Hum Intezaar Karenge (HD) Mithun Chakraborty | Padmini Kolhapure – Best Hindi Movie with Eng Subs

Hum Intezaar Karenge (HD) Mithun Chakraborty | Padmini Kolhapure – Best Hindi Movie with Eng Subs

Great Saint Baba Loknath
says that… …whether it is war, water or
forest, wherever you encounter… …any problem, you pray to me and
I’ll protect you. Taxi Brother, Go to Bandra east
-Sure, I’ll put your meter on. Sit…
-Where are you going? I’m going to Bandra east I also have to go there. Will you
leave me there? Sure, Viru. Sit
Keep the meter on.. Hey my heart, it is difficult
to live here. Beware!
As this is Mumbai, my dear. Come sir…
-How much is the charge? Thirty rupees by the meter..-But
it’s only 20 Rs. on the meter. Twenty rupees for you and ten
rupees for your box Take this twenty rupees
-But I said thirty rupees. Ten Rs. for me, ten for my box
and ten for your friend… …who also came by this
taxi. Go ahead now. -Biru, he has
put my meter down by this. Brother, is there anyone here?
-Come this side. Great! Only legs can be seen,
where are your heads? Who is that?
You… in Mumbai How do you know me,
Blacky? I am not Blacky, but
your friend Ravi. Pinto, Michael, Abdul…-No one is
here, whom do you call? Yes…-Everyone will come
out now. All the mechanics are coming
from under the vehicle. Do the vehicles get problems only
at the bottom here? This is Mumbai, friend. Everything
looks fine from only top here… What is it, boss? – My dearest
friend has come from the … …village and to celebrate…
-We have holiday.. No, you all will work till 10 at
night and I’ll go and eat & … …enjoy with my friend & you
all… – We will work. This is my small abode…
-Hanumanji, you have come… …to the city too. Then this house
is like a temple. Salutations to you Hanumanji,
Krishanji… Who is this Goddess? That is Hemamalini…
-Salutations, Hemamaliniji She is not a Goddess but a film
Heroine. Don’t you know her? Sorry, are you her devotee?
-Not me, but that Pinto. He has put that photo. Now you
go and freshen up. I will arrange for your
food. Where is the bathroom here? Here…
– Is this the bathroom? The open ground in our village is
better than this. And this…- Must be the kitchen..
-You’ve become very smart. Have this hot food…
Ajay… how is mother? She is fine. She has sent sweets
& pickle for you. Is it? Take it out fast. It is so
long since I had pickles… …made by mother.
-One minute…-Bring it fast Take this..
-Bring it.. You started making
very tasty food Time makes you master at times
and a cook at another time. You used to repair bullock-carts
in the village… …and here you repair the
motor-vehicles. Is it enough that you
passed 2nd year of college? You know that my parents
expired in my childhood only. Uncle has educated me till 2nd
year of college with great… …difficulty. I don’t want to
burden him more. Hence, I have come to you. You
make me work along with you. Then I can serve my uncle
-That is fine… But your education is also
very important. You at least complete your BA.
-But.. No ifs and buts… I will educate
you. Then I will become a burden for
you I’ll slap you if you say that
you are burden… If you are too worried about
being a burden… …then you study during the day
and work in the evenings for me. As you wish.
– Now you sleep… You have to go for your
admissions in college tomorrow Manish is the greatest beauty
and my great fortune. I am her old love, I am a snake
charmer & Manisha is my snake Please be alert… The great beautiful cyclone… …Youthful beauty queen is
arriving… Beware everybody! Manisha, see there! Which insolent fellow has
done this? Why don’t you answer? The insolent behavior of all of
you is increasing day by day. Don’t forget that I am the
daughter of the famous… …Mr. Vikas Anand, barrister
of this city. I can put all of you behind bars.
Stupid… idiots.. Madam, please speak carefully.
One boy did the mistake… ..and you are blaming all of us
-Why are you getting angry? This seems to be your work
-Madam, I won’t praise about… …beauty on the board but in my
heart if some beauty attracts me. Why are you giving trouble to
your hands? If these delicate hands slap me,
nothing will happen to me. Only your hands will need to be
soothed for two days. Why, friends! -I will kill you..
-Teacher… So the hearing is on 2nd & case
-On the 2nd number.. Daddy.. Daddy-Now all work is
closed.. – Why? My daughter has come. The day
she enters calling me daddy… …it means that, she has fought
with some boy in the college. We have to make a new
case file. Let her be Barrister’s daughter
or the king’s… If the pride is within limits,
we can tolerate it… …but if it crosses the limits, I
know how to break her pride. I’ve sent you to college to study
and not to break any beauty’s pride. That is why I tell you to stay
away from their shadow.. Someone has rightly said that
neither friendship nor enmity… …with beauties is good, only
salute them from far. Ha! – What happened?-See, even
the mention of girls… …has resulted in a cut. You only think about this. If their
mention can do this… …what will be the result of
clashing with them? I don’t know that. But I know
that, if a man does the work… …of ladies, this will be the
result. Listen to me and get married. All
this cooking is lady’s work. I will stop now. What sort of a friend are you?
I am warning you… …and you are pushing me
into the gutter. If you don’t want to marry,
call aunty here. At least we will get proper food
twice a day. Mother is comfortable there. Why
should I spoil her happiness? Leave that. You are not calling
her as she will start searching… …for a bride for you as soon
as she comes here. Maybe she will bring your bride
along from the village. Whether mother brings a bride
for me or not, I got one for you. What are you saying?
-She is standing outside. Come, let us go and
see her fast.- Come.. See this…- I got it as per my
budget. This is second-hand. Even if you get a fourth-hand
one for me, it is fine. Don’t keep the cycle here.
-Is there any dirt here? Not dirt, but a cyclone
comes here. Whatever comes on her way,
she blows everything away. That cyclone’s name is Manisha
& this place is reserved for her. Yes…-If she is a cyclone, I am a
mountain & I’ll mellow her down. Come.. come… Hey, what is this happening?
Silence… silence.. Today, we will discuss about
wild life. We will try to find out how
many lions are there… …in the jungles of India.
-Sir, real or duplicate… What do you mean?
-Nowadays, fox wear the… …skin of lion and try to
boss over others. What is happening? You mean,
even the wild animals run … …in disguise. But how do you
know so much about them? Sir, she was born
in a zoo. Silence.. how do you
know that? Sir, he was also present in one
of the cells in the zoo. No,Sir, I am in a zoo now. Here
there is a lion, bear & a fox. Cats normally scratch sticks, but
modern cats scratch cycles. Shut up, or I will scratch your
face. What can you do? Go back.
Come now..-What is happening? Why are you making me a bear
in your fight? Not a bear but an owl. Where is my car?
-It was here only. Your car has reached there on
its own and… …will not go anywhere from
there. Note one address… Ravi garage.
You might need it. Oh God! how did my car come
here?- Someone’s mischief… I know that he has only
done this. This is not even starting.
Please give a push, my friends. Then…-She turned around her car
like this and I went straight… You.. and here…-You will find me
everywhere you go, madam. Good morning, madam. He’s my
friend Ajay and works with me. And he works with Manishadevi
in the college. Fool! She is my old customer and
you clashed with her… I will escape through the back
door. -Where are you going? You have spoiled her vehicle and
you only set it right. See, don’t give my car in the
hands of a fool as he will… …only spoil it more. -Madam, my
habit is to correct spoiled things. I will correct it in a way that it
will never get repaired again. What’re you doing? – One
minute…- Sir.. a spanner..-No Jai, Bajrangbali. Madam, start the car now. Repairing charges!-How much?
– 250 Rs. – What? Fool, why are you asking for
Rs.250 for the work of Rs. 50. Fifty rupees for repairing her car
and two hundred for repairing… …my cycle, which was
broken by her. – Oh! Take these 400 rupees.
-Why? 250 for repairs and 150 Rs.
tips for you. Thank you. Your welcome. Friends, this is the first earning
of my life. I will give a party to all of you
to celebrate this. Say thank you- Thank you- Say
master… – Thank you, master. I was broke for many months
and I had no money. Today I got a car owner, and
things have reversed. Great, master!
It is great fun. Drink, eat and have fun. I met a girl during famine and
doors of destiny opened up. I met a girl during famine and
doors of destiny opened up. My first earnings came into my
pocket… ….let us all enjoy today,
friends. Drink, eat and have
fun… I met a girl during famine and
doors of destiny opened up. The car fought with the cycle
for the first time. The car fought with the cycle
for the first time. Garage’s work increased and the
rate of hard work increased. I got hundred rupee notes and
the gates of my fortune opened… …I have become rich. Drink, eat and have
fun, friends… I met a girl during famine and
door of destiny opened up. I got my first earnings.
Let us enjoy ourselves tonight. Let us enjoy -Drink, eat and
have fun, friends… I met a girl during famine and
door of destiny opened up. Drink, eat and have
fun, friends… You have looted the girl. What
great work you’ve done? You have looted the girl. What
great work you’ve done? The money which comes this
way never stays with us. In the name of hard work, you
cheated. This is a miracle. Sing along…
-Go and cut your nose… Met a girl during famine and
doors of destiny opened up. How can we enjoy with this
kind of earning? Let us enjoy. Where did I cheat? I just took
the value of the cycle. I got my first earning and let
us enjoy tonight. Let us enjoy…Sing along!
-Go and cut your nose. See, who has come. He must have come by mistake. He might not know how costly
this restaurant is. Hello. Are you eating?
-Yes.. You have any objection -No, I
have come to give company. Why not? You might never have
had such good food before. You get good food here-Seems
to have come to eat for free. What should I order? -Chicken
tikka, mutton biryani etc. etc.. No, I don’t like all that. You eat
and make your health. You may not have heard those
item names. Shall I order for Chapathi
and “Moong ki dal” Waiter. Yes Sir. You’ve butter roast- No
-Duck fry- No… Rabbit food…-No…- Is this any
good restaurant? Royal family folk may
not be coming here. I seem to have come to a small
restaurant by mistake. Anyway, do you have
buffalo milk? – Yes.. Bring one cup of tea made
by that milk – Yes And listen… Wash your hands
with soap & cup with hot water God knows, who all have put
their lips on them. Waiter,bill please. Ok madam. Take this. Only 150 Rupees. This 25 Rs. is for tea and Rs.
150 is for them. And this 50 rupees
tips is for you. Thank you Sir. What sort of insolence is this? Madam, I gave the bill and
not my heart. Why are you getting so angry?
That day, you challenged… …my self-respect by giving
tips of Rs. 150-. I have given that back. I never
keep anybody’s loan. Shut up. And listen…Try giving your heart
once, I’ll surely return it. I won’t keep that as loan- You..
-Cup.. I will kill you. You pay the bill for this. It is just ordinary…
Bye.. Bye… Bye Bye…
you snobs.. Great! No match for him! He has
so much self-respect. People who throw away tips
become capable of giving… …tips some day. Dad, you always praise my
enemies. He didn’t show his self-respect
but tried to break my pride. I won’t allow my pride to
be broken as I am… As you are the daughter of the
famous Barrister Vikas Anand. Dear Remember one thing. The way
friends can become enemies in… …no time, even enemies can
become friends in no time. He and become my friend. Has he
ever seen himself in the… …mirror. He looks like
a monkey… Ajay looks like a monkey to you.
Ok, we accept… But he looks very handsome
to me. Any objection..- No…
Move away. He is also little ugly.
-Ok… But he is also very intelligent. I mean bright, you know!
-Yes, I know. He is also an idiot.
-I don’t mind… Ok, you tell me. Isn’t there a
manliness in his stride? Who said not? But he is really
a coward who poses like a… …brave person. If he faces one
brave man some day… …he will just escape and
run away. Leave it..
Now look at your watch. Do you want to go to the picnic
or not? Look You remembered now. You were
blabbering Ajay’s name so much. What are you eating?…
-Pickle. You want some…
-Yes… Stupid Slug What taste did you get,
you insolent girls? If your mouth is watering, you
also go and get the taste. I am not shameless like you
-What’s shameless about a pickle? Pure pickle made by his aunt.
It was so tasty. I will see that. Sir. Anyone can give a pickle. Let us
have dance, music & disco. She is an expert in all that.
What do you think? Sir. Anyone can sing, dance
and do disco. I’ve also danced along
with Champavati in my village. What is your disco dancer’s
opinion on this? Then let there be a competition
-No, not like this… Ms. Champavati… No… No..
Ms. Manisha.. Look I have two conditions…
One is that I never ask… …questions and only answer…
And if I win, the loser… …should present a flower to me.
What do you say? Done Come on,
You will forget how to dance… Sing like me and dance like me
and show. Then I will accept you then. Sing and dance like me & show.
Then I will accept you then. Come on,
You will forget how to dance… I will show you such a dance
that you’ll remember me forever I will show you such a dance
that you’ll remember me forever I will show you such a dance
that you’ll remember me forever This is real dancing not a
love affair and I will make you dance. Come on,
You will forget how to dance… Sing like me and dance like me
and show. I will accept you then. Your claim that you know dance
& steps is false. You are still a child and
have no brains… …and your milk teeth have
also not broken yet. Just by crying in college &
washing cars, do U become an artist? In the fragrance of youthful
beauty, why do you… …have false pride? Wash your mouth & come. What
do you think of yourself? Come on,
You will forget how to dance… Sing like me and dance like me
and show. I will accept you then. Can you become a disco dancer
by glaring and staring? You don’t even know how to
dress. What will you dance? You are a villager and a
friend of buffaloes… …and you don’t even know, how
to talk. So, I don’t know anything.
Now you see. Whenever I sing, the world
sings along with me Whenever I dance, the world
dances along with me. The whole world accepts
my feat. What do you know about
my qualities? You are a baby..
still a baby. You will remember
your great mother… This is not a flower but the
heart of the most beautiful… …girl of our college To get that, you have to risk
your life. Did you understand? If I get that beauty’s heart
only on the face of death… …I will sacrifice my life and
bring her heart. Ok then. The beauty’s heart is
lying here in the form of a rose. Pick it up. Get up and come.
Try once more. Look I give only 3 chances to my
enemy to attack me first. I can forgive 3 mistakes of his
and I try to do any work thrice. If not done, I get that work done
by my enemy. Now I will make you lift this
flower and remember that even… …if one petal breaks, I will
break your bones. Now pick up this flower and
give it me like a good child. Hit him. Our Kallu master used to say
that one should pull the… …hair of your enemy first. This one is bald… Break his hands after that… I made a mistake. I should have
broken your right hand first. No, don’t break my right hand.
How will I lift the flower then? Ok, baldy…
Now pick up the flower. If I get that beauty’s heart
only on the face of death… …I will sacrifice my life and
bring her heart. Naughty Hey, girl, where are you running
like the cyclone? What dad? You have interrupted
me in the morning like this. Were you going for some
auspicious work? Isn’t going to college auspicious?
-Yes, but not on a Sunday. What! Today is Sunday! -Yes, it
is like that on the Calendar. Not your mistake, dear. In youth,
we also never remembered days. Our dad used to remind us that
it is Sunday & college is closed. What did you do then?- We used
to make him a fool and used to.. …say we’re going to meet a
friend-I was going to say that. I’m going to meet my friend
Rupa- You’re making me a fool. Do you think, I am
also like you? We asked the same thing to our
dad. You know what he said. What? – He said, throw your
books and play Rummy with me. Didn’t you get anyone from
morning? – Don’t make excuses. Come on daddy, distribute the
cards now. Dad, did your dad also
bore you like this? Yes, but he used to leave us
after a little buttering. Is it?…
Bye, dad. But the books… Today is Sunday and I will sit
and play Patience game alone Good morning, madam.
-Are you here? What is it? Is there any
problem in the vehicle. Problem! Yes, I think that the
horn is not ok. Ok…
Come, let us see. I think, the horn is sounding
absolutely ok. It works. You do one thing.
Put the wiper. Still 2-4 months are there for
rains. If you make it now only,
they will get stolen. You are right. But there is surely
some problem as I have come… …till here.-Yes, there’s surely
some problem… …as you came till here.
-Pintu, open the bonnet. Listen… Pinto will not
be able to repair this. The one who can repair this, is
sleeping inside. Great! He has stolen my sleep
and is sleeping peacefully here. Did you say anything to me?
-Nothing…shall I wake him up. I think, that should be
the right thing to do. Hail Lord Hanuman! Tell me, why
you made Sunday. One can neither go home and nor
meet his lover. Forgive me, you are
a bachelor. I should not have told you
all this. Yes, Lord Krishan is very
romantic & I’ll talk with Him. Lord Kishan, where did you meet
Radhaji on a Sunday? Lord Kishan did not study
in the college. Love should be like this.
Question is asked to… …Lord Kishan and Devi
Radha is answering Now that I got the answer, shall
I ask you some questions. Ask! – I never knew that I am
such a big devotee that… …I’m getting answers from You. Radhaji, you did not study
in the college. Even Kishanji… …didn’t study in college. Where
did you meet on a Sunday then? On the banks of Yamuna river.
-But it is not there here. Hey, you at least have the banks
of an ocean here. This is very bad, Kishanji.
Why are you talking in between? Radhaji can’t tell this herself. That day you were giving
pickles to those girls. That was my compulsion. I can’t
upset any lady. After today, you will give pickles
only to me. I have one pickle with me
especially for you… …which I have never given to
anyone till today. Special pickel Is it true!-Yes..- My mouth is
already watering…- Come here.. Why? Didn’t you like it?
-Go, you mischief monger! Was is sour? Hey Ajay, what
are you thinking? Nothing! – I want you to meet
my dad tomorrow. Why? Do you want to get
me beaten up? I am enough for that.
-Then! For an interview- Do I have to
work for your dad? Not with dad, but you have to
work for his daughter. You have to look after his
daughter after her marriage. If I have to work for you, why
should I meet your dad. But he will only give the
appointment – Is that so? Ok, let me feed you something to
celebrate this happiness. What?
-Pickle! Brother Ajay, I have polished
your slippers very nicely. Take this slippers of yours… Thank you. Appointment is at 10:00 and…
Great! you look like a hero today He will say yes just by looking
at you- Yes, if you say so… You are a friend who tells me to
hang myself & Lord Ram will… …save me…-I didn’t say that but
your lover told you that. When I have put my head on the
noose, why fear now? This is a man’s talk. Take
these keys – Keys! Hanna sir’s vehicle has come for
repairs. You take this. Thank you What is this?-We have no kohl,
put this grease to save… …you from bad sight. Brother, let your marriage
bells ring very soon. Thank you, sister… thank you..
-Sir, Manisha madam has… …sent some clothes for you and
also this letter. Give it to me and you go. You
catch this & I’ll read the letter This is your lover’s letter,
brother. Dear Ajay, I am sending some
dresses. Wear it if you like it. You are meeting my dad for
the first time and you have… …to impress him. This’s a matter
of my prestige…Your Manisha A lover should be like this only.
She has sent you so many… …clothes before marriage only.
After marriage, you will get… …clothes which will fill
an entire almirah. You will have cars, house
and every luxury. You would not need to work with
us anymore. But please don’t forget us after
marriage, friend. Tell me… why did you ask for
somebody’s clothes & wear? Why’re you beating him? You
curse our poverty instead… …which has compelled us
to wear borrowed clothes. Savitri, this kind of borrowing
can rob one of his pride. Who is responsible for this?
It is you and only you. I am a rich man’s daughter.
But I made a mistake marrying you. I only made a mistake by
marrying you. Today, You have shown your weakness
by bowing down for one’s needs. Savitri, we cannot become rich
by wearing borrowed clothes. But we do get mental peace
for some time at least. You only wear this mask of
self-respect over you. Don’t forget that this
self-respect means a lot… …to a poor man
and means his life to him. Mother, dad is right. I will never
leave my self-respect in future. Greetings, My name is Ajay. –
No need to tell. I know it. Come.. I have heard so much about you
that, I had visualized your… …face even before meeting you
in person. Have a seat… Manisha, get ready soon.
Ajay has come. She is getting ready from
morning as you were coming. Anyway, my daughter has chosen
a groom for hereself. It has relieved a great burden
from my head. Now your marriage can be
conducted whenever you wish. I have no objection – Do you
know the work I’m doing? Yes I know- So you know, how
much I earn? Yes, I know.- Still you want to
marry off your daughter with me. But I don’t wish that. What are you saying? I am not good enough to fulfill a
rich girl’s needs. You don’t worry about that. My
wealth belongs to Manisha & you I hate to take charity
or gifts. You love Manisha and have saved
so much for her comforts. I also love her. Maybe not
as much as you do. I also wish to earn enough to
see to all her comforts… …with my own hard work,
sincerity and my own money. My love is not so selfish to take your
rich daughter from this… …bungalow to my hut. Then what is your wish?
-Just 3 years time for… …raising myself to a
rich position. Wonderful! It is so long since I
saw so much self-respect… …in any youth. I fully believe
that you will reach your goals. Just give me your blessings
now. I need them. I bless you, my son.
Be happy. Manisha had sent some clothes
for me. You keep them. Now, I won’t be able to
bear this weight. Please tell Manisha that I can’t
marry her now. Listen… I won’t ask you why you
don’t want to marry me. But what right did you have to
play with my emotions? Why did you have to lie and act
as if you love me? That was not a lie. I loved you
yesterday and also today. And I will continue to love you.
You want to know, why… …I have refused to marry
you now. Come with me. See this.
Can you live here? This is the bathroom.
Can you take bath here? This is the kitchen.
Can you cook here? This is the small mirror, where
your face may look ugly… Can you dress up in front
of this mirror? This is my bed.
Can you sleep in this? I also did not realize
these things before. My eyes were bound
by the bandage of love I realized only when you send me
clothes for meeting your dad… …so that I equal you in status. But clothes cannot equalize
our status with others. I really should become equal to
you in status. You are my goal in life. I don’t want to get carried away
in the flow of my emotions. I want to struggle and
work hard and then get you. Hence, I have asked for 3 years
time from your dad. Three years time is very
long, Ajay But if I am ready to accept
your poverty then… Then you will be doing a great
favour to me. I’ve never taken any favours but
I would be buried under… …your favour throughout
my life then. Ajay Is it?- Do you wish that
whenever I look at you… …I should show you gratitude
and not love. No, Ajay. You’ve no wealth but
something more precious. That is your self-pride.
I won’t snatch that. I won’t break your self-respect
and I will wait for you, Ajay Not me…
but we will wait for you. Daughter, I was considering you
as a child. I thought you are mad, immature
and have no worldly knowledge. I never thought, you would
choose such a diamond for yourself For Ajay, you can even wait for
a lifetime & not just 3 years. Come, daughter… Haven’t you slept as yet? You also haven’t slept-Sleep is
for those who can dream. For those, who have to convert
their dreams to reality, they… …need to work hard.- Only
hard work will yield nothing … …except food and our goal goes
much beyond that. But…- Listen.. we will sell
this garage. We will sell our house & land in
the village and with the… …money we get, we will start
some business. No, friend. I can’t let you stake
everything for my sake. Why, isn’t my property
yours too? Is there any difference between
you and me? Ok, sleep now. We have to go
to the bank tomorrow for enquiry Now go to sleep. Who is it?
-Letter from Ajay sir, madam Manisha, goal is still far away
but we have got the direction… …and are moving in it. We have
made a big factory. We also have a bungalow and
also a car One year is over and another two years
will also run like this,your Ajay. Even if you are far away, I will
love you in my thoughts. Life is short, but I will wait for
you till I have the strength. I will wait for you
and love you, my beloved. I will wait for you
and love you, my beloved. Life is short, but I will wait for
you till I have the strength. Come before the colours of my
lips fade away. Come before my youth dies. Come before the colours of my
lips fade away. Come before my youth dies. Even if you are far away, I will
love you in my thoughts. Life is short, but I will wait for
you till I have the strength. I will wait for you
and love you, my beloved. My eyes will be looking only the
path in which you will return. You will find me in the same
corner where you left me. My eyes will be looking only the
path in which you will return. You will find me in the same
corner where you left me. Even if you are far away, I will
love you in my thoughts. Life is short, but I will wait for
you till I have the strength. I will wait for you
and love you, my beloved. I will wait for you
and love you, my beloved. Vikas, how are you?-Whom am I
seeing in my house today? Come… Bhagwan Das
Have a seat. You went to Delhi and
settled there itself. No letters from you nor any
news. Come on, gentlemen sit down. Is there anyone to attend to the
guests in the house? Paru…-Yes.. – Arrange for tea
and tiffin. We have guests. You don’t complain against us.
Did you also enquire about us? Leave all that. Tell me how
your business is going. Very nicely. Meet him, he is
my son, Kundan. I understood- He has finished
Business management course… …from London and has opened
his own office in Mumbai. Hello uncle, Cigarette Offer this cigarette to your dad.. Why not… Dad, thank you dear. That is my style – It’s good.
-Uncle, I have come to Mumbai… …and I don’t know anyone here.
I’ll keep visiting you often. Son, this is your own house.
Consider it as your own only. I think, I had met your son
when he was very small. Yes. But where is Manisha?
She must have also grown now We just took her name and there
she is.- Come, daughter Dad, there’s a letter from Ajay.
His factory is running very… …nicely.- Slowly…slowly, dear.
-He has also bought a car. Now tell loudly..- He has bought
a house too – Ok, say it… But he has not written his
address That is because you should not
go to visit him. Ok dear Meet him. He is my very
old friend, Bhagwandas. Greetings, uncle.
-God bless you. And he is his son.
-Hello… – Greetings. Is this her style- Yes…
-It is a good style. Then, we have our own
individual styles. I was saying that…
-Hi Renu… I got a letter from Ajay
-So… – Come Excude me. I appreciate your choice.
What a selection? How handsome he is? Is his
name Ajay?-Have you met him? But I saw him just before some
time – Where? He had fallen on the ground
and I lifted him up. Thank you Good style! Ajay and Manisha love each
other a lot. But there is a wall of rich
and poor in between them. Then he is poor. – But he is
becoming rich very fast. He is a very hard working boy.
He has kept 3 years challenge. But I feel, he will become
suitable for Manisha before that. Very bad!- What?- I mean very
good. A man can achieve anything
by doing hard work. Son, it looks as if our factory
will be auctioned out. I had brought you here with
great hopes. I thought I will conduct your
marriage with Manisha… …and bind our broken hopes
somehow. But this Ajay has ruined
all our hopes. No, dad. That is his style.
-What is your style then? To come to footpath- No, it is
to bring people to footpath. Anyway, there are still 2 years
left for Ajay to come back. But here, even rulers change
in just one night What is required are only two
hands to overturn them. This is my style. Mother…
Somebody please bring water. Bring water fast.. Take this water. Mother Enough!- How are you
feeling now? I’m ok. As I am old, sometimes,
I feel giddy. But… -But I don’t get peace
without seeing the God. In this condition, without anyone
with you…- You all go away. You must not come out alone
in this condition. I don’t have such fortune,
daughter.. Sit here. I have only one son who gets
irritated to hear about marrying. I have somehow spent this birth. I come here for correcting
my next birth. Then, give me your house
address. I will bring you… …here everyday and also
leave you back. You come to the temple daily
-Yes – You are so good. Hope God had given me a lovely
daughter like you. Kundan, you finished your
business management course… …from London. Help us a little
in our business too. The competition is too tough.
-Why only help a little? I either help completely or
else not. This is Kundan’s style..
-May I come in, sir. Please come in, Mr. Ajay. Meet him, he is Mr. Ajay. Hello His company is only supplying most
of the spare parts to our company. I know him. – How?
-I have heard about your name. From whom! -Maybe from the
lips of a beauty! You joke well. This is my style.
-It is good. Have you filled the tender?
-Yes I have given the most competitive
rates & I should get the order. You don’t worry on that
-Thank you. I’ll leave now. You wanted my opinion
on your business. Yeah Don’t buy any material
from this man. Why? I have heard his name not from
a beauty but in the market. His reputation is very bad.
His rates are high and quality… …is also bad. It is his style and
you be careful. Ok, I have torn his tender
papers. Your style is also very good. Daughter…-Kundan is waiting for
you for so long & you’re not ready No, dad.
I won’t go out with him. I met him only yesterday and to
out with him today.. Daughter, you always sit inside
closed doors and… …are lost in Ajay’s thoughts.
You don’t meet anyone. Is it good to be alone
like this always? This way, you will also have fun
and Kundan will also be… …happy. Come on, get ready now. Kundan Kundan, where have you
brought me? This is my private bungalow
where only friends are allowed. But you said, we are going for
drama. What is there in a drama?
Here we can sit alone and… …talk about each other. We’ll
learn about each other then. Mr.Kundan I don’t like this type
of drama at all. I came with you as my dad
insisted. That was my mistake. You listened to your dad and
came. This is your style. I brought you here taking the
name of drama. That’s my style. Stop this nonsense. Hey, listen to me! I got her here and the taxi man
has taken her. That’s his style Very bad style. It is ok.
One day, I will show such… …a style that you will come
running to my arms. So this is the matter.
But who is this Kundan? That Barrister sir’s friend’s
son. He is always roaming behind
Manisha. I know Manisha won’t entertain
him. But I can’t bear to see him
troubling Manisha always. Then break that fellow and
marry Manisha. He will be automatically removed.
-But… Where is the question of
ifs and buts now? Now we have a bungalow, car
and a running business. You had promised only these
things to the barrister. Is it necessary to wait for
another 2 years? – Yes.. We have to return a loan of 30
lakhs to the bank. And till we don’t return this
loan, we’re just owners in name All rights are with the
government and.. …it will take 2 years to
complete this loan Have you both come?- We’ve
come, but where were you? With the neighbors. You are
always immersed in the… …talks of loans, business
and money… Have you bothered about your
mother? You know what happened
in the morning.-What happened? I felt giddy while coming back
from the temple. You felt giddy! But how! – It was fortunate that
a good girl somehow held me… …from behind. Her nature has
really attracted me. Why did you go alone
to the temple? You could have gone with
someone in the car. Ajay, let us keep a servant who
will always accompany mother. Why are you laughing?
-You didn’t understand – No. Aunt needs a daughter-in-law
and not a servant maid. Yes, he is right – You keep
ranting for daughter-in-law… …always. Friend, you are with
me throughout the day but… …always change sides when we
are with mother. Aunt, we have to find a way to
bring him to our path.- Yes… You do that.- You don’t worry,
I’ll do something.-Yes, my dear Ravi, fall at aunt’s feet-Why?
-She’s going for a holy journey Holi Journey? Why? What is there in that?
-What is there here too? We are too busy in business, and
aunt is always alone here. And the same dream of getting a
daughter-in-law every day.. Mother’s wish will be fulfilled
after 2 yrs when you get married I will die before that. Why do you say that, mother?
Please sit.. You will live for 100 years.-No
need to show off your affection. You sat again, aunt. It is late
for the train. Come… Are you really going to leave
mother in the station? Then what should I do? Both of
you are stubborn. But I have to do my work. Ravi,
which bank loan do you… …need for fulfilling
mother’s dreams. Wedding is so straight. Then you
multiply your family from two …to four, five, six etc.
-Be quiet… Before a wedding, even children
have come…-That will follow.. You just say yes, my friend.
-You don’t understand. I understood. Ravi has said yes.
I will start looking for a girl… …from today itself – I have
already seen a girl. That temple girl-Yes… Let us have hot puris from your
hands to celebrate this. Aunt, I can smell the fragrance
of jasmine from your backyard. Why don’t you show me
your garden? Son, there is no garden
in our house. Then, we can make it. Let us see
your house then. Why are you catching my hand?
You only wanted to talk … …something to your would-be
wife alone. – What? What You said, You wanted to ask whether
she can cook or not. Whether she can sing or dance
nd. I had told you that… …she might not dance but would
know to make others dance. I told you all this.
But when? He is lying..- Me.. – Whatever it
is, your friend is very nice. He has a nice nature. -I’m alive
because of my friend, mother But my would-be sister-in-law.
Why are you quiet? Say something.
Talk with him. Your neighbors were right. Girl
is dumb from birth only. Who said that?
-She speaks…she speaks Did you see my plan for hearing
your sweet voice? Will you please stop this
chatter? Okay. Now only, you started scolding
for your wife’s sake. You will throw me out of the
house after marriage. What are you talking, son? We poor know to bind relations
but not to break it. Then, why don’t you bind the
relationship. Who came inside by breaking
the doors? Shankar Shankar, why have you come
here? Already three alliances of your
sister have broken-up due to you. We have got such a good
alliance with great difficulty. You go away… – Mother, how
can you talk of my sister’s… …alliance without my knowledge.
This is not possible. Go away for God’s sake…
-Move away, mother. Who’s my future brother-in-law
amongst you two? He is the one. Very good!
Greetings, brother-in-law. I will tell you one thing. Till I
say yes, this alliance isn’t fixed. If you want my yes, give me Rs.
501- for my liquor expenses. What are you thinking? Two
pegs of this country liquor… …can enlarge your heart
so much. Then you will even give me Rs.
1001-. Isn’t it so?.. Have it… I won’t marry into a family,
where people drink. You just need some excuse.
You just think about that… …poor mother, who is crying for
her daughter’s sorrow Think about that girl, whose
happiness is being ruined… Ravi …by her brother’s drinking. What
is that girl’s mistake in that? Ajay is right. Coal & diamond
are from the same mine. People burn the coal and adorn
the diamond in their fingers. Ok, aunt. I am leaving.-Take this
necklace as an auspicious gift Give this to Jyothi on the way
and tell her mother that… That the marriage is fixed from
our side. Yes, fix the marriage or you will
again go to the station… …to leave mother for her
holy journey. Tell me, friend. Will you do only
this work and leave the business. That is conduct marriages, take
gifts for a girl and remove the… …sorrow of distressed ladies.
-I will always do my duty… …and continue to do so. But why
you are giving this lecture. This one lakh is lying in the
house from yesterday… …and who will deposit
this in the bank? Don’t be upset. I will give this
gift to sister-in-law first…. …and then go to the bank.
-No, go to the bank first. No, give the gift to your
sister-in-law first. Aunt has gone. Now tell me
whether I should listen to… …your lips or what is in
your heart. What do you mean? – I mean,
though your lips are telling… …me to go to bank first, your
heart is saying that… …please give this gift to your
sister-in-law first. I’m going now…- Listen, where
are you going first? Bank Give the auspicious gift of
marriage first. What Give the gift first. Sister-in-law, take care of
your prisoner now. We have pronounced life
imprisonment for him and… …you are the jailor. Bind him
with the chains of love… …so well that the prisoner
should never run away. Now please go away from here,
sir. Or your sister-in-law… …will think that I am a fool and
dance to your tunes – No… Our sister-in-law is not so
innocent that she can’t… …recognize a real fool.
-Yes… Hey.. Listen…I’ve heard that the groom
lifts the veil of the bride… …on his fight night. But this is
not necessary. If you show your face yourself,
it will be right. Sister-in-law, now do you
realize that he is a real fool. I will just tell you. Today Ravi got married. Seeing
sister-in-law in her bridal… …flowery attire, that we’ll also
be married some day like this. The decorations of a first night
will be made and our… …desires wil l be blossoming
everywhere. You’ll be the bride. The night to unite has come. It has come after so long. Come now… – No…
Leave me. Embrace me now
-No.. No.. The night to unite has come. It has come after so long. Come now… – No…
Leave me. Embrace me now
-No.. No.. In the string…- There are
flowers… And in the flowers…
-There is fragrance. And there is a thirst
in that fragrance. On my eyelids…-Yes…
-On my mouth- No.. No.. Every breath of mine
is restless. How much ever I hide, my heart’s
wish came to my lips. The night to unite has come. It has come after so long. Come now… – No…
Leave me. Embrace me now
-No.. No.. We separated…-What?
-Kept burning… But why should there be
distances now. Why the heart is…- scared…
-Love newly… Let two bodies unite
into one life today. What is the hurry? I have come
to be with you forever. The night to unite has come. It has come after so long. Come now… – No…
Leave me. Manisha Ohhh Manisha You should be cursed… You broke my beautiful dream
-What sort of dream? I got married to Ajay & scene
of first night was going on. The song had almost reached the
peak, but you cut it. Your marriage was a dream, but
I am really getting married. What? – Yes, I have come to
give the invitation card. Sir, you had told me that I
will only get the order and… …due to that I had also started
making the materials. I will be at a great loss, sir Should I think about your loss
or about my company. But, sir, there has never been
any complaint against our goods. Neither about quality nor the
rates- Don’t waste my time. Nili, send Verma. Sir, this is the statement of
accounts of this month. This 20000 rs.-Mr. Ajay has
taken that in his name from bank I had asked him 1-2 times, but
he has not given the accounts. Put that 20000 Rs. in my a/c and
don’t ask Ajay for any accounts Mr Banerjee,I had sent Rs 1 lakh to be
deposited in bank this month. Where is the entry of that money? I have checked everything, but
there is no entry in the bank Are you sure?- Yes, but with
whom did you send that money? Maybe I am only forgetting
whether I sent or not. You can go now. Thank you. Why has not Ajay deposited that
one lakh in the bank? He must have put it in a new
work to give me a surprise. Take this, brother. Sister, On my oath, don’t think that I’m
coming to ask for money daily. The thing is… Your love only brings me
here, my sister. That is ok. But That is fine. Do some
work and try to earn. Do you think that I am sitting
idle? It is not so. You do one thing. Give me 25000
rupees in one stroke. What are you blabbering?
Are you mad? Sister, that Mill fellow is selling
his shop.-This is not possible Look Sister Once I have that business, I’ll
never come to ask for money-No! You will also be rid of
my problem forever, sister Let your brother-in-law come.
I’ll speak to him. Is there any letter from mother? When is she returning from her
holy journey? I got the letter that she is
coming back in 2-3 days. Brother Ajay, where is
my husband? I didn’t go to the office.
I am coming from elsewhere. He must be on his way. He is too proud. Didn’t even wish
me, the guest of this house. He just went up – Your brother-
in-law favours him too much. You sit, I will just come. Greetings, brother-in-law..-
Jyothi… -I’m coming.. How are you?- Fine. – Did Ajay
come? – Yes, he is in his room Ok, send our tea upstairs. Sister, you never talked about
the money. He just came. Let him drink tea
peacefully. Then I’ll talk. Ajay, what is it? Why
are you upset? Our tender did not get cleared
-That is a small matter. We have started making goods
-So what? Only the royal… …people ride high. Those who fear,
cannot succeed. There are always ups and downs
in business. Why do you worry? It is a matter of worry, as we
have a bank loan of 30 lakhs. That reminds me. The one lakh, I
gave you that day to deposit… …in the bank, have you invested
it elsewhere to surprise me. I didn’t invest that money. There
was one necessary marriage. Whose marriage?- Have tea
-You didn’t say, Ajay ? Yes.. uncle had come. His
daughter is getting married. He was very upset. So, I gave
him one lakh. You did a very good thing. Money
can be again saved in bank. But relationships cannot be
joined, if broken once. But you made one mistake What? -Uncle came here, and
you did not even bring him home. You did not go for the marriage
and did not tell me even. What if he requires more
money?-No, one lakh was enough. I also have to tell something.
-Yes, tell me. Shanker is sitting for so long
-I just met him. He wants to start a mill
-That is really good. He needs 25000 rupees to
start that. No, that is impossible. We have
just lost one tender. You also know that we have to
return 30 lakhs to the bank. I also have to fulfil my friend’s
wishes. Under this circumstance… …I cannot give Rs. 25000.
I am sorry. You upset sister-in-law for such
a trivial matter. It is not small. That fellow
won’t buy any mill and… …destroy all the money
in drinks. Look sister. When he gave one lakh for his
uncle’s daughter’s marriage… …he patted his friend’s back. But
he refused to give me 25000. In this house, a friend is his
own but the wife is an outsider. This friend will ruin my brother-
in-law one day, sister. What’s it, daughter-in-law? You
look sad from yesterday. Did you have a fight with Ravi?
-No – Then, what is it? Nothing..- You are surely hiding
something from me. I am not your mother-in-law but
also your mother. Don’t hide anything from me.
Tell me. Why are you crying?
What is the matter? Tell me… Yesterday, I asked some money
from my husband for my brother. I don’t feel bad that he didn’t
give money but I got… …insulted in front of Ajay. But
Ajay has given one lakh for… …his uncle’s daughter’s marriage
without even asking him. He did not even bother
about that. Ajay’s uncle’s daughter! He
has only one daughter. She has got married before
five years only. Dad, this drink is in the name
of Ajay’s destruction. I have got his order cancelled.
This is my style You can’t destroy him by
canceling one order. There are many other
companies. He might get a bigger order
from there. Where all will you stop him? I will burn that factory where
goods are made to ashes. I will ruin that land and
this is also my style. Listen… Listen to the story
of this poor man. His brother-in-law is the owner
of this factory & earns in lakhs His brother-in-law, that is me…
is dying of hunger. Why should I roam the streets in
hunger? Why? There is not even a penny
in my pocket. What is happening? The reason is Ravi is making
Ajay a rich man He does not do anything for
his brother-in-law But my day will also come
one day and… …somebody will surely make
me rich. Who is that?
-Your dad! You want to become rich.
-Money!..-Sit in the car. Sir, you keep on giving me
drinks, and I’ll keep drinking. Slowly… -You will keep talking
and should I keep talking. You want to become rich! Yes.. – Then, you have to do a
small work for me. Just work. For becoming rich, I
can even murder someone. I will close someone…- You don’t
have to do anything like that. See.. To get something,
you have to lose something. You have to burn the
factory. I don’t agree – Ajay cannot
do like that. This happened with my dad too.
His business partner deceived him. That is why our condition became
so bad. The one you call as your friend
is actually an enemy. He has swallowed one lakh by
lying I don’t know what occurred
in your family. Don’t accuse my friend falsely.
-If you don’t trust me… …ask your mother.
You only tell him, mother. It is true that his uncle’s
daughter got married 5 yrs back And this is also true that his
uncle never came here. This might be true but that does
not prove my friend took one lakh. It is true that I have taken one
lakh, my friend. I took that money Sister-in-law’s doubt is right. I
am not fit to be believed. What are you saying?
You can’t do this at all Why not? The weight of one lakh
was enough to sell my sincerity May I ask you, where you
spent that money? It will be better, if you
don’t ask me. Why shouldn’t I ask? I sold
everything of mine just… …to fulfill your dreams & you
broke that dream for 1 lakh. Didn’t you even realize that the
broken pieces will pierce my… …heart and that girl’s heart who
is waiting for you till today. Ajay, if you have a failure,
you can recover but… …but one who falls from the top
has no chance of recovery. Son Ravi, it is not safe to keep
a thief in the house for long. Settle his accounts now only. Didn’t he turn out to be
a snake? What is it, Bahadur?-Factory is
on fire, sir. I do what I say.
This is my style. Listen You keep me informed of all the
news of that family… …and I will keep rewarding
you like that. Very good Ajay…
-Ajay has gone. He went away.
Where did he go? He did not say anything, but he
seems to have gone forever. What are you blabbering?
-It looks like that only. He has left this letter
for you. Ravi, the peace in your house
should not be destroyed … …because of me. I don’t want to
be the cause of your ruin. I am going far away from here.
Don’t try to search for me. Your Ajay… Ravi, what happened?
What is it? Say something.
What happened? Why don’t you speak?- There is
nothing to speak, mother. We are ruined. Ajay has gone
away on one side and… …on another side, factory
is completely burnt to ashes. Who has ignited the fire?-
Friendship has turned to enmity Don’t talk nonsense. By putting
such a big blame on Ajay… …you are lowering your status
before me. Sir, I got a very good
news for you. What is it? -The factory fire
is not even cool yet… …but the friendship between the
friends has been broken. Ajay has left the house and Ravi
& Ajay are in two corners now. And the mistrust between them
won’t allow them to meet again. When destruction strikes, it
comes from all the directions… …and this is the style
of destruction. Destiny also supports people like
us fully, when it does so. To take advantage of every
opportunity is my style. Sir, please listen to me. -I told
you, we have no jobs here. Kishorilal, have you got the
Carbon press. Yes, you asked for 5 sets,
which I got. Is this original? There are lots of
complaints about your material. It is absolutely original.
You check it and see. You are still here. Go away,
as this is the time for work. Sir. This carbon is duplicate- What
do you know about this? Good, you have very good
knowledge about Carbon press. I know every part of a motor
very well. Kishorilal, take your things.
You’ve made us fools for long. You are a useful man. You start
work from today only. You will buy the materials and
also sell them. Thank you sir. Sir, this envelope has come.
Ajay sir has sent this. Insurance receipt for 20000
rupees. Factory’s insurance is 20 lakh
rupees covering fire, riots… All the rights of the company
in my name. Without telling you, I had insured
the factory with Rs. 20000- I am sending the receipt and also
the insurance agreement. I have transferred all the rights
of the factory in your name. I am sending that too.
I can spend my whole life… …with the help of the love
you have given me. I don’t need anything else
except that, your Ajay. Jyoti, come here. Mother, you both thought that
Ajay ignited fire in the factory. If he had done that, why did he
get the factory insured then. That too for 20 lakhs. Today he has saved me from
destruction. He always took more care of the
factory than me… …and you both always
misunderstood him. If he had not lied about that one
lakh, why would we mistake him? You just remember that one lakh.
How do you both forget… …that he was an equal partner
in the factory? He also struggled a lot to
develop this factory. He dreamt to become a rich man
and marry Manisha one day. No one will burn his own dream,
but still you. Mother…
-God bless you.. Greetings, sister…-When did you
return from holy journey? I came back yesterday. I came to
meet you today. Please sit…-What is it?
You are all upset. Son, is your health all right?
-What can happen to me? I am happy I am the sole owner of this
bungalow & factory now. Who else is more fortunate
than me now? What is all this, son?
Where is Ajay? Ask your daughter. Mother He had given one lakh to Ajay to
deposit in the bank. He neither deposited it in the
bank, nor gave any account. We questioned him and in anger
he left the house and went. Daughter, you are ruling in this
big house only due to Ajay. Ajay has given your fortunate
wedded life to you. Still you doubted Ajay.
-But sister, we doubted Ajay… …only after he refused to say to
whom he gave the money. I am that unfortunate woman, to
whom he gave money. Ajay gave that one lakh rupees
only to me. Joyti When he reached our house,
people who loaned money to… …us had come to seize it
and throw us out. Have mercy. Where will I go
with my young daughter now? Have mercy.-If I pity you, who
will show mercy to me. If I do that, what will I eat. It
is 60000 Rs. with interest. And you don’t even have 60
paise. How will you give money? And this house is not
worth more than 30,000-40000 rupees. But still it is better than nothing Don’t say like that.
Give us some more time. After my daughter’s marriage,
you can take this house. I will only marry your daughter,
if you wish so. Control your tongue or I
will cut it. Who are you? What does this
old lady mean to you? Even if I explain that to you,
you won’t understand that. You are a wicked man who’ll
take interest from even… …your mother for your father’s
loan. If you are so good, you give
my money. How much is your loan with
interest? – Full Rs. 60000- Take your money and
go away from here. Will your dad give the
documents?-I forgot that. Son, you have cleared such a big
loan of this poor lady. I will never forget this help of
yours. What are you doing? Does any
mother ever touch a son’s feet? That fortunate mother of yours
and me having a drunkard son… …two unfortunate daughters.
When the elder daughter… …got married, I had to
mortgage the house. That resulted in this. Now there
is no hope for my other… …daughter’s marriage at all. Is there any fault in my friend?
Didn’t you like us? What are you saying, son? I got the auspicious gift of
marriage. Where is my would be
sister-in-law? She has gone to the temple.
-Ok, give this necklace to her… …and tell that the marriage is
fixed and should be held… …in a grand scale
-But… Mother, is there any difference
between sister-in-law & sister. Sister’s responsibility belongs to
a brother. There should be nothing lacking
in this marriage. Take this 40000 and spend well
and if you need more, tell me. People will say I sold my
daughter instead of marriage. Don’t worry. I promise you that
such an opportunity will… …never come as long as I am
there & people can’t talk. To save my false prestige, I
took an oath from Ajay that… …he will never reveal this
to anyone. Did you hear that? Has your
misunderstanding gone? I knew fully well that Ajay can
never do a wrong deed. What all has Ajay done for us
and we’ve thrown him… …out of our house. God knows
where he is and how he is. I really don’t know what
I should do. Don’t be sad. You will get him &
both of you will be one again. Listen Please forgive me. I misunderstood him. Find
him somehow. Wherever he is, I will come with
you to bring him back. I will ask for his forgiveness. Sethji, we won’t get this material
here.-Everyone says that. We need 2 lakhs worth material
of this. Where’ll we get it? You will get in many places, but
you will get the right… …material at the right price
only in one place. At National Spare parts…
-Where is this? It is at Nasik
-Ok, thank you. Why, Mr. Hero. You said, you
will come at exactly at 4:00… …in the evening on March 4th
after 3 years. That time is over. Why have you
not come yet? He has come. Dad, Ajay has come.
Come fast, dad. Why didn’t you open the door? You had said that you will
only open the door. You said you will introduce Ajay
to us at five today… …and we have come on time. We want to congratulate you on
this happy occasion… …and we will give the flowers
only to Ajay. Why only to Ajay? – As that
great man has fulfilled… …the promise he gave to
his lover. HIs lover has spent every
moment of these three years… …with great yearning, why this
injustice to her. We won’t do any injustice and
give the flowers to both of them Manisha, where is Ajay? – See,
Ajay has not come yet. You all sit and wait for
sometime. He must be coming. Today is 5th March. He was
going to meet Manisha today. God knows where he is today. My support is in waiting for you.
This is also called love. My support is in waiting for you.
This is also called love. This is also called love. There is no youth without
self-respect. I need love and not
any favour. There is no youth without
self-respect. I need love and not
any favour. This is the decision of
a restless heart. This is also called love. You come before I die… …as my eyes are set only in the
path you’ll come back. I just have the trust of
your love This is also called love My support is in waiting for you.
This is also called love May I come in, sir? – I don’t
want to meet anyone today. I am a businessman who has
come to talk regarding business.. My name…
-Sir, I am very upset today. I am also upset. I have a
requirement of some spare… …parts which I heard is
available only in your factory. I have got an order for 2 lakhs. Even if it is 5 lakhs, I have no
interest. You please go away. It is your wish then.
I will just go away. How is his photo here? Do you know him? – He has
only sent me here. Where is he?
Please tell me. Come Shankar- I got some
news… – What is it? How do I say that?
My throat is dry, sir. Is your throat Mumbai’s gutter to
be always dry? I’ll get liquor See the style of this man for
asking liquor. – Thank you. This is my style. This is original, made in
Scotland. – Very good. Sir, Ravi has learnt about Ajay’s
whereabouts and if he meets… …him, their friendship will
become alive again and that… …means your dream to marry
Manisha won’t be fulfilled. By informing this bad news, you
have ruined my style. That is why I snatched the
bottle in advance. Otherwise, I would not have got
even the bottle’s lid. You bluffer, what a style
you have? But you’ve no brains. Now I will change this game to
my advantage with my style You go from here. Go… What is it, son? You are
laughing so much. Did you drink too much? -No,
dad. When enemy dies, we laugh This is my style -But where has
the enemy died now. If not, he will die. Today at 6:00
our truck will … Will hit Ravi’s car. Brother, I was searching for you
-Why, what happened? Your friend Ravi was coming to
meet you when he had an accident He is admitted in PG Hospital.
-PG Hospital… Mother, Brother Ajay! Ajay. Aunt…- You have come at the
correct time, son. Ravi was worried about you
always. When he was coming to see you,
this accident occurred. Everything will be ok. You
both don’t worry. You meet Ravi first.
Then, we will talk. He is in this room,go. Ravi. Ravi. Ravi. Ravi. Ajay… – Ravi, I have come. I feel, I am dreaming. This is not a dream.
I have really come. How are you? – How will I be
without you? Without you, even my world
became barren, Ravi. But your happiness meant
more for me. You took all the blame on
yourself & did a big sacrifice. Leave all that.
Tell me how you feel now. I feel good, as you have come
now. If you are with me, I will
become ok very soon. Till you become completely ok, I
won’t move even for a minute. I will be with you. – Will you go
away after that? Now you are not fine. Don’t
worry about all that. My worry won’t reduce, till you
forgive me, your sister-in-law… …and also mother. Jyoti’s mother
told us everything. We are ashamed of the way, we
behaved with you. Ravi, if you think that I am
upset with all of you… …you are very wrong. No one has behaved badly
with me. Anyone in their place would
have doubted me. Forget that. Just promise me that
you won’t leave me and go. Promise me…
-Yes, son.. Ajay has not come yet, Rupa. Don’t cry for that. If he has not
come, he will surely come. He must have got stuck
somewhere. Mother, where is Ajay? Ajay and daughter-in-law were
awake the whole night. I have only sent them to
take rest. – Okay. No, sister-in-law. I am not
upset with you. This place is very good. I am
enjoying myself here. Never even think like that
again. You recognize him.. – He is Ajay
He used to study in our college. Manisha is waiting for him for
the last 3 years. And he is having fun with this
girl here. That girl has vermillion and also
the Mangalsutra marriage thread)… …Has Ajay married her? I will take their photo and send
it to Manisha… …so that Ajay’s reality
is known. Hello. Manisha, I’m Rupa speaking. Ajay would not have come.
– No. He has come to celebrate his
honeymoon with a girl here. What?- I saw him with a girl
with vermillion on her head… …and also had a mangalsutra.
I have told you what I saw. I also took some photographs
which I am sending. See them..
Then it is your wish. This is not possible.
This is all a lie. Ajay cannot do like this. These photo show Ajay’s
betrayal & you don’t believe this. Manisha, don’t cry. It is right to
cry yourself out for a loyal… …person, but it is unjust to cry
for a disloyal person. You are broken like a weak wall.
Instead of falling towards… … yourself, you fall towards
his side. So that he is also hurt and he
also feels the pain. He has ruined only three years
of your life and you… …will ruin your whole life
by crying like this. You should hit him back and that
is the style in today’s world. I would suggest, you also marry
some nice boy. Hit him back in a way, that he
remembers it throughout his life. Manisha. What is it, daughter? I have decided, dad?
– What? I will marry Kundan. Then, will you forget the man,
you have waited for 3 years. Yes, surely. I would have waited
for Ajay throughout my life… …if he had not got married. Now that he has married, I
won’t wait even for a moment But Manisha…
think about it properly. This is a matter of your life
-I decided after thinking a lot. This is also a style…
Ok, dad… bless me. You are fine now. We will
discharge you tomorrow. Mr. Ajay, can you please
come to the office. I will just come. – Ajay, we will
go home. You go to Manisha. It is already five days more than
the promised date of yours. No, I will leave you at home
first and then I will go. When she has waited for 3
years, how does 5 days mater. No Ajay. When the waiting period is long,
a person can wait for years. But when the time of union
comes, you can’t wait a moment. Yes, you go. – You have to go,
brother Ajay. Go.. Hi, darling.
What are you doing? Where all I searched for you?
See, what I got for you. What is the need?-This beautiful
necklace will look more beautiful.. …on a beautiful neck. This is
your Kundan’s style – Manisha… Manisha. I have come and the long years
of separation are over. Tell your dad to decorate this
house like a bride. Call your friends to sing
the songs of marriage. Call the “Shahnai” people and
ask them to play auspicious music… …that will spread happiness in
all directions. Yes, this house will be decorated
and Shahnai will be heard… My friends will sing songs of
marriage and there will… …be happiness all around. But you can participate in these
celebrations like a guest… …but not as the bridegroom, as I
am marrying Kundan. Are you joking?
– No, this is the reality. Manisha, I delayed my coming by
3-4 days. Now leave this anger. Don’t touch her.. Don’t forget that she
is my would-be wife. Kundan, put the necklace you got
for me in my neck. – Yes… This is of gold.
This is Kundan’s style. Mr. Ajay, we’ve to go out on
some important work. Excuse us. Ajayji, you surely come
to our marriage. Manisha Weds Kundan. Thank you. Listen.. You and alone… I’m sorry. I did not
recognize you. But I know you. Anyway, I can’t
see Ajay. – How do you know Ajay? I am that friend of Manisha, who
is waiting for Ajay for 3 years. Ok. Your friend’s waiting is
over now. Yes, there was surely a delay
of 5 days. But poor brother Ajay could not
leave my husband and go… …as he met with an accident. Okay bye. Brother? Manisha. – Rupa. Did Ajay come here? – Yes… Did you treat him wrongly? I treated him as I should
treat a betrayer. I had only erred, Manisha.
The woman with whom I had… …photographed Ajay is not his
wife but his sister-in-law. What are you saying, Rupa?
– The truth, please forgive me. I delayed too much, Rupa.
What have I done? Daddy. Brother Ajay, didn’t you
go to see Manisha? I am coming from there only.
– Is the marriage date fixed. Yes, but she is not marrying me
but Kundan. How is this possible? I will just
inform him – No, sister-in-law. Tell him afterwards. Let
Ravi rest now. – No… It is very necessary to
tell him now. That is why, I told you not to
take a decision in hurry & anger. Such decisions often go wrong. Wrong decisions can also ruin
lives. Thank God that we came to
know the truth at the right time If I had married Manisha, Ajay’s
curse would have given us… …sorrow throughout our lives. Son Kundan…-Yes, Uncle.
I do love Manisha… …but my love is not selfish.
Ajay should only marry Manisha. He only has that right. – No, now
it is not possible I did not treat Ajay properly.
He will never come now. Angered men never come back.
You have to go & pacify them But where do I search for him
now. I don’t know his address. I know his address and I also
have to ask for his forgiveness. Come with me… come But how did this happen? We were all affected
by misunderstanding. As soon as it was cleared,
Manisha has gone with Kundan… …to search for Ajay.
-Then they must have gone home No, they did not come here. That
means… I know that place. I won’t leave him alive. Come. But this is your bungalow. You
were taking me to Ajay. I am not a fool to handover a
lottery like you to someone else. What are you blabbering? If you can’t get something
in the right way, to… … use the wrong way
is my style. To say “shut up” for everything
is not a good style. Leave me… Forgive me, brother-in-law.
-I am very happy that you… …have left liquor and also
Kundan’s company. Good you are reformed. Tell us,
where Kundan has taken Manisha Kundan has one private bungalow
where he has many men and… …he has full arrangements to
forcibly marry Manisha there. Kundan, you can’t get anything
by marrying me forcibly. Don’t you know that my dad is a
great barrister. He can put you behind bars
on charges of kidnapping. Manisha, I am not stupid. This is
the marriage card and… …your name and my names are
also printed on them The date is also today’s and
your dad has printed these cards He has also paid for this.
When the card is printed… …the marriage is also,
that is the card’s style. And after marriage, an Indian girl
considers her husband as her… …God, that is Indian women’s
style… What a style? I am not an illiterate girl to
accept a demon as God. Even if you marry me forcibly, I
will get divorce from the Court. You don’t have to Court. You
marry me & I’ll just divorce you There is only one problem. The
cost of that divorce will… …be 50 lakh rupees.
That is my style. You are so wicked,
Kundan. That is our family style.
Come.. Say the chantings…
-No. My marriage is fixed with great
difficulty today and… …you have come to break it.
What is this style? That is his style.
-Very bad style. Isn’t this good? – No
-I will show another style then Come…
-Leave me.. Ajay Police…- You are doing
rowdism…Come Police caught me. What is this
style – This is police style..Go Bad style Ajay, I had misunderstood you.
Please forgive me. It is ok. This happens sometimes
in our lives. Shall I give you a pickle
just for this? The night of first union came.
-It came after so long. Come now… – No…
Leave me. Embrace me now.


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