How to live the Military contractor lifestyle!

How to live the Military contractor lifestyle!

Hey there, Contractor Kev here with Overseas
Contractor Academy and today we’re going to be talking about the contractor lifestyle
what it is, what it means to you and how you can get it on the good life. Stay tuned. The more I worked as an overseas contractor, the
more I realized that it was more than a job, it was a lifestyle. You go to all these countries
in the middle east, you work long hours, you make ridiculous amounts of money, you get
your R&R trips or you take breaks between jobs and go on trips all over the world�
it�s not just a job, it�s an adventure. I think that used to be a recruiting slogan,
didn�t it? Kinda like �Gay? Join the Navy� (pic)� bet theyaint using that one anymore.
(*Cut scene- my navy boyfriend is such a pain in my ass)
The contractor lifestyle is about being a globe-trotter (harlem globe trotters pic).
It�s about earning enough money to not be balls-deep in debt like your neighbors, and
learning to enjoy the small simple pleasures in life� like instead of signing your soul
away to finance that new minivan in loserville Wyoming, you decide instead to have a few
more drinks on the beach in Bali. It�s about getting out of the bubble (davidblaine bubble
pic) you�re trapped in, and getting out into the world. Look, you do have a choice
in this. You aint some evil crony stuck in Azkaban� you can just fly your happy ass
on the nimbus 3000 straight over to the middle east and make some of that contractor money.
Once you have a little experience working as a defense contractor, you may then end
up finding jobs outside the defense industry, but still over in the middle east. You�d
be surprised how few Americans have actually been to the middle east (13th Warrior pic),
so once you have a year or two of experience, you may find other doors opening for you in
places like Qatar, Kuwait or Dubai. Now you�re moving up in the world (movin on up pic),
and living in the nicer places in the middle east to be, and still making way more money
than you ever would at home. One of the interesting things that starts
to happen though is that when you have paid off your debts and you have investments and
money to spare, you experience true freedom. True freedom means not worrying about how
the bills are going to get paid. True freedom means not thinking twice about if something
in the house breaks. True Freedom is the ability realize your new boss is an asshole for watching
you like somevelociraptor all the time(Raptor popping out of bush clip�
looking for something to point out that you supposedly did wrong, so you kindly say to
them �oh look, there�s a fire over there� you should go die in it�. Real freedom means
not having to live like you�re trapped, so if a job turns bad you can just leave.
Throw up the deuces, cuz you�re out� maybe go relax at home, maybe go to vegas for a
crazy weekend, go wherever ya want. (D: What about a trip to London?� CK: �Screw that.
They don�t even speak English over there.� The end.
(play clip of Brit man not speaking English, while credits roll)


  1. I just wanna make enough so I can buy a house while I'm in my mid-30s. Then I can make love to my wife every breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to worry about finances!

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