Hey guys it’s Kasey if you’ve been
watching my videos for a while now thank you so much for supporting me and if
you’re new here hello welcome I do a lot of fashion
videos on this channel especially hauls so if you love watching
me spend my whole paycheck on these adorable clothes please feel free to hit
subscribe so I purchased a lot of clothing from yes tile over these few
months and it seems like every time I make one of these videos you guys are
most concerned about the sizing which makes total sense because the models and
the pictures are like these 5 foot tall tiny Asian girls just for your reference
I am 5 foot 7 and generally I wear the smallest size in America but Anya style
I will size up and I will remember to put the sizing down below or in the
corner so you guys have a better idea also I know a lot of you guys are
probably starting school soon so I tried to pick pieces that were cute and
comfortable so normally I would try on the clothing give you guys my box this
time I thought it’d be fun to switch it up a little bit I am going to be opening
up the pieces in front of you giving you my raw unfiltered first assumptions and
if you like that format better let me know in the comment box below and I can
continue doing that so the first piece is this potted skirt I don’t wear a lot
of skirts I’m like I don’t have a girly sense of style but every time I go on
yes style they have like such cute like soft girl aesthetics that I just I had
to purchase it so overall I really like this girl I feel like it’s really nice
simple lightweight it’s not that tight around my waist area and like the length
is appropriate I probably wouldn’t want to be like bending over and stuff but
this outfit itself looks cute I kind of look like a pretend schoolgirl alright
next thing I’m pretty sure is white t-shirt I like don’t have any
white t-shirts and I think they should be like a staple in every closet so let
me see how the quality is that’s probably like the most oh my god it’s so
big like this looks like a shirt then a child would wear when they have to like
paint stuff at school okay so I changed into like yoga pants I think it would
look here with a biker shorts but I can’t find mine so I’m just gonna like
pull it up for you guys see if I like it I think this is like a cute and
comfortable outfit it doesn’t make any like loud statements but I mean I could
see myself lounging in this sometimes I’ll buy things online and it’s been so
long that I don’t even remember why I ordered wow this is really big okay so
this is so cute and comfortable I know it’s hating on it like a couple
seconds ago but it’s so wide and like effortless I feel like this is perfect
for school or like any time in the fall when it doesn’t get like too cold yeah
also the sleeves are really big I love I love a wide sleeve so the next thing I
got is this big I think of a long skirt but I’m not sure okay let’s try it out alright so I
changed my top to match the skirt but it’s this mid length skirt that has like
this really cute slit on the side I don’t own any types of skirts like this
which is why I decided to purchase it the materials soft but it’s kind of thin
which is why it looks so wrinkled I feel like it fits well it’s comfortable I
just need to learn how to style it I like this look a lot I love this
turtleneck it’s very thin but it’s wide as well so it’s comfortable to wear I
think it pairs really well this skirt I was like cheesy clothes so you guys can
look to for school but I think I’m turning into like a teacher like this is
the teacher aesthetics I also like that the turtleneck isn’t like suffocating
one time I took a picture like an ID picture and I was wearing a tight
turtleneck it was not cute ooh okay so I was really hesitant at first because it
looked really tiny but I feel like the material is so stretchy that it doesn’t
look super tight so a summer thing that I did choose are these jean shorts and
when you do buying jeans from your style like this button is never open so you
need to cut it before you wear it I’ll generally just take a pair of scissors
but you could use a knife and I’ll fold it in half and just like cut it along
the seams just to make like a little hole and then you can stretch it out a
bit so the next thing is this striped t-shirt you guys know I love a 3/4
length sleeve I’m gonna cut these into the pants this is like a cute casual
summer outfit I’m all about it the next thing I got was this gray blazer and I
thought it would be really good for layering in the fall I definitely see
this as a multi-purpose piece that I could wear to work or what I’m trying to
look chic in the city oh and the pockets are real sometimes when you buy like
less expensive clothing they cut corners like this but I’m really happy that I
get pockets and the last thing I got is this knit dress I can already tell the
material is really thin it’s cute but it definitely won’t last long like once I
put this in the washer a couple of times it’s just gonna like disappear so I
think this is my favorite shirt that I purchased but I wanted to end this by
showing you guys the three makeup products that I got the first thing is
this a tude house drawing eyebrow I am wearing this now I was a hardcore fan of
like honest Aussies dipbrow for a really long time but this is super cheap it’s
like three to four dollars or something and it’s really convenient to carry
around the first side is this angled pencil and the other side
spooley so you can blend everything in and I’ve just been carrying this
everywhere with me now cuz I have this terrible habit of like rubbing my face
throughout the day the next thing that I got is this style nonde plumping lips
it’s actually really tingly when you put it on and it’s such like a glossy juicy
texture and I’ve been wearing this like throughout the video so you guys can see
how my skin tone might match with this color also if you guys do follow me on
instagram yes that’ll actually reach out to me to select two people to give this
amazing course x skin care kit to if you guys are curious on how to win this go
to my instagram find the picture of me awkwardly posing with a product link for
the first time in my life and i’ll have like the rules and description below so
inside the skin care kit is the low ph good morning gel cleanser which you guys
told me you love so I already had my own and I like it a lot I use it every
morning there’s also the 95 tone balancing essence which I’m also really
excited to try the moisturizing overnight honey mask which I mean
because I’m a freakin alligator and if you open it up there is the fit clear
master patch which helps a lot if you’re struggling with acne thank you so much
for watching till the end of this video guys if you liked it give it a thumbs up
don’t forget to subscribe and if you guys have any questions from me like at
all feel free to message me on Instagram I promise that I will respond to them


  1. YouTube brought me here but I’m not even in school no more say what? ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  2. to this day I still don't understand why people dislike videos ? especially good ones with absolutely no reason for it ??

  3. loved this video tons!! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this brand these clothes are so cute I need to check them out!

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    Hola, Úsalo si quieres ? W6ZY8Q ? No olvides dejar el tuyo… placing an order pretty soon ?.

  7. I have to size up two tmes sometimes to buy stuff from yesstyle which is okay as long as it fits in the end xD
    loved your video the products are well displayed and the quality of the video is nice which I appreciate a lot. I will use your coupon code next time I buy anything which is like every month 😀
    mine is RAINYNIGHT it gives 5%-2% off on the influencer code part

  8. When Kasey posts this haul LESS THAN 24HRS AFTER I PLACE A BIG ORDER AT YESSTYLE ??? So many things i wish I'd also bought ?

  9. Gosh everything looks so sweet and you're so pretty damn!!

    Btw I have a code and that would make me sohappy if you could use it:(( Only if you want tho !! ELLIE007AG uwu

  10. really like all your purchase and you are so pretty!!

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