Iran Military Power

Iran Military Power

Russia. China. Iran. North Korea. Transnational Terrorism. Do you know the threats? For more than 50 years, DIA officers have delivered defense intelligence expertise for our nation’s leaders and warfighters. In the tradition of DIA’s unclassified Soviet Military Power series, we bring you a new set of products that examines the greatest threats facing the U.S. today. Earlier this year we released China Military Power. Now, Iran Military Power examines the core capabilities of Iran’s military. Iran has expanded its capabilities and role as both an unconventional and conventional threat in the Middle East. This report provides details on Iran’s defense and military goals, strategy, plans, and intentions. Learn what DIA’s top intelligence experts have concluded about these complex threats and their potential impact on the United States and its allies. These assessments add an important viewpoint to the public conversation. Join us online.


  1. Fuck Iran. They are one mistake away from the US turning them into a glowing nuclear wasteland….
    From Mel's husband
    US Army retired

  2. Irán is only a threat if the U.S attacks them, it is very simple just don't fuck with Iran and remove your 40 U.S military bases surrounding Iran, they feel threatened by them and the the verval threats of the U S and Israel, stop playing the role of victims. The U.S under dumb ass Trump is very hostile towards Iran, China and Russia, they are all under economic sanctions so you should expect them to become allies, Trump is the worst negotiator he shouldn't never bacame a president.

  3. The real terrorist is us ..why u guys keep messing with anothers country? Are u going to be world police or something..🤣🤣 one trust sneaky usa..warmongers

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