India vs China – Who Would Win? Military Comparison

India vs China – Who Would Win? Military Comparison

Today we’ll be comparing the two largest
countries in the world in terms of population, with India set to be the most populated country
in the world by 2022. Both nations have seen widespread economic
progress in recent times, thanks to China’s economic reform and the liberalization of
India’s economy. Presently, China has the 2nd largest economy
in the world behind the United States, although according to Fortune “America’s economy
will not be the world’s largest for much longer.” According to some analysts, in the near future
India also has a chance of becoming the world’s largest economy…again. While both countries still experience high
poverty rates, some progress has been made. A lot of this new money, however, has been
as much about social progress as it has defense matters. Today we’ll compare these two emerging economies
in this episode of the Infographics Show, India vs China. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the
bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. Let’s start with the larger of the two nations
both in terms of population and economy, which is China. We should note that in 2017, the World Bank
said that China’s economy shows signs of slowing down while India’s is still revving
up. And we already know that India is expected
to have the world’s largest population in a few years. China’s GDP for 2016 was 11-plus trillion
dollars, second only to the USA whose GDP is 18-plus trillion dollars. The European Union would be in second place
but we cannot count that as a country. According to an article in Bloomberg published
in 2016, at projected growth rates, China should have the world’s largest economy
by 2028. Not surprisingly, China has seen increased
spending on defense, and in 2016 that amount was $146 billion. The Guardian puts it higher at around $150
billion. Behind the USA, this is the most any country
spends on its defense. India’s 2016 GDP was around 2.3 trillion
dollars, making it the 7th largest economy in the world. Analysts state that at projected growth rates,
that will be $6.84 trillion by 2030. Of that, $52.2 billion went to defense for
the year 2016-17. This means India is the 5th biggest spender
on defense behind the US, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. With such a fast-growing economy, it’s expected
that India will significantly increase the military budget over the coming years. Now let’s have a look at how many people
stand behind these budgets. China has the largest population in the world
with 1.38 billion people. The country has around 2,335,000 active frontline
personnel and over 1.4 million active reserve personnel and paramilitary forces. This is the largest army in the world, almost
double the size of the USA and India. North Korea also has a very large army if
you count all those people on stand-by with some military training. India’s population is 1.311 billion people,
almost 1.4 million of whom are active military personnel. 1,155,000 people are serving as reserve personnel. If you’ve seen our show on the world’s
best elite forces, you’ll know that part of this army is the elite Indian MARCOS. This is of some importance when comparing
militaries, given that these guys have had their hands full for a long time on the India-Pakistan
border. In 2017 it was announced that on top of technological
modernization, Chinese President Xi Jinping intends to invest heavily on its own elite
military force. Now let’s get down to questions of hardware. Both countries have been busy updating their
arsenal of weapons on land, in the air, and at sea. According to sources, China has 9,150 Main
Battle Tanks, 4,788 armored fighting vehicles, 1,710 Self-propelled guns, 6,246 Towed-Artillery,
and 1770 multiple launch rocket systems. We should note that various sources give different
numbers. Some equipment might be out of date and not
usable, while there is constant growth. China’s cream of the crop is its third-generation
VT-4 main battle tank, which its military claims is the best battle tank on the planet. The country is also the proud owner of a large
fleet of Type 99 and 96 tanks. China is sometimes said to have the third
best tank force in the world behind the USA and Russia. But guess who’s fourth? You guessed it, India! India has around 5,978
main battle tanks, 6,704 armored fighting vehicles, 290 self-propelled guns, 7,414 towed
artillery and 292 multiple-launch rocket systems. Some of this hardware is said to be in need
of an upgrade, but that’s just what India is doing right now. It has a large force of T-72 tanks, but it’s
also the owner of the highly touted Russian-made T-90 tank. According to Bloomberg in 2017, the country
spent millions on upgrading its almost 1,000 strong fleet of T-90s. A force to be reckoned with, given that the
T-90 is often on the list of the world’s best tanks. India also has initiated the Field Artillery
Rationalisation Plan, in which 3 billion dollars will be spent on 3000 to 4000 pieces of new
artillery. In 2016, National Interest put China behind
the USA as the second most lethal air force by the time we reach 2030. From its around 1,300 total aircraft, China
has a large number of Russian Su-35s and Su-27s, with the former being one of the best aircraft
ever made. But China’s ace up its sleeve are the Chengdu
J-20 and J-31 stealth fighters, aircraft which U.S. analysts have agreed are a feat of engineering. This is one reason why China is such a threat. India didn’t make National Interest’s
list. India is said to be the fourth largest airforce
in the world in terms of personnel and aircraft. From its 1,720 aircraft, about 900 are combat
capable. Its fleet consists of Russian built Sukhoi
Su-30MKIs and Mikoyan MiG-29s, as well as the highly-rated French-built multi-role fighter,
the Dassault Mirage 2000. The latter is certainly up there as one of
the best military aircraft ever built, but will India have the money to invest as much
as China is in buying or developing its own top of the range machines? As for the ocean, China again is very strong. The country has one aircraft carrier, 25 destroyers,
3 amphibious transports, 42 frigates, 8 nuclear attack submarines and around 50 conventional
attack submarines. The country is investing a ton of money on
updating its navy, which includes two new state of the art supercarriers, enough to
make any country’s military quiver. These should be ready in 2020 and 2023, respectively. By that time only the USA, UK, and China will
have ships of that size. Although just a few years later it is expected
that India will have its own supercarrier in the form of the INS Vishal. It’s also expected to be a work of military
art, but it is early days yet. Right now India is one of few countries to
have an aircraft carrier, and it also owns 11 destroyers, 14 frigates, 15 submarines,
23 corvettes, 0 amphibious assault ships and 7 mine warfare ships. It is also a very powerful navy, but is said
to lack submarine strength – unlike China. As we know the USA and Russia have the lion’s
share of nuclear weapons, but China has around 270 of these weapons. The actual amount has been the focus of considerable
speculation, with some analysts stating that China has many more nuclear weapons hidden
underground. We should add that this has not been confirmed
and some critics have said it’s hogwash. India also has nuclear strength, owning around
120 nuclear warheads. In conclusion both militaries are growing
in power, and both countries are leading the world with a handful of other nations in terms
of technology. You could say China has more tools in the
box, but India certainly is not far behind. So, who do you think would win in this hypothetical
matchup? India or China? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called India vs Pakistan?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!


  1. I think I've received thousands of emails and messages asking for this video. Here you go, no more requests for India vs China!

  2. 我是个中国大陆人,是这样的,大家都知道印度远超中国,马上比肩美国,陆军印度的阿琼远超大陆99坦克,同时印度拥有性能优越的光辉战斗机,中国为了打肿脸充胖子恬不知耻的把两架J10焊在一起说自己有了第四代战斗机J20,这很说明大陆虚荣心强,浮躁的特点,还有中国的航母辽宁号也不太行,需要拖船才能勉强工作,总而言之和印度比中国的军事已经被远远甩开了可是大陆还在自高自大,我觉得很惋惜。

  3. India is claiming itself a superpower, even they don't know what is superpower. Superpower in military isn't for rule the world. Its a responsible & peacekeeping rights to evade circumstances of war & help every country for self defense in future support. Only United States have 20 Allies in the world, Russian politics is on idiotic level, so they don't want help same as China. But in this war China is going to win.

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    India always scared from Pakistan. then how can India beat such a big country (China).
    If war will start then pak will help China and then India will destroyed.

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  8. You forgot one point. China has only one war experience. Whereas, India has many war-experiences. That is a tremendous advantage for India. And also a disadvantage because being constantly involved in wars India could not grow as fast as China.

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  11. Indian soldiers fought bravely in both World wars. In Gallipoli indian soldiers dragged three cannons up steep cliffs and returned fire at Turkish cannon which was killing Australian and New Zealand soldiers (Anzacs). Australian historians never mention this act of bravery and self sacrifice. Chinese communist forces seldom fought the Japanese, letting the nationalist forces and American troops to do all the heavy lifting. They only came in at the end to attack the exhausted nationals who fled to Formosa, later name Taiwan. I'd put my money on India.

  12. In October 1967, another military duel took place at Cho La and ended on the same day. According to independent sources, the Indian forces achieved "decisive tactical advantage" and defeated the Chinese forces in these clashes.

  13. You're comparing a nation that builds all the electronics of the world and stealth bombers with a hole that can't build toilets and runs call centre scams. LET'S GET REAL!

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    India's cheif of Air Defence said India needs to replace its 200+ Flying coffins.
    And India have few t90 tanks out of 6000. The resr of the tanks are from 60s or 80s
    China have J20 stealth jets and Z20 stealth helicopters, China have 5g, china have Hypersonic missiles, China have better stealth drones, China have better Space and cyber warriors, China most weapons are updated and latest, the China have low maintenance cost because most of them are home-made and India have high maintenance cost but still China millitary budget is 146 billion vs India have 52 billion.

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