1. Yeifri – Hi. Mobile app QuickDeposits are generally available for withdrawal by the next business day.  Holds may apply.  

  2. Why do I have still enter my password after Touch IDing into the app for bill pay or transfers?! The whole idea of Touch ID is for secure fingerprint access without typing in your password. Driving me crazy waiting so long for your mobile app to have this log in option then still having to us type our password for full app use. Makes no sense, American express gives full access after Touch ID FYI.

  3. Why would I pay Chase a fee when other competitors are allowing you to use your phone to deposit checks for no charge? Because you send a device that makes it more convenient? No thanks, I will just stick with Discover.

  4. Check out this video from Go Banking Rates on how to use Chase Quick Deposit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8P9ldaG4DE

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