Iraq’s Kurds fire weapons and rockets in intense firefight with ISIL militants

Iraq’s Kurds fire weapons and rockets in intense firefight with ISIL militants

This footage shows security personnel firing
weapons and rockets during an intense firefight with the militants. Kurdish security forces clash with ISIL militants
in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk. Iraq’s Kurds have established their control
over the northern city of Kirkuk and its oil reserves, a step toward a long-held dream
for them. Kurdish forces took control of the city and
other disputed territory as Sunni Arab militants pressed an offensive, that has seen them seize
a large chunk of Iraq and sweep federal security forces aside. The Sunni Arab rebels however, who have taken
Mosul and are pushing towards Baghdad, appeared to be focused elsewhere. ISIL seeks a succession ruled on medieval
Sunni Muslim precepts in Iraq and Syria, fighting against both Iraq’s Maliki and Syria’s Bashar
al-Assad. The group considers Shi’ites heretics, deserving
death, and has boasted of massacring hundreds of Iraqi troops who surrendered to it last


  1. Two parties seem to benefit the most from the ISIL insurgency, the Sunnis who refute Shiite rule; and undoubtedly the Kurdish whom have been expanding their territory as well. I've heard claims of collusion of some sort between these groups, something like a non-aggression pact; while they both carve out more land from the Iraqi government. However, I haven't been able to validate any of these allegations; the situation is much to opaque. But this seems much to well executed for ISIL, all of their funding is certainly going to lead to not just non-state actors; there's a conspiracy to execute this somewhere. Not surprisingly though, the only group that profits is Oil companies; from a rise in market price per barrel.

  2. The strange thing is that Hezbollah fight Isil. Israel and USA are against Isil. Free Syrian Army and Assad Gov Forces already fight Isil. Iraq is fighting Isil alongside Iran. Turkey and Israel has already bombed Isil positions. Kurdish forces battle Isil. So every armed force in the middle east is fighting against Isil. May the most merciful army find rest and a new prosperous beginning.

  3. Bejyyyy kurdo kurdistan. Kurd people is good people ,but in fur che net ly kurdistan is between for country terorest.

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