How to Shoot a BB Gun : Safety with BB and Pellet Guns

How to Shoot a BB Gun : Safety with BB and Pellet Guns

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi. My name is Christopher
Howell. I’m speaking on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to demonstrate on how to use a pellet,
a.k.a. BB gun, whichever one you want to use it for, on how to use it and maintain it.
Now, before we actually use the gun itself or even pull it out, you gotta always remember,
when it comes to a weapon, safety first. I don’t care if it’s a gun, a knife, a sword,
what it is. Always remember, safety first. Now, I really don’t like to carry weapons
out in public because, you know, people don’t ever know what you’re going to use it for;
they don’t know your intentions. And so they could call the law on you. So when it comes
to actually using or even demonstrating or taking to a range always, leave the weapon
you have in some type of case or just kinda conceal it. Not in any scary or spooky way,
but just kind of have it in a bag or anything ’cause you really don’t want to scare anybody.


  1. Thank you for video, Please disregard all morons that flaming you. You are absolutely correct weapon should be in it's case and preferably locked so noone can get to it. Some argue in emergency it take long time to get to gun BUT few things may help. 1. Keep key close to weapon box or just keep few keys around the house. Again children do some dump things so be careful. It's best if they don't know about it at all.

  2. You are right about everything in this video. Everyone saying bad comments are just people who are eather just trying to look cool. We teach our police officers to shoot airsoft/bb guns. Nice video.

  3. @MexicanNinja909 you gither aren't cocking the gun properly, or you don't have any BBs in the area the magnet picks them up from.

  4. @bradoe1986 I don't know who you are, expert, but concealed carry only counts for REAL weapons such as guns, knives, Swords.

  5. Not sure this guy knows what "AKA" means. BB and pellet are not interchangeable. Some guns will shoot BBs, some will shoot pellets, and some will shoot both.

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