Is Going To University Of Washington Dental School A Good Decision? | Student Loan Planner

Is Going To University Of Washington Dental School A Good Decision? | Student Loan Planner

Is University of Washington dental
school a good deal or not? UW dental school is a really fascinating case
study because of the fact that they have the second highest tuition dollar growth
in the country out of all 66 dental schools over the past ten years. That’s
really interesting because the in-state tuition rate ten years ago was about
seventeen thousand dollars and now it’s up to more than fifty five thousand
dollars. The loss of state appropriations during the financial crisis definitely
hurt, but that in no way can explain the drastic increase of costs at the
University of Washington dental school. If you’re either a grad of that
institution, or you’re in school at that place right now, or you’re thinking about
going to UW dental school, know that you will probably have to pay back your
loans with a forgiveness based strategy. The cost of attending is going to put
you in over 300,000 of student loan debt unless you have financial aid from
some other source, like from a parent, or a grandparent, or a spouse. And that big
amount of debt is not going to allow you to easily pay back your debt if your
goal is to be debt free in the traditional sense. If you work in
Washington State, yeah there’s no income tax, but housing prices are a lot, lot
higher because of all of the influx of tech jobs to the state. If your plan is
to stay in Washington State, you really want to think about that
because, to be honest, a lot of the tech jobs will produce much higher returns in
pure dollars if that job could be interesting to you. As an intelligent
individual, you obviously have a lot of choices. So if you’re trying to decide
between multiple paths, for example, I know that one student at Washington dental school actually dropped out after the first semester, because he thought about
the finances of it and he saw the tuition rate that everything was
increasing at, and he decided that he’d be better off going to work for Amazon.
Now, obviously, working for Amazon and being a dentist are not at all the
same thing, and if you want to be a dentist you’re probably feeling called
to being a dentist or you’re feeling that that’s your purpose in life. And I’m
not at all saying that you should abandon that. What I’m saying is that,
because University of Washington has had such a rapid rate of tuition increase,
you just need to be cautious when you decide to make that decision to attend.
The typical University of Washington dental grad is
going to need to know about the community property rules and the
breadwinner loophole that’s available to people who live in community property
states, because Washington State is a community property state. So if you
decide to stay in Washington State, especially if you were the breadwinner
in your family, you might be able to file separately for taxes and equalize your
incomes, which could drastically decrease your payment on something like
Pay As You Earn, especially if you have a spouse who earns much, much less than you. So when you go for forgiveness you need to make sure that you’re setting aside
at least 5% of your income into a tax bomb account, perhaps in Vanguard like a,
you know, fund like VTSAX, the total stock market index fund, and you’re gonna
be putting that aside separately from your 10% of your income that’s going to
your student loans. Now, if you’re planning on paying back your loans, you
need to know that you have to make over $250,000 a year to do that very
comfortably, and also to make the math work. So you need to talk to recent
University of Washington dental school grads and see if that’s what they’re
actually earning, and if you find out that they’re not, in our case over the
500 different dental consults that we’ve done, that’s generally not the case that
people earn much. That’s probably the exception, maybe the top 5% of dentists
earn that much. So you just need to be aware that the forgiveness path is the
one that you will probably end up on in a de facto sense by going to the
University of Washington school. I think that UW shows why having some oversight
with federal rules over not-for-profit universities, especially graduate
programs, would be helpful. Because a lot of decisions were made by teens that
were financially, with the benefit of hindsight, not very wise, right? And that’s
one of the primary reasons that tuition exploded so much, was because they were
trying to cover deficits for decisions that were made that ended up being very
poor business decisions. But instead of being able to just declare bankruptcy, or
stop something, you know it’s a lot more difficult for universities to make up
operating budgets compared to businesses that can just walk away from things very
quickly. So University of Washington dental school has already cycled through-
I think it’s on its third dean in the past couple years. It’s not a very
stable institution right now, or at least it seems to be that way from an
outsider’s perspective. So if you have a lot of debt from University of
Washington dental school, or you were about to have a lot of debt,
we would love to help you. Just reach out to [email protected]
We’ll help you if we can. We make custom plans for student loan debt, especially
for dental school borrowers, so if you have any question just reach out. We’d
love to help. And if you are in school right now, keep your head down, work hard,
get your debt finished, and then we can help you. There’s no use in worrying
about this too much. So if you already are more than one semester in, you already
owe a lot of money. My best advice to you is just go ahead and finish and get that
degree. So, I’m Travis for Student Loan Planner. Thanks for watching, and good
luck with your University of Washington dental school debt.


  1. have u ever apply there and tested and interwieved there how's the question of the test and what kind of question do they gift answe please 🙂 i really wanted to be accepted there

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