Improvised Explosive Devices “Weapons Intelligence Team” Course

Improvised Explosive Devices “Weapons Intelligence Team” Course

You can build an IED with anything that you
can find around you. You need a phone, you need a home-made explosive. What they need, they can find on Internet. What they need, they can find in the real
world. You can go outside with less than 200 Euros
and you can purchase everything that you need. This is a tactical weapon that can have a
tremendous strategic impact on the population. The Weapons Intelligence Team course is a
course about collecting evidences, is a course about exploitation process to identify, locate
and possible targeting different threat networks using improvised explosive devices. What we do is try to replicate the incidents
that happened the last months around the world. We choose the most representative ones and
we replicate them in the course, in order to have the more updated training. NATO has not just learned to gather this intelligence
and defeat the device, but has also learned to construct the networks that you need to
get everybody working together. So what one learns can quickly be transferred
through this network to everybody else. Spain is the ideal location for this particular
facility. The Mediterranean countries have acquired
a lot of experience. Their navies, in particular their military
forces, because of dealing with smuggling networks and how to disrupt these networks,
the organised criminal gangs that are behind this, the illicit flow of weapons that go
with this type of trade. For the first time of the Weapons Intelligence
Team course, we are conducting one week of maritime training. The reason behind this is the insurgent groups
are recently conducting attacks on vessels and ships. We have in NATO a voluntary national contribution
fund, where Allies put money into a sort of trust fund, which we can then use to finance
this course. It is very important that we maintain that
fund well stocked, because this is a problem that is not going to go away anytime soon. We are very interested to counter terrorism
at homeland and this is a way to do it. If we understand what they’re doing in the
theatre, we can save lives and we can have a better world.


  1. So true. You can make explosives or IEDs out of almost any house hold items. These guys have a very dangerous job. Thanks to all our allies.

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