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Are you new to Warhammer 40k 8th
edition do you struggle to make army lists well
today is the first in a series of videos where I share how to make an army
list Warhammer 40k 8th edition it’s coming right up Nick speaking and welcome
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button to turn on all notifications so you don’t miss an upload okay so I get
quite a number of questions and emails around Warhammer 40k 8th edition in
particular around building army lists because let’s face it it can be quite
confusing how many command points do I get for a
battalion it’s actually 5 now Nick because they changed it in a big FAQ
update now 8th edition was supposed to be an easy addition to play and in some
respects it is however it’s also still pretty complicated especially if you’re
a new player to 40k now of course I have no idea what your experiences are
playing Warhammer 40k maybe you’ve only had a couple of games or not even played
yet maybe you’re a veteran player or a subscriber just tuning in to see what
this video is about and if that is the case then subscribers thank you
hopefully there’s something still here in this video for you but the real
purpose of this video is aimed towards people who are just getting into the
Hobby who may be confused with the rules about building an army list in the 8th
edition so what we’re going to do is we’re going to have a look at the rules
and I’m going to run through in this series of videos the ins and outs of
building an army list yeah it’s absolutely chucking it down out there
right today we are going to start the series of videos looking at a battleforged army and detachments what is it all about let’s
go table down and find out okay so the first thing to note is there are
actually three ways to play warhammer 40k you’ve got the open play you’ve got power
levels and you’ve got points basically matched play and matched play is what I’m
going to cover in these videos now for match play you’re going to need a battleforged army so let’s start there what exactly is that well basically a battleforged army is to take all of your units within detachments and one of the key
things about playing 40k are the detachments indeed building a list it’s
essential that you learn and understand how they work now in the book on page
240 we’ve got a little section just before the detachments just explaining
some of the rules so it says about the battlefield slot the role that they play
and over here there’s actually a chart now in the old days we just had names
for these like HQ troops elites well now we have names but mainly pictures so if
you actually look in your codex it won’t say you’ve got a hq choice or a
troop choice it will just give you a picture so you will need to recognize
these pictures it may take some time but you will get there so we’ve got a HQ troops elites fast attack heavy support dedicated transport flyer
fortification and lord of war so we’ve got nine slots altogether it then tells
you about dedicated transports the restrictions and the command benefits
very briefly there it also mentions about factions it gives a brief outline
about the factions basically a battle forged army has to come from the same
faction or at least the same sub factions as listed in the data cards of
the Codex so each codex has several sub factions
so in the necron codex for example you’ve got the dynasties so you might
have the sautekh dynasty the Novokh dynasty where each
detachment that you take has to have units from those particular dynasties
if you do take two different detachments you are of course able to take two
different dynasties so able to mix the sub factions but you’ve got to stay
within the detachment restrictions it also mentions about command benefits
where you can have advantages and disadvantages depending on which of the
detachments you take so as we turn the page over here we’ve got the start of
the detachments but first of all another page of rules so first it just goes over
the battlefield role slots which we’ve discussed already then it talks about
under-strength units so in your Codex in the unit’s data card it will tell you
the minimum amounts of models in each of the particular units the data card may just
say it can only take one model in a unit but usually it is more unless it’s a
character so most units will take between five and ten or even more and it
will actually tell you in the data card here so the minimum amounts might be
five now you may only have three models for whatever reason that doesn’t mean
you can’t play that particular unit you still can you could play it as
under-strength in other words you just take three but
you pay the points for five models now be careful if you go to some events or
tournaments you may not be able to use under-strength units but under
strength units can also only be included in auxiliary support detachments so
you’re probably not really going to be using this role now one question I get
asked a lot is about the unit sizes let’s go back to necron warriors they’re
between ten and twenty now if you’re playing power level it mentions ten
models cost X amount of power points and twenty models cost X amount of power
points extra now in matched play it’s slightly different because you can take
a unit size in between those two numbers so you might say take the unit of 15
you actually pay the points for the 15 models in power levels
it’s basically ten models or twenty unless you go under strength so that is
what under strength units is about now we’ve got the restrictions which is
listed in each detachment and the command benefits which we’ve touched on
earlier which is also listed in here we then go on to this section here command
points now this is what a 8th edition is all about so as a battleforged army you
get three command points as standard so that is your starting block three
command points now command points unlock stratagems now it’s fair to say the
stratagems can be placed in different areas of the rule books of Warhammer 40k
for example there’s three stratagems in the main rule book for everyone to use
you then have your dedicated ones in the Codex of your army and we’ve had extra
in things like chapter approves and some of the big FAQ updates you’ll find all
of those updates on the Warhammer community website and if you want the
chapter approved updates you will have to buy the yearly chapter approved book
now a stratagem is worth a certain amount of command points or CPs and some
of these actually in the main rulebook are going to be your most used cps
in particular the first one command re-roll now you’ll notice it says 1cp
now the command re-roll lets you re roll any single dice however you can only use
your stratagem once per phase you’ve then got counter defense and insane
bravery they’re actually worth two command points arguably they should be
better so insane bravery basically lets you automatically pass morale checks
very useful for big squads of models where you don’t want to lose more models
from failing morale so that’s where your command points basis comes from battleboard gives you three and then building the detachments gives you more
command points so let’s have a look at the detachments okay so there are twelve
main detachments in the rulebook now if you’re playing campaigns like stronghold
assault you may have other detachments where you may have detachments spread
across the 40k universe of rule books but these are primarily the ones that
you’ll be using for your matched play so the first one is a patrol detachment now
in here you can see a list of all of the different slots and they’re color-coded
so the red colored ones means that compulsory you have to take those
particular units the grayed out ones are the amount of units extra that you can
take if you wish so for example in the patrol detachment here you have to take
one hq and you have to take one troops however you could take up to two
more troops but you can’t take more than two and on this side here you’ve got
your dedicated transport box again there’s no compulsory section you can
take all of these transports there is however a note for dedicated transports
so you may include one for each other choice of units in here so this will
basically stops you taking for example a HQ and a troop and then take two more
transports and then take another two transports for the transports themselves
so the transports don’t count so in other words you take a hq and
then you can take a transport and then you take your troops and then you can
take transports for the troops so two slots equals two additional
transports of course the transports will be indicated in your codex whether
that’s rhinos or Razorbacks or wave serpents or ghost arks
so that’s how that works we’ve then got the restrictions box now in this one it
says all units must be from the same faction then the majority of these
detachments are like that but not necessarily all but then say as command
benefits none so you get no command benefits for
taking this particular detachment however this detachment is very useful
for small games if you’re just playing maybe five hundred points and you want
to be battleforged then this would be ideal for that okay so next is the
battalion detachment and this is probably the most used detachments of
them all so the battalion detachment consists of compulsory to hq and
three troops however it opens up a lot more slots in the other areas again
you’ve got the dedicated transports and you’ve got the restrictions box
where all units must be from the same faction so if you’re taking a battalion
detachment and you’re using the sautekh dynasty so all units would have to be in
the sautekh dynasty however there are some exceptions to that’s in your main
rulebook for example in the necron codex not all units actually have a
dynasty themselves so they could end up in the sautekh detachment even though
they’re not from the sautekh dynasty it then lists down your command benefits
where it says you can have three command points if you take this battalion
detachment however this is wrong or at least it’s been updated so in the big
FAQ version one they changed the amount of points to five so if you took a
battalion detachment you get five command points for that plus the three
commands points for being battleForged that’s eight command points in total pretty
good next is the brigade detachment now this
is one of the biggest detachments that we have and gives you the most amount of
command points now going back to the changes it says nine command points here
it’s actually twelve if you take this plus of course your three CPs for being
battle forged that’s a lot of CPs however there’s a lot of units to be
taken here and I’ve never had the opportunity to play a battalion
detachment it’s quite hard to do especially if you’re playing an
expensive elite army for example like me playing necrons
you have to have three hqs six troops three elites three fast attack
and three heavy support that’s a lot of units however if you’re playing orks
or maybe tyranids or some of the other factions where you’ve got really cheap troop
slots then that is definitely doable and a very good way to go however what you
don’t want to do is compromise your army by going all-out to get as many command
points as you can sometimes you have to sacrifice command points to make sure
you’re taking the right units in the right quantities to actually make your
army work which of course we’ll talk more about in the future so that is the
brigade detachment so turning over the page we’ve got three detachments which
are actually quite similar you’ve got the vanguard detachment one HQ and
three elites compulsory the spearhead detachment one HQ and three heavy
support compulsory and the outrider detachment one HQ and three fast-attack
compulsory now these all have the benefits of having one command
point added to your total now these three detachments are primarily a bolt
on detachment something to add on to maybe a battalion detachment or if you
have enough models and points a brigade detachment helping you get some extra
CPs so ideally what you want to do is when you’re building say a battalion
detachment once you’ve got your standard compulsory units in the army and then
you’re starting to build out the other ones is have a look at what you’re
putting into your army because it could be possible to take that battalion
minimum amount of units and then add in one of these detachments here so for example
if you were playing a necron wraith army and you had three units of wraiths
potentially you could go for this detachment the outrider detachment
giving you three wraiths and a hq and then going back to here to take your
battalion detachment of two HQs and three troops any extras that you take for
example like elites you could put in either the battalion detachment or your
outrider detachment depending on the dynasties that you’re taking the outrider with wraiths is probably going to be Novokh dynasty however your battalion you
may take the mephrit or the nihilakh dynasty so it really does depend on what
you’re taking but those are pretty useful as a Bolt on
choice however sometimes you may only have the option to take those particular
detachments especially with an elite army so it depends how you’re building
your army you have to work out which of these detachments you’ll want to take
depending on how many points those six detachments the first six in the book are
primarily your main ones that you’re going to use however there are six more
over on the next page so let’s have a look at those okay so the first one is
the supreme command detachment and this is the first one which actually has the
Lord of war slot in the detachment you’ve got three hqs compulsory then
you can take one lord of war and one elite plus a couple of hq’s extra
if you want you get one command point and all units have to be from the same
faction for this particular detachment now sometimes it can be quite difficult
to get the lord of war in your army and get all of the benefits from some of the
rules in the Codex that’s what this command slot detachment is for it’s a
bit of a commitment on HQs so it’s only really going to be useful for armies
that have very cheap hq’s and then you can take your lord
of war and gain the benefits from having that particularly detachment the reason
why I say that is because you do have a super-heavy auxiliary detachment which
is basically one lord of war which has no command points and no restrictions
however a lord of war by itself generally won’t benefit from any of the
special rules that you get in your Codex of course each codex would explain that
in the rule section so you’ve got the super heavy auxiliary detachment you’ve
also got the super heavy detachment so this is another detachment designed to
allow you to take lords of war and also benefit for some of the rules for being
in this particular detachment however you’ve got to take three lords of war so
this is generally designed for armies like Imperial Knights where you’ve got a
lot of lords of war I mean necrons could do this for example you could take three
Serapteks if you wanted to now that would give you the benefit for
example if you took them in the Novokh dynasty to allow you to have the Novokh
special rules of re rolling the hits in close combat if you didn’t take that for
example you took one Seraptek and you had the super heavy auxiliary detachment
you couldn’t benefit from the novokh special rules you could use the novokh stratagem the dedicated stratagem but you can’t use the actual
Dynasty code rules so that’s what the supreme command detachment and they’re
super heavy detachment is really all about
now I mentioned there’s no restrictions on the super heavy auxiliary
detachment so you could take one of those in any particular sub faction that
you like like I said you could take that in the Novokh if you’re taking a Seraptek and the rest of the army could be sautekh so
you’ve got no restrictions there because effectively there’s only one model we’ve
also got the fortifications network just here which is a compulsory unit of
one so this is for taking the games workshop fortifications the models that
they sell effectively the terrain pieces which interact with the game and you can
take up to three no restrictions and no command benefits you then have at the
bottom the page the auxiliary support detachment so you can just take one
effectively any of the choices listed on here apart from the and lord of war
which of course is in the super heavy auxiliary detachment the restriction is
this detachment can only include a single unit and the command benefits
it’s minus one CP with the command benefits of this one which obviously isn’t
a benefit however it does give you advantage if you’re using one of the
other detachment so for example if you’re taking a spearhead detachment
and you actually want to take three elites and you don’t have enough units or
points to take a second detachment well you could just bolt on another elites
slot using the auxiliary support detachment but it is minus one to your
CP count so this is where you start making your army list you ought to take
as many detachments to get as many commands points as you can command
points in 8th edition as I said are really useful and they’re actually quite
key to making your army work on the table ok so part two will be coming up
very soon before that though I’d highly recommend you check out that video just
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