How to MAKE MONEY as a college STUDENT – Best jobs 2019

How to MAKE MONEY as a college STUDENT – Best jobs 2019

so what are the best ways to make money
in your twenties while studying in this video I’m going to show you exactly how
to do so hey it’s Dario and this is the video
training a platform where we can share our best tips and tools when it comes to
trading investing or finance in general when you’re in school high school or
university the first thing that you should think about is growing a little
capital and to do that you obviously need to work so in these videos we are
going to discuss about the jobs or the things that you could do to achieve this
goal but hey if you enjoy the video leave it a like and let me know in the
comments down below what are your best ways when it comes to making money so
first you need to think about the type of jobs that you can do and of course if
you’re studying and you don’t have experience you probably need a job that
doesn’t necessarily require education or experience another thing that you must
take into account is that you don’t have money or you have later money so we have
to avoid those kind of jobs that would require you to have an initial capital
and finally you need a job that can give you an income right away without having
to wait in order to make your first revenue so what can you do the first job
that I would recommend which is also what I decided to do is being a writer
I’m not talking about the taxi services like lyft or the standard uber I’m
talking about the food delivery services there are hundreds of companies that
offer this service and they are always looking for new riders in this case you
would just need a bike or if you really want to be cool a scooter and you are
ready to go the positive side of this job is certainly that you can decide
when you wanna work that means that you can schedule your work when you’re free
another thing to keep in mind is that you will get paid for every trip you
make that translates to no holidays and no being sick but hey don’t worry you
don’t have to support a family so if you skip a day or two that will certainly be
fine the second job that I would recommend is bartender in this case you
have a wide range of places where you can work at such as restaurants bars or
discos the job is a little bit more difficult to find that
simply because they cannot hire an infinite number of people but still you
are young you cost less than older people so I don’t think that will be
that hard to find a place in this case you will be paid on a regular basis with
a monthly or weekly salary or you can get paid hourly the difference between
the two is just that in the first case you get paid no matter what and that
means that you can be sick in the second case you get paid just if
you do the hours the downside in respect to being a rider is that the shifts are
not that flexible so you man have the morning the afternoon or the evening
shift of course be careful to mention when you are free if you apply for the
job that way they can give you the best shift for you the third and final job
that I would recommend is freelancing remember that I told you that you should
look at jobs that wouldn’t require experience well this is a little bit of
an exception but let me explain in this case you will work for yourself to do
what you like or to do what you’re good at so experience is something that you
should already have without having to build it the things that you could do
are various they go from graphical design to translations to even
programming the main upside of this job compared to the other two is that you
can offer your skill wherever in the world that means that if you are in
America you can give a logo for someone in Europe the downside however is that
you don’t have a regular income and you rely completely on your skills to make
money and so it will be probably more difficult to start freelancing I can
recommend you our web site called you can make an account and
start working right away I’ll put a link in the description down below so check
it out and this was the last job that I had so thank you guys for watching
remember to leave it a like if you enjoyed the video and please let me know
in the comments down below what are your best tips when it comes to make money
and I’ll see you in the next video so how do you save money effectively in
your twenties while studying in this video I’m going to show you some simple
steps to do that so first thing first you need to decide how much money you
want to save even before knowing your expenses you need to decide exactly how
much you want to save the

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