Iron Suits Without DAMAGING Them? | How To CORRECTLY Press Suit Jackets

Iron Suits Without DAMAGING Them? | How To CORRECTLY Press Suit Jackets

How To Iron & Steam Suits Without DAMAGING
Them Press Suit Jackets Do’s & Don’ts [0:00:00]
The jacket easily one of the most important pieces in a man’s wardrobe. It’s your suit of armor when you need to
look your best. Unfortunately, like all pieces of dress clothing
it will develop wrinkles and too many wrinkles can make even the most handsome jacket looks
sloppy. So, how to get rid of them? Well, sending your jacket to the cleaners
to be professional pressed, that’s a great option and without a doubt if you’ve got
a trusted professional, this can yield excellent result. However, if you’re sending your jacket to
get professionally pressed all the time, this can start to get expensive. But how do you deal with wrinkles when you’re
traveling or if you need that jacket pressed hours before an important event? Gentlemen, in today’s video I’m going
to give you two methods that you can use to properly and safely steam and press your jacket. Method number one. Steaming the jacket. To get started with method number one, here
is what you’re going to need. First, a steamer. There are two main types of steamers; there’s
the smaller ones for traveling and the full size ones for a home. If you’ll often be steaming multiple items
of clothing in your house, I highly recommend you go out there and buy a full size steamer. Those are going to work best, they put out
a lot of steam. If you travel frequently though or you’ve
got a small apartment, then go ahead and just get a travel steamer. A clean jacket. Gentlemen, you want to make sure that the
jacket you’re going to be steaming and pressing is free from stains and dirt. Heat and steam can sometimes permanently set
a stain, so you want to make sure to spot clean any dirty spots on the jacket before
exposing it to the heat. Distilled water. Only use distilled water in your steamer [jugs],
tap water can leave sediment buildup that will decrease the steamer’s effectiveness
over time. Gentlemen, you’re going to need to hang
your jacket in order to steam it. Use only wide shouldered hangers. Now, as you’re steaming the jacket, you
can actually leave it hanging in your closet if there’s enough room, if there’s not,
then take it into the bathroom and just hang in on the shower rod. Fill your steamer with distilled water and
turn it on. Give it two to three minutes to fully heat
up. It may take a little bit longer if you’re
using a full size steamer with a lot of water. You will steam the jacket in sections pulling
the fabric taught before pressing the steamer head to the fabric. Slowly move the steamer in an up and down
motion. If the wrinkles aren’t coming out, you may
be moving the steamer too quickly. The primary areas that will need attention
will be around the elbows, the back of the jacket, and maybe a few small spots on the
front of the jacket. Be careful not to over steam using an excess
amount of steam around the seams can cause them to lose their shape aka blown the seams. Overall steaming is an excellent method to
get rid of the jacket’s wrinkles. Overall, there’s very little risk in damaging
your jacket. But maybe you don’t have a steamer or perhaps
that jacket has got a wrinkle which isn’t coming out. In this case, let’s look at the second method. Method two. Ironing your jacket. Here’s what you need to iron your jacket;
a pressing cloth. Most jackets are made from delicate fabrics
like wool that can be easily damaged by a hot iron. Gentlemen, you will never put that hot iron
up against the jacket, you will use a pressing cloth. This pressing cloth is going to protect your
jacket from scorches and getting shiny marks. A simple white cotton pocket square is going
to be fine. A clean iron. Gentlemen, you got to make sure that you’ve
got a clean iron. You don’t want anything that’s going to
leave stains. Now, most jackets are going to be darker color,
but if it’s a lighter color you definitely want to test the iron to make sure that you
don’t have any sediment shooting out. Again, if you start to have sediment or any
type of looks like stains, rust, or anything in there, use a solution of 50% vinegar 50%
distilled water, run it through the steam functions of the iron and that can help to
clean that out. A clean jacket. Again, you’ve got to make sure the jacket
is free from dirt and stains to avoid permanently setting any of this. So, if you noticed any stains, you noticed
any dirt, do some spot cleaning. A standard iron board. It’s much easier to use a board than ironing
on a table. The board doesn’t need to be fancy, the
basic ironing board found in any department store will do nicely. Gentlemen, you have to use distilled water. Regular water can lead to sediment buildup
and it can damage the iron and it can leave sediment on the clothing. To start, set the iron to the right heat setting. Now, we’re talking about jackets here, so
it is going to most likely be wool. That’s a lower heat setting. But if this is a cotton jacket, then you’re
going to want to turn up the temperature a bit. It’s always better though to start with
a lower temperature, then you can turn the heat up. Use the press method instead of sliding the
iron like you would for a dress shirt. So, press the iron evenly on top of the fabric
for a few seconds, then pick it straight up and move to another spot, sliding the iron
back and forth can lead to shiny marks on the fabric. Now, I’m not going to lie, a jacket is rather
difficult to iron especially around the shoulders. I highly recommend only pressing the areas
that really need attention like the back, the elbows, the parts of the front that have
a bit of wrinkles and leaving the rest to a professional. [0:05:01]
To iron the back of the jacket, lay it out flat on the ironing board. Smooth out the fabric, so you will not make
any creases. Careful, press out the wrinkles by setting
the iron straight down and picking it up again before moving to a new spot. Again, focus only on the wrinkled areas. When ironing over the vents, make sure they’re
aligned properly. When it comes to the sleeves, only iron in
the middle of the sleeve. If you press on the edges, you’ll form a
crease. While this may look great on a dress shirt,
it’s undesirable on jacket. Be careful around the jacket lapels, this
is another area where you don’t want to create a crease. If you need to iron the lapels, go over them
gently with the iron. There you have it gentlemen. Though you will probably still need to get
your jacket professionally cleaned and pressed every now and then, these two methods can
help you make it through the times when you just need to get out those wrinkles quick. Be sure to check out the support article at Now, be sure to sign up of e-mail notifications. That way you can watch my videos when they
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  1. Great video Antonio. I've definitely had my suits develop shine from ironing it. Im going to have to switch to a steamer or try the press cloth method. Thanks!! #RMRS

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    Any tips for a boy coming into manhood? I really do need the help. My style is still the sneakers jeans and tshirt that all "boys" wear.
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    I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on something;

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