How to Play Paintball : How to Aim a Paintball Gun

How to Play Paintball : How to Aim a Paintball Gun

Hello, my name is Orestes Guada from Expert
Village, today we’re going to talk about the game of paintball. Aiming is one of the
hardest things in paintball, the way to aim is with the first few paintballs that you
shoot, you would know and then when you start rapid fire, you’ll know where your stream
is going, so you can’t really aim with one shot like this. Just keep one shot, you got
to like shoot a lot and then you start getting the feel where your paintballs are really
The paintball guns, they shot great, they shot real nice and it depends on the barrel,
if you have a good barrel it’ll shot more accurate or not and depends on the size of
the paintball gun and everything, on the size of the paint.


  1. This guy's probably a good player… but rubbish at instructing!

    If your gun is set up well, shoots consistently and accurately and depending on the range then yes – you can shoot single shots and make them. People do it all the time, I'm not the only one!

  2. i want to know where paintball players get their jerseys and pants…it looks like the paint washes off them really easily

  3. you know what, there great woodsball guns, and even though they not amazing, it takes skill, not your gun, to win in paintball. I agree that your gun may be better than an a-5 in specs, but yo-momma probably bought it for you so you can get your fat ass out of the house instead of hating random people on youtube.

  4. i got my distortion jersey at badlands paintball, my favorite store because it is close and the people are helpful, if there isent a badlands near you (as if you live in anywhere that's not canada), buy off the planet eclipse website

  5. hahahahaha this is so funny this guy acts like he knws wat hes talking about hahahahaha i line the back of the gun up with ur nose its in dynasty disected

  6. @Daydragon1234

    1.Stick in a group with at least one other guy.
    2.Don't rush
    3.try to buy a cheap but good quality gun. You don't wanna buy a $1.00 squirt gun.

  7. dude ok thats bull shit aiming is easy. i have an ego and i can call where my shot is going and hit my target first shot.

  8. that's accuracy by volume but that doesn't work if you are trying to aim for a hit on the first shot and you can't certainly live by that rule if you are a Pump player. First off you have to know your marker, get the feel and practice. You'll build muscle memory and you'll remember where to put the tip of your barrel on relation to your target the next time.

  9. @dagks
    1- hold the pistol grip
    2- put your finger on the skinny trigger thing
    3- contract the inner forearm muscle

  10. " soo yea broz theyse paintball gunz shuut reel nice bro.. im just goon tell meh holmies how to shoot then wez goon kill sum gringo's" WooW crazy mexican!! thumbs up if u also heard that!! (o_o)

  11. once again he doesnt know what the fuk hes talking about 1 lil tip line the back of ur marker with ur nose for ur even with barrel and makes for easyer spotting and movement while poping in and out and so on come on expert village this is getting sad

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