooler water until it runs clear. Wash in warm, soapy water, rinse, and hang to dry or dry on a paper towel.


  1. (PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!) Did boiling the polyester spandex blend ruin the spandex? i need to know because i am planning to dye my 95%polyester and 5% spandex outfit and i dont want to ruin it

  2. I'm using a fur from joanne fabrics that doesn't seem to want to dye… and the rit dyemore doesn't come in the maroon/wine color I need. How do I create the color? and would I have to leave the fabric in overnight since I tried two hours and it came out much lighter than I wanted?

  3. Hello, Will this dye still work with the 100% cotton and will it match the color as the sweatpants? I'm dyeing a 50% cotton, 50% poly white sweatpants and 100% cotton white t-shirt.

  4. so i want to dye a faux fur jacket but im pretty sure it wont fit in a pot to put on a stove. what would be an alternative option?

  5. Please help someone! I'm trying to dye a polyester fabric that's bright red a darker red. Like crison almost. So do I just use red rit dye and add more color?

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  7. So I bought a dress from Forever 21 for the holidays: Gorgeous open shoulder dress, 96% polyester, 4% spandex. Hand washed it after my party per the label instructions and all the color in the flowers (kinda red/red-orange) came right out – I'm crushed! Any chance of trying a red dye on this to punch the flowers back up or do I have to cut my losses? 🙁

  8. could you please do a full tutorial from washing to drying with faux fur of a larger quantity, it'd be extremely helpful

  9. I have a dress that has a shell which is 53% cotton 44% polyester 3% percent spandex
    With lining of 100% polyester will this dye work for it?

  10. Does this misshape faux fur very drastically? I want to dye an orange/brown-ish strip of faux fur into black (or as close to it as possible), but I'm scared of putting it into hot water in fear that the fur will melt. Does this work with cold/warm water that won't damage the fur? Or if it doesn't damage the fur too much, I can still use hot (maybe not boiling?) water on it?

  11. I have tried that type of dye on 100% polyester and it does not stay what so ever. What am i doing wrong?

  12. Beautifully done, but what's the matter with your hand? And why not wear gloves? Everyone will think that you damaged your hand with the dye.

  13. Question, I have a purple velvet coat but I want to make it a darker shade, closer to black while still obviously being purple, would this method work or do I need to mix dyes?

  14. Think its possible to dye just the brim of a poly hat using maybe a bit more concentrated mix and a sponge to apply it?

  15. So i shouldnt worry if the garment i attempt to dye is super delicate? Id hate to ruin it but i hate the colour

  16. So I dyed two white dresses, I am trying to get them super black. Dyed with the rit liquid dye in black, one dress is like 65% poly, but both items kind of turned a dark shade of grey. The dress made of poly is like two different colors, the lace trim and details turned black (because theyre probably cotton) but the rest of the dress, is like this grey kind of color, im assuming I should have used this dye instead because I want a very deep black.
    Do you think if i went over with the synthetic dye in the color "graphite" , that it would darken it/work? The other dress is also a mix, some spots didnt take the dye at all and theres thread along the seam that did not take the dye at all. Im assuming its because its a synthetic fiber. You think if I went over them again with the synthetic dye, id get the results I want?

  17. Hi, thank you for answering all the questions! I am dying a gown complete with boning, bra cups, lining, and train. What kind of container would work? I can't think of a 64L container that would fit/withstand stovetop. Is it okay to just have hot water in a sacrificial plastic bin? Near boiling high heat would also warp the boning. Any suggestions? I can also take the dress apart and dye it stovetop piece by piece? but then I'm afraid the colours might not match.
    The dress also has a petticoat that I will sew on afterwards. Can I do 2 separate dye batches with the same dye or do I have to remake the dye if I'm going to have it for more than an hour?

  18. I've been looking for a certain jacket design but it's never available in black. If I bought the navy one and dye it black will it work ? (Fabric ploy/cotton )

  19. Is your electric stove running full 30min during the dye-ing color process? Or the electric stove is turn off after the desire temperature is reached?

  20. Hahaha! If you took a shot for how many times you saw people replying with "now I gotta find a large pot", how drunk would you be?

    Because this really helped a lot (hooray, halloween!) Now I gotta find a large pot for my velvet cape.

  21. Please keep in mind that some fabrics shouldn't ever be submerged in hot or even warm water. In the video, you can see which ones shrank like Shrinky Dinks lol

  22. I want to dye a coral colored 100% poly dress to a medium blue. Should I keep it submerged in the hot dye mixture longer?

  23. So I’m dying my bridesmaid and I need to know if it would be easier to use a gas stove over a glass top electric. I’m super nervous about doing this.

  24. Hey emergency pls i wanna dye my red lace dress to a dark burgundy. Since its red should i use like purple or something to get the burgundy?

  25. can you use this dye on 100% cotton? I went to walmart looking for the regular rit dye (for cotton), but all they had was synthetic.

  26. Great video! I'm dying a chair cover for a nursery glider that is 80% polyester and 20% spandex from a tan colour to a light pink.
    1. How many bottles should I use?
    2. After it is dyed and rinsed you said to wash the items with soap and water. Can this be done in the washing machine or should it be hand washed?

  27. Did I miss one, or was there no regular acrylic in there? I have a beanie I want to dye, and the tag says it's 100% Acrylic. Very new to this. This video was a huge help though.

    Edit: Can I mix red and blue to get a different purple?

  28. The cauldron I use, should it be one designated for dying fabric, or can i still use it for cooking after I washed it?

  29. Hi, great video I just have one question/concern. I would like to dye a polyester satin pink but I see there’s only one pink dye available, based on how long I leave the satin in could I make the color lighter/darker? I would test out small pieces before going all in, but there’s some wiggle room when it comes to shades of colors depending on how long you leave the fabric in, correct? Thanks.

  30. The stretch lace looks the darkest, almost black on my phone. I am looking at dying a dress in that fabric, would you use less color to get a lighter shade on the stretch lace? Thanks so much, awesome video!

  31. Hey! I want to dye Spandex chair covers, however these covers are 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Will this work for it? If not what’s the best dye for that type of mixture? Can I just use spray paint?

  32. the Rit dye can also be used to dye some types of leather a well. It just had to be a little thicker for that than to dye the cloth.

  33. Hi, I’m trying to dye a black oversized saucer chair that’s made up or 100% polyester fiber. Do you think it’s possible I can use the Rit remover and turn this black chair purple?

  34. I'm curious to know how to use this dye to make a tie-dye effect using several colours. I'd like to "rainbow" a pair of running shorts (nylon) using a dip method, but how could I keep only a portion immersed for 30min?

  35. I have to frequently wear compression stockings, will this dye work so I can have a better choice of colors to wear?

  36. Is it possible to send you guys an email so I can ask for some advice concerning the fabric and color that I need? 🙂

  37. After it is dyed and then dried, does the colour leach out in the wash later? Just wondering how colour safe it is for future washes with other clothing? Does the dyed material need to be cold washed from then onwards? Thanks.

  38. I need help! I have some polyester spandex fabric that I'm trying to dye like a deep red color (deadpool costume). I've mixed the colors and the fabric looks exactly how I want it when I take it out of the dye but once I wash it and dry it, the color is super light. Am I doing something wrong? Should I use more dye? I've dyed the fabric 3 times and it's only gotten slightly darker but still not the color I want.

  39. Hello! I am looking at possible dying a wedding dress (colored wedding dresses are hard to find!!), do you know anything about dying tulle? Thank you!

  40. Thank you sooooo much. I recently just went to a fabric store and they didn't have red faux fur, so I was only able to get white. Atleast now i know how to dye it 😅

  41. Hi OnlineFabricStore! I want to dye an off-white 100% Polyester Gabardine vest a bright red (think YouTube-red). Based on this video, I'm guessing it won't come out as deep as I want. What would you recommend? Dyeing it twice with red dye, or adding a little black dye to the red dye? Leaving it in the dye bath for an hour? Thank You for your help!!

  42. I have some velvet look fabric flowers that I would love to dye,they are a bright teal right now, I tried dyeing them with a regular dylon dye and they did not reflect any color change at all. Would this dye work on them? If it won't ,,what will?

  43. Is the material used for velvet look flowers actually velvet? I need to change the color of mine without losing that velvet look or gloss. wil this dye work on them?

  44. Hi I want to dye my chiffon and satin wedding dress ombre purple will I get that look with about 2 bottles of this same color dye?

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