How to Live and Work the Dream: Member Service Careers

at Navy Federal, I get to work with military
members and their families to make a difference
in their lives, and help them with
their finances. During my normal day,
our members come in and I help them with opening up
accounts, applying for consumer loans, opening up credit
cards, and even applying for mortgages. Navy Federal cares so
much about their employees and their members, that it
helps me to thrive at my job. Working at a branch
is truly amazing. We are working with military
members and their families, getting to know them by rank. It’s really a close community. We are serving those
that are protecting us. I am so proud to work for
Navy Federal Credit Union, because they are a credit union
that cares about the members, specifically. What is best for them in their
situation and their needs. There are so many benefits
you can take advantage of while working at Navy
Federal, whether you’re full time or part time. There is medical,
dental, vision. They will even reimburse
your gym membership if you don’t work next to
one of the main campuses. There are so many opportunities
to grow here at Navy Federal. You can work at
over 300 branches and get tuition reimbursement. Navy Federal Credit
Union makes it possible for military spouses
to further their career. I know people, personally, who
have started off as tellers and are now in
manager positions. Even throughout
moving from country to country with their spouses. I get to make a
difference every day. Whether it’s someone coming
in to open up their baby’s first savings account,
their first car loans, even their first home. I’m changing people’s
lives just by doing my job.

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