International Business and Management Studies (Bachelors) at Arnhem Business School, the Netherlands

International Business and Management Studies (Bachelors) at Arnhem Business School, the Netherlands

You start your first year at the Arnhem Business School, a year full of possibilities and guidance. You will be prepared with general business knowledge which helps you to choose from four different programs in the upcoming years. Do you have perseverance, social skills and a natural feel for commerciality, management and organization? Check out the International Business and Management Studies program. This English spoken program focusses on business management and marketing on an international level, which requires a thirst for understanding other cultures. Learn what is necessary to succeed in multinational companies by taking responsibility, and most importantly how to create value in the company. What’s unique about our program is the close interaction with international students and lecturers through group projects. Working directly with international groups you gain cultural experience you cannot be taught in a traditional lesson. By working in these groups you are also learning to accept critiques and develop presentation skills for an international setting. You will move forward with an internship and study abroad, immersed into a different culture other than Dutch and your native culture. You will return confident in your abilities and understandings of all three cultures. Within the International Business Management Studies programme your knowledge will be prepared for management in multinational companies. You will experience firsthand why our students stand apart from others.

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