How to Master Meghan Markle’s Messy Bun | Beauty School | InStyle

How to Master Meghan Markle’s Messy Bun | Beauty School | InStyle

Hi guys! I am obsessed with
the royals (like everyone else). I want to be Meghan Markle. So much so, that I
actually cut my hair two minutes ago so that I look a little more like her. So, the first step to looking like her is perfecting the signature low bun. So I brought in David Lopez! I’m here! This look is really easy to do. And you’re ready to go. So the first thing we did was you want to make sure
that you had these face framing layers. That’s the big thing of the style.
Is that when she pulls her hair back, she has these really beautiful face
framing layers. So if you don’t have them go to your hairdresser… get a pair of scissors! No, do not get a pair! Don’t do it yourself. Don’t try this at home kids. Negative. I’m going to use a hair spray.
Tilt your head back. We’re gonna take your
hair into a low loose ponytail. A lot of times, she has like a little bit of her
ear covered which is really pretty makes it really soft and feminine. We’re gonna put a little bit of a texturizing taffy right into your ends. With Megan here she has naturally curly hair, so when she does make it straight, there’s a lot of
texture built into it. So for your hair that’s a little bit straighter, this is
just gonna give you that workability so it doesn’t flop around everywhere. Now I’ve noticed sometimes with her, she
leaves the ends tucked out which I really really love. And then what you’ll do,
is you’ll reach back and you’ll start messing up that bun. Just kind of slowly pulling it out, making it not so neat. So what I’m doing to you right here
you can feel me just kind of pinching up. Giving that volume at the crown that
she’s always known for. that’s the other thing,
there’s like a balance and a shape there. We’re almost at Meghan status! Royal! With your curling iron, you’re gonna take these pieces, The last step that you want to do, is just use a
dry texturizing spray. It’s just gonna give you that lift. Her hair always has a ton
of lift that looks really easy and lived-in. Ah! And now, Meghan Markle has
officially arrived! Look at this! Can we do a 360 view of this? Look at this! Do you think that you’re ready to try the style? I do.
I do! I feel like you learned a lot. I do! Yeah, she does! So I feel like it’s really easy to do. I know you can do this. I believe in you, Meghan.
Thank you. OK. First, we start with some texturizing spray. And then, the next step is the pony. OK, and then you pull a little bit of it out. And then my favorite step, the Laffy Taffy! OK, and then we are going to twist. Separate into half. And then, Meghan leaves the end pieces out… Yeah. So we’re gonna leave the end
pieces out, obviously. Otherwise it’s too Queen-like, we’re still at the Princess level. Don’t fear the spray!
Don’t fear the dry texturizing spray. You did it! Y’all look at this messy bun! Meghan Markle in the building! That deserves a clap.
That deserves a very royal clap. It would look nice if the Queen,
like, gave me a nice pair of diamonds to go along. I didn’t really know how I was going to do,
because I never wear my hair up and I can’t see the back of my head, but step one hair, step two Prince, step three tiara. So call me, Harry. Thanks David!
Thank YOU! So good!


  1. Noooooooo!!!! I love Meghan myself too but I cannot agree with you on the low bun hairstyle, with all your respect I really hate it, specially for Royal 👑 events. She looks like she came out of the shower or she was cleaning around the house. Please switch to something more classic and elegant. I wish her the best and a happy life though.

  2. Messy just like her.. Always looks like she rolls out of bed and going for a grocery run. Please take your messy bun and go back to where you came from. UK don't need you as a representative. You are nothing but a Fauxmanitarian.#Megxit

  3. fake hair fake nosejob abandoned her exhusband abandoned her dad she drove into bankruptcy social climbing if you are helping a classmate, you don't underscore her difference to act higher than her so black when young- accent and all it's an actress after ALL FAKE FAKE ACTING SOCIAL CLIMBING GIRLS like that reputation for letting a guy do anything poohole to them moleface

  4. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but Megan has miles to go before she can touch Kate’s effortless and classy style. Megan somehow usually looks rumpled and unfinished by comparison with Kate’s fabric and style choices, as well as her hairstyles, hats, and so forth. Meanwhile I will be watching Megan with interest to see how she evolves, assuming she does.

  5. Claire: I hope she won’t entirely emulate Kate … but evolve her own style. That’s what I’m watching for. But the messy hair look that works for Hollywood doesn’t work for a Royal. And fabrics and styles that wrinkle or don’t allow for ease of movement also don’t work. Meghan must unlearn what she’s known and learn what she does not yet know. She wore a couple of outfits on this Australian trip that were very pretty and elegant; much more what one expects from a Royal. I think she will get there yet.

  6. Love this! I also appreciate watching her do it right after he did… it just helped make it seem even easier. #MeghanMarklestatus

  7. It's funny how a hairstyle has become "Royal" which I have been wearing for 23 years now every time I left the house to do chores.

  8. All the bitter people in the comments LMAO! You can write comments all you want calling meghan messy and sloppy but at the end of the day she made her money(through acting) and got her prince and a fairytale wedding.

    So you can all crawl back under that rock you came from and don't forget to say hi to samantha markle, while you are there.

  9. Thank you for the tutorial 🙂 So many messy bun tutorials end up with results that look sloppy. This tutorial was perfect, and the end result actually looks like the style you are trying to recreate.

  10. I love that she did it herself to try it out, it shows that you don't need a professional hairstylist to look royal :)))

  11. Lets be honest here. I love Megan's hair. Megan's look has a lot of texture, because her hair is naturally incredibly curly and course. Now millions will be spent on hair products to make naturally sleek hair coarse…


  13. Sorry but it just looks like her hairs come out of her bun and it gets annoying the way she keeps having to push the side bits back obviously it annoys her to. Think they should find her a hairdresser that knows how to dress African American hair.

  14. Pourquoi cette merde se trouve dans ma section recommandée?

    Why this horse-manure happens to be in my recommended section?

    ¿Por qué este estiércol está en mi sección recomendada?

  15. First, have BALD patches like Meghan. Then chose rats to do the hair with rats nest wig. Presto! Messy Bun for Always Messy Mess Meghan. Perfect!

  16. Meghan is an opportunistic and parasitic former ghetto whore and has used men all her life. She has now hit the jackpot with Harry who is unfortunately not the brightest in the bunch and is emotionally fragile. Meghan THINKS she will be still able to say what she wants and go wherever she wishes but that is not the case. Like all minor royals, and certainly all those NOT of blood royal, she will be very closely controlled by the palace staff (courtiers) and simply not permitted to do as she wishes. Sadly, Meghan is quite unsophisticated, being far too uncouth and brash, with 'ghetto' attributes to comprehend her trashy slut like actions are not ladylike. Although it's understood she is finally being given “extensive etiquette, deportment and elocution lessons" the constant vulgar sexual 'touching' of herself and 'scratching' (her ghetto Lesbian mother also demonstrates this) are particularly disturbing

  17. People who slag meg off for way she dress and holds herself, should get there heads out of there butts, who care about how the royals look and the reputation , she prob the only one whos not corrupt , she should get out while she can , just my opinion Happy days

  18. I don't like this hairstyle at all. I don't like the way Meghan does her hair. It always looks like she's going to wash her car or take out the trash.

  19. There is irrefutable proof Farkle-face MEGxit is indeed INBRED on her mothers side, just 2 gens back. Her ggrandma (Nettie Mae Allen) married & had a child with her HALF BROTHER (James T Arnold). That child's name was: Jeannette Arnold Johnson. She married Alvin Azell Ragland and they had the inbred daughter Doria Loyce Ragland… And you know the rest, folks!

    In addition to all the other HORRIBLE HORRIBLE things about her… I just cannot accept her bun-wearing ass as a royal… No matter what she blackmailed Harry with!

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