I took the US Army Fitness Test

I took the US Army Fitness Test

I took the US Army Fitness Test without practice I took the US Army Fitness Test without practice


  1. UPDATE: I just took on the US Marines Fitness Test since you all easily hit 15,000 likes! And I tried to get a perfect score 'cause we like a challenge! 🙏 

    Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GMr8xV4IY4

  2. 294 was the best I could do in the Army also…but my kryptonite was always the run. My legs weren't designed for running.

  3. i just saw the Marine Fitness Test… it was amazing… but now the Army Test… the Video was great but nobody can tell me, that the new generations of Army soldiers who have all the time the cellphones in their hand even on duty and while driving doing this test. i see them every day. I work for the Army. Of the complete Barracks there are may be around 10% who going to do Sport. Most of the time they are busy with being stupid. (Talking about the young soldiers 19-25 years)

  4. Interesting to hear your feedback. I'm British. I went to a Royal Marines potential officers selection when I was 17 and at that time they were using the USMC physicial fitness test. Overhand pullups, situps, pressups and a shuttle run of 6 x 50m (under 50 seconds I think was the pass rate) to the best of my recollection. It was interesting to be able to compare my results at that age with the other candidates. Later in life I then went on to join the Army as an Officer and did an older version of the Basic Fitness test (there have been at least 3 versions in the last 20-30 years) and Academy's version of the Combat fitness test. Completely agree with your sentiments on doing the run having just finished the situps, pressups (and pull ups in my case). Running when abs, arms, and especially hip flexors, are fatigued. Interestingly, in my time, the pressups for females were different (knees on the ground) and pullups (lower beam, feet on the ground with body at an angle underneath), but because of different physiology (men have far more weight on their upper body so more pressure on abs to lift that weight) it was often a female that finished last on activities like the abdominal bleep test. I wouldn't advocate anyone doing the combat fitness test (speed march) without specific training beforehand as it could likely result in lower limb injury if not used to that kind of activity.

    The run part of the Basic Fitness test for the British Army, in the most recent version I did, was a half mile warmup (800m) in about 6 minutes, followed immediately by a 1.5mile best effort (2400m), the time to attain being based on age and gender. For under 30 male the target was 10 min 30, for Under 30 female 13 mins. The best times I ever witnessed were in the region of 6mins 45.

  5. I can't even do 2 press ups without having to do them with my knees bent, but I'm totally inspired to train for this!

  6. bro at gymnastics we had to do 60 push-ups the other day in conditioning. and tbh that’s quite normal lmao

  7. Shit’s hella easy for me as far as Pushups and sit-ups. Only problem I’ve ever really had with a PT test is my run. Failed it for the first time at my current station, got injured for a whole month, then came back with a 250 score.
    Anyone who struggles with calisthenics, the only way to get better is to actually do it. I remember when I couldn’t even do more than 5 push-ups. Now I can rep out 40-50 in one go. Same goes for sit-ups & the run.
    Anyone can do this. Take your time, & you’ll get better in no time.

  8. I'm absolutely buggered just watching this. You're amazing! I'll never be able to even do one push up or sit up as well as you.

  9. For future reference, after you run don’t sit down. Stand up and put your hands over your head. (It helps you breathe better. It opens your lungs so you can breathe better.)

  10. I am probably odd, but I find that running a mile on an uneven surface is easier for me than on a track. Tracks feel so unnatural

  11. Not sure if someone mentioned this, but the repetitions for the sit ups counts when you go back down, not when you come up.

  12. I took one every six months from 1983 to 1994. Maxed every test I took. Old and out of shape now. Fasted I ran the two miles was 10:13 in Hanau Germany.

  13. I’m 18 and I also did the army pt and my score was :
    Push ups: 44
    Sit ups: 62 (ran out of time)
    2 mile run: 17:44

    I challenge everyone else to do this & Comment down below what’s your results!!

  14. Hey, former Army guy here. I know you were nervous about the pushups, but that was pretty damn good! Far and away better than most females in the units I served with. I will say, your back was dipping in the last ones, with you leading with your belly a bit, but not a lot. One thing that helps with the APFT: you can change the width of your hands during the test, as you get tired in one position.

  15. Great scores. Only problem: you count the sit-ups when you touch the ground. That’s the rep. Not when you are up.

  16. You should try "swedish police fitness test"

    You get 2minutes to order 12 donuts with different fillings
    And here is the tricky part, Your car is in the garage! And you only get 5 minutes to get to the car, drive to the donut shop and bring back the donuts!

  17. Doing sit ups and press ups slower is harder, I would rather they set a set number of controlled full form sit ups or press ups, Instead of trying to race through as many in a set time

  18. I can’t even do one push up I can do lots of sit ups and I can run for 2 miles but push ups not even one it’s not possible for me

  19. 294/300??? With NO practice!?!? It's sooo pleasing to see a physically fit woman bc there's too many that would pass out after 1 push-up

  20. Well, thats try out for army fitness test, the real test is 2 and a half miles, 125 push up and 95 sit up, then pull 230 lbs for 50 yards, and later 10 pull up in just 20 mins, so good luck and the ranger fitness test is even harder.

  21. You would have qualified for the Physical Fitness Badge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Fitness_Badge
    They would been carting me off the track long before the end of the event.

  22. That was around my score in training.. now I'm a lazy POS and can barely walk up the stairs without feeling a little out of breath lmao

  23. We count the push ups on the down position, the bum was a bit too high. They'd still count it in though. I counted 43 push ups, sit ups are counted when the bottom of your shoulders touch the ground. 87 sit ups. You judged yourself too harshly. Overall a great PT test. Wish my soldiers could have been the same when I was in.

  24. I have graded multiple PT test didn’t see anything wrong with your sit ups they were spot on. Your push ups were good to you can get more by moving you hands out and using your chest muscles then moving your hands back together to reuse your arms well done 👍

  25. This girl is absolutely adorable! The run was always my weakness. I used to max my push ups and sit ups but never got a P.T. badge because my run time was not so great. a couple of time I barely passed the run, I'm just not a runner.

  26. She forgot to mention that this test and not age and gender neutral. That is men and women have different scoring applied to them and the scale of each event changes with age.

    But hey if you like this the US Army is changing it's program so you can try a whole slew of new events. Have fun!

  27. What equipment did you need? Push ups, sit ups and a 1.5 mile run was the British army fitness test 3 months ago.

  28. That was me running at 11:32 mark. I had no idea who Natacha was until this video. Also, I moved the steeplechase hurdles out of lane 1

  29. Holy f**kin shit we got a woman and she's not even American and she knew we was gonna watch her like a hawk and she still killed that shit……yeah I've got nothing besides challenge navabeast for the marine test

  30. Good job, being uncomfortable and alittle sore is a constant in the army… and you have trained for it…. you’re in good shape…

  31. Everyone that did this test in his life knows that the worst thing is that you have to run 2 miles right after doing shit tone of sit-ups with your abdominal muscles tight and stiff.

  32. On the positive side: good job! You did well and studied up.
    On the negative side: reading Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins and Born to Run, by McDougall have ruined me for all normal athletic challenges.

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