Hustling Uniforms Fits From Deliveroo, DHL Workers | PAQ Ep #3 | A Show About Streetwear

Hustling Uniforms Fits From Deliveroo, DHL Workers | PAQ Ep #3 | A Show About Streetwear


  1. Amazing to watch this back.
    They really did a good job on improving their editing skills which are now more than amazing and making the episodes longer which makes the results more exciting

  2. Nah at 3:21 I looked away from the screen and heard someone in the background of the vid say "there he is" fully thought my guy had been caught stealing ikea bags lmao

  3. I actually like shaq's idea the best. He should of pulled it off with a full yellow fit and accessorised with more blue. Would have been mad

  4. You guys have to be taking the piss XD Considering the only person who actually did anything but simply put a jacket on over their normal outfit was Shaq. I mean he didn't just go get a uniform from Ikea and wear it, he had to sew and actually create his look… the other guys literally just put on a jacket. If this was a video just about finessing the uniforms and not "who can make the most creative outfit out of the uniforms", why even make there be a judgement for a winner?

  5. Well it‘s rather easy if you want to waste a year of your life
    – Become a IKEA employee
    – Tell them you lost your uniform
    => Profit

  6. OMG I've been watching PAQ for a while now but this is my first comment
    I just wanna say you made me laugh so hard on the L sounds the editing was so funny please keep doing it you make someone's day I honestly don t remember when the last time I laugh this much

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