How to Get Into the Ivy League and Other Top Universities | Insider Advice from an Admissions Expert

How to Get Into the Ivy League and Other Top Universities | Insider Advice from an Admissions Expert

I was surprised how many secret
strategies, and tactics, and kind of like insider secrets Mark brought to the
whole process. Parts of the college application process are not common sense and so things that I would have done had I not hired Mark, I didn’t do because I
hired Mark. Just little things that you would never think of would be a big deal and yet they were all just little tricks that he has in his hat that I was able
to employ to my benefit. I think for Claire it was a huge competitive
advantage, not just to make sure she got into the right school, but definitely
when it came to getting money from the right school He knows college admission
counselors personally by name, he can call them up, they know him actually
because he goes and visits these schools. He knows what they want. Because it turns
out, when Claire was filling out the common app, common sense doesn’t always rule, good writing doesn’t always rule. It turns out that these people who were
reading the applications are looking for very specific things, and if you know
what they’re looking for, and only if you know what they’re looking for, can you
give them those things. And Mark knew what to look for and Mark knew what to do. Mark gave our daughter specific advice on how to handle the college interviews and what kinds of things to focus on. And really that’s what you are
buying from Mark is how to stand out. How to be unique in a pool of thousands and thousands of other applicants. And yes your child might have great scores, and
be a great writer, and know, you know, all the right things to say, but she doesn’t
know when to say them, or she doesn’t know how to say them, so having somebody on your team who does know those things is really, really helpful.

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