Iran Captures and Humiliates 10 US Navy Seamen: OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!!

Iran Captures and Humiliates 10 US Navy Seamen: OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!!

Breaking News! Iran releases a video of the
moment the Iranian Revolutionary Guard boarded and captured two American Navy boats. The
ten American seamen on board were ordered to disarm, get on their knees and put their
hands up. They were then taken captive at gunpoint, forcibly removed from their vessels,
and brought to an Iranian military base on the Farsi Islands, located in the Persian
Gulf. The American soldiers were detained in a room
with no windows, located in the Revolutionary Guard military base. The soldiers were then
forced to remove their shoes and eat with their hands! The one female American soldier
was also forced to wear a burka, in accordance with Islamic law. Iran held the 10 Americans captives overnight,
allowing them one phone call. The 10 US soldiers captives were interrogated, searched and their
equipment has been seized. Iran accuses the Americans as spies and demanded
that the US sailors apologize for crossing into Iran borders, before being released.
The US government quickly apologized to, and thanked the Iranian government, taking a cowardly
and weak stance for the whole world to see! Should America have Apologized?


  1. Your description of some of the "humiliations" experienced by the soldiers is ridiculous. They were "forced" to remove their shoes while sitting on the carpeted floor because it's most comfortable when they were expected to be held overnight. Secondly, the female was not forced to wear a "burqa" which is a garment that covers the entire body and face with just a peephole. She was made to cover with a light hijab(really just a towel-like thingee) Although we think it's silly, it's still a part of their culture. In parts of the South Pacific it's considered obscene for a woman's knees to be showing. You and lots of other people need to chill and stop over-reacting!

  2. No freaking way to apologize to them! It's bullsh#t, They always capture seamen without warning. Not Only US they been capture

  3. You such idiot I have seen the original video which shows Iranian hospitality was wonderful and US navy's were respected by Iranian guard. Then you idiot should simply fuck off with your blemish sound:) hehehe

  4. Oh my god these crazy ass Persians. What crazy assholes? What, they think they can have a country, with borders and shit, pshht I mean we should all be like the US, just let any asshole who has a boat or can jump a fence right into the country.

    Come on lol. I'm sure if any tactical ship of any nationality shows up off the coast of California or NY, I'm sure we would apologize too, I mean come on, it's our fault that their ship malfunctions

  5. Should have America apologized? Stfu, ofcourse it should have. We are no better than any other country and its that thinking that divides humanity

  6. What a shady news account. Just trying to stir up shit. Why wouldn't they appologies? There are maritime laws. Both sides know so they made a mistake. Get outta here and cover some real topics. Be honest with yourself, us and take pride in your work. You'll go further.

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