I Got Beat Up by One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated MMA Trainers | One Star Reviews

I Got Beat Up by One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated MMA Trainers | One Star Reviews

all right so first you’re gonna go ahead and give me your money yes all right you can take form tomorrow okay yes I’m gonna keep the gun on you though so I’ve been living in New York all my life I’ve actually been robbed two different times I’ve been putting out a series of review videos recently where some people perhaps don’t want to see me succeed in this oversaturated market of review content so I thought what better idea then to go and get a good old self-defense lesson welcome to one star reviews I just came across winners Club MMA they have one star facility is not sanitary don’t waste your time horrible horrible try the worst idea wasted my hand on me from street convinced me to join us gym okay that doesn’t sound great I’m seeing a link to the website as well I’m a paragraph click here to add your own text and edit me I like the sound of that their link to a man named master Jerry this is perfect for me so it looks like master Jerry does it all the reviews for the winners Club not so hot we’re gonna give them a second chance seems like it’s gonna be pretty rigorous a little nervous but let’s see what he’s all about the master himself master Jerry we just met with one of the sensei’s he’s not really aware of what’s happening here today he actually mentioned he’s about to close the gym so we’re just gonna try to get in touch with master Jerry oh he’s here where is he oh he’s right there there’s master Jerry so master Jerry’s rolling up right now all right he made it how’s it going I’m tajci nice to meet you are you master Jerry so nice to meet you [Music] what I’m interested in is just kind of basic self-defense you know like I’ve done videos on the internet you know some people might write comments they might not be happy you know like so maybe to be able to protect myself how did you get into the mixed martial arts me I born with that my mom told me I came with a black belt nice master Jerry and I had established our student-teacher relationship we started with the basics one two three movies is an aside forgettable movies it’s not gonna be like a movies sometimes they’re gonna take time learn and don’t tell me master Jerry you’re the best of the best martial arts gonna make you wise what the brain not laser to do and in life this because if you’re not good with this 290 gonna sleep tomorrow morning energy coming and you’re gonna be good people are a pain they do take a medicine the martial arts is a medicine before pain the way you walk the way you talk people recognize this guy I’m not gonna mess with them [Music] then English [Music] it seemed like I was finally getting ahead you behind a lot are you gonna be good with the basics locked in it felt like the right time to get master Jerry’s thoughts on his negative reviews you know we were reading some of your reviews and we saw someone mentioned like they called it oh no no of Bushido Bushido or Shiva but they wrote oh oh you’re trying to make it Joe people call it talking you know they’re on the internet like behind their negative comments how how do you deal with that a piece of cake I want to ask you something you see flower you see dirt over here I don’t want to use the words in the bathroom when you’re gonna take your family to where to watch pay attention you know many beautiful thing why should I spend fighting the one seconds for the door I believe you you don’t believe also the social problem to believe so I shouldn’t believe you shouldn’t believe test test occurs fast well what can we do right now you think where it will make me believe you and I can test you [Music] you’re gonna test me power to the balls now so much you’re gonna have a pain you’re not gonna have a time for this you can win the battle without get rid of the door this door move yourself on the door yes sorry cardboard you see what happened see the break that finger break [Music] you know how many people can write about you yeah you can’t clean the bathroom I forgot one thing if you’re gonna let to the fear you’re gonna pay attention to the fear all the dot- you brave you’re brave at first I was definitely a bit nervous and put off by master Jerry’s dominant presence however once he began the lesson I appreciated the big picture plan he had laid out for me master Jerry was not gonna stand there and me with empty promises he explained how much time it takes how the mind must develop and how it is a way of living this isn’t the movies and there are no shortcuts when it comes to the martial arts when I question the negative backlash from online reviews he was quick to dismiss them he is someone that does not acknowledge the negatives in life only the positives he is not only strong physically but he is also strong mentally I appreciate this elevated way of thinking he refuses to be bullied he may be a misunderstood character but I actually found him to be quite inspiring he taught me that I was my own person and is up to me to not be thank you master Jerry martial art is not the mole meal you have to know crumbs you don’t see me crumbs the little thing what you’re eating in the something full on the table and you’re going to learn that up to you thank you so much


  1. 5:40 BOOM 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. We got white belt kids, who kick much harder with their knees than 'Master Jerry' … 2:06 (And by the way: If you want a black belt, you got 2 different options: Train hard for many years and get one, or get one in 24 hours thanks to amazon prime 😛 And if you want a trophy, a cup or something like that: Go to ebay or amazon, they got lovely ones … or earn them with sweat and tears 😛 )

  3. And: No trainer will EVER go on the mat with a BASEBALL CAP on his head!!! And jeans. And an usual belt. And a watch. And a headset. And … WHAT THE HECK! Is he really wearing SLIPPERS??? I have done different martial arts for over 20 years now. I never NEVER seen a teacher doing this (Baseball cap, jeans and watch and slippers during the teaching)… In a weired way I am facinated and in the same way I don't believe my eyes. 😛 And this crazy fantasy sword at the wall …

  4. Martial art is not about fighting it's about living. To protect and preserve life. This video is a testament to being an individual and not sheep. the problem with most people is their ego.

  5. U realise the dudes that hate on ya look exactly like ya right? You don't need self defence you just need to grow some balls in (real) life. They don't dear come outta their nana's basement. you good fam.

  6. Everybody who is hatin on this dude go suck a dick im the biggest hater on YouTube 🎩 and this mf funny af so do yourself a favor buddy dont listen to this salty ass bitches that don’t know any better 👍🏼

  7. Yo what the fuck is Vice doing?
    Is this Media/Channel/Network buzzfeed now? Doing stupid cringy shit now, what's up?

  8. Actually he's good, and he teach the other part of martial which is rarely done. The theoretic, philosophic. He big man got some nice moves. i liked his arm lock at 3:07

  9. Piece of advise man! The way your making these videos are wrong you should not interview them and they should not know your recording them for you to really know if they are pretending to be good or bad! It’s called social facilitation!

  10. 🤣🤣 on 0:8 man in real life he woulda been shot dead that was the slowest grab I've ever seen in my life like cmon man 🤣🤣🤣

  11. If you're gonna let to the fear, you're gonna pay attention to the fear, all the dirt, negative, you're brave. You're brave -Master Gerry

  12. Taji must be getting payed atleast 50 thousand a month for having to do this shit i would never do this for less than a mil a year

  13. Grand Master Gerry looks like Tony Soprano from a very cheap bootleg Sopranos that I would probably watch the shit out of

  14. you would never take someones gun like it was a movie scene. Most perps are so pumped up that they would shoot you on any type of movement.

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  17. I​ cannot​ speak​ for​ the​ grandmaster's martial arts skill but​ he​ sure​ made​ me​ smile.

  18. So it's just ignored that this guy moves/postures ironically nerdy on purpose and therefor will get robbed/beaten up many more times. He could just stop being a total asshole then people would leave him alone.

  19. This guy literally learns self defense in a 7 minute video while I learn self defense from years on martial arts

  20. I feel like the instructor guy knows what he's talking about, like he used to be good or he still is good, maybe he's not a good teacher? Maybe he was a good martial artist.

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