INDIAN WEAPONS that SHOCKED the entire World (MUST WATCH) 2018

INDIAN WEAPONS that SHOCKED the entire World (MUST WATCH) 2018

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  1. in this world there is no strong weapon other than words. When you speak gently cleverly and lovely everyone will accept you. for ex. SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. He gained a heart of world people with only the holiness.

  2. fauj do cheezo say mil k banti hai uskay sipahi or uskay hathiyaar. hamaray sipahi bahadur hain lekin hathiyaar khreeday hue hain. aar paar ki ladai may ye khaatarnaak situation hai specially jb china almost independent hai. esa dushman jo apnay hathiyar khud banata hi nhi blaki duniya ko bech kr paisa bhi kmata hai ussay hum esi halat may jeet nhi sktay. hakikat ko pahchanna zruri hai. ek fauji ka pahla weapon uski rifle hai wo to chhodo uska ammunition bhi hum banate nhi khreedtein hain. ye fauj ki nhi paise ki taakt hai. issay kaam nhi chalega. make in india ko large scale pr kaam krna pdega. blki waqt aa gya hai research in india ka. hamari private industries jaise maruti, mahindra, godrej etc majboot hain bus private sector ko puri tarah say is weapon industry may utarnay ki der hai. hamay weapons sirf isliye nhi banana hain ki apni fauj k kaam aa skein blki china ki tarah unhe bech kr paisa kmana bhi zruri hai.

  3. India are building up defend but all the half the india taxpayers could even afford a toilet.Russia is sucking India money like nobody business.What the world sucker?

  4. Is there any weapon that India can make itself?Once total-war broke out, I didn't believe India could win any other country.

  5. aree yaar itni power or powerful weapons mat dikhao warna Pakistani Jo ye video dekhenge kahi heart attack se na mar Jaye 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,, Pakistaniyo ki gaand was bhi jalti rahti ha

  6. India really shocked the world with it's failed missile program,a flop tej-ass jet program n hunger among it's armed forces…..that's really shocking

  7. No one bad elements should not look in bad nature. India in need of highly sophisticated weapons to take any threats either inside or outside. And Indians should be patriotic and independent. Thanque

  8. Of course. The military stuff of China are all made by VR. They are all fake. China is such a poor country their people even can't afford to eat an egg…they definitely don't have the money to make any weapon or to train their soldiers. Their soldiers are starving thus have no enough enery to fight any battle….
    On the other end, India is invincible because they have 2 talismans in their pocket — the best caste system in the universe, & the best democrazy system in the universe — with these 2 magic weapons, India will not only be a superpower on the Earth, but also will be the conqueror of the whole Universe….

  9. These country's are garbage with there clone hand me downs, from of the real super powers U.S. and Russia. We have self destruct buttons on every thing we sell you guys, just in case you think you can take on the real super powers of the world!

  10. Stupid fool…we Build more than 60 % of our weapons…Best in the World..unlike you, Who buy them for three times the actual price…some fat ass indian generals and Politicians in india are becoming billionaires while…your 700 , million, poverty stricken, hungry, homeless, toilet-less, cast cursed, live and defecate all over your filthy city streets…go feed them…go spend your hard earned money $ that you earned on your poor people…3 million poor hindues earned it while cleaning the toilets of the Arab Muslims in the past 10 years…

  11. Idiots no toilets in India is a myth. Actually our people poops in Pakistani area and soon we will do the same in China. Bunch of assholes.

  12. India should acquire more nuke submarines .moreover stealth fighter planes, seal the border with Pakistan,construct dams in j& k,reduce dependence on Chinese products, more stringent laws should be enforced to avoid corruption

  13. India is Showing its Weekness in front of the world…coz it never shows its power n hw mch it developed…
    Do u kno why bcoz india is not like other country….jo aapna acha dekhata hai aur bureko nahi dekata…pr india ache ko chupata hai aur bureko dekhata hain…..kyounki india ko is saab ko development krkee….ek Developed n super power banna hai….jai hind…what ever u all want to say…about my country then u r hartely welcom …we will listen but atlast when time will come we will laugh at u…Jai Hind…j

  14. More 'stealth, attack drones", reusable missiles are the need of the hour and should be added to the fleet…Jai Hind !!!

  15. I was shocked by the wrong usage of the title to describe such an ordinary weapon systems ! The non-availability of toilets to 70% of the households is indeed SHOCKING ! The whole country stinks !

  16. Well, I must admit I am totally shocked that you think those weapons that India bought from Russian surplus would be shocking to anybody save yourself.

  17. Being a true Hindustani, I never appreciate India's show-off in Military Might. Being the only living civilization in the world, we, should take initiative in nuclear disarmament scrapping all nukes from the glob. Govt of India should not only scrap all its nukes but also abstain from further produce of such weapons. If its age-old civilization can not convince the world for a peaceful Globe, what is the point of its civilization. That we all are racing in military power is just a stupid idea of stupid brain. We should never boast of possessing such a dreadful weapons. Let us look at the earth planet which flies so sweetly in its trajectory and supporting all life forms. Is it not beautiful? Dont we have any feeling of love for the Creator. It is high time for India to move the issue in UNO before it is too late to avoid any such eventuality

  18. Weapons is only half of India strength 💪 but half strength is our brave and moral soldiers can defeat any strong weapon f16 downing is best example.

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