Israeli Urban Warfare

Israeli Urban Warfare


  1. 7:30 Poor guy was hoping the journalist could have given him a lift. Nevertheless, only the Israelis could have come up with this awesome idea!

  2. The IDF are pussies and rely solely on overwhelming force and a "qualitative military edge" thanks to the USA…..put them in a fair fight and watch them run.

  3. It doesn’t matter what nation are carrying out urban warfare exercises it always looks uncoordinated and ineffective, perhaps we should get Hollywood actors and filmmakers to do it, they never seem ineffective, and hardly take casualties.
    No disrespect to the Israeli military but they look like they were kitted out during WWII, something I found surprising to say the least.

  4. Are there also arabs in the israeli army?!

    You cannot annex the westbank, but let all arabs out of military service.

  5. Pathetic.
    Even with all those resources they look like jokers.
    Come on khazars, you can do better

  6. Any young person from any country that wants to become a professional soldier should  join IDF, they are world recognized and will appreciate your service.

  7. "Urban warfare" more like "infiltrate civilians homes drag them out and call them terrorists". We see this Hezbollahs soldiers yet the only ones who actually fight are not them but grandmas and women in the streets throwing stones. Where are these models of Hezbollahs soldiers who the Israeli keep on showing us patrolling the streets of Israel when it comes to fighting? The reality is the pictures of Hezbollah militia are simply models in camo and face coverings in order to keep the boogyman going keep the threat going keep the oppression going. Israelis think they are pretty tough fighting with an armed civilians in their homes.


  9. I feel we could use guerilla tactics for our advantage because if a platoon is overwhelmed which we could use for a smalller unit.

  10. Radical Israel terrorist organisation break un rezulation more than 50. World leaders need to take action right now against biggest terrorist organisation in the world 🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🌎🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🌎🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🌎🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️

  11. 40 Israeli soldiers were killed in West Bank in past 10 years but 400 Palestinians were killed by Israeli military and 50 Palestinians were killed by Israeli settlers during the same period

  12. i wonder why the IDF infantry are still wearing old style “fatigues” (green color) uniforms. their weapons are modern from the rifles to rockets to F-35 stealth jets but still wear fatigues. there are a lot of good camo designs they can choose from…

  13. I dont get it. is this a simulation i feel it would be more realistic and a better practice if they did airsoft instead of just pretending to be shot at

  14. Israeli Urban Warfare, against stone throwers? Fact is Israeli army is a joke right now, they have relied too much on technology, and they are quick to retreat in combat.
    In the Yom Kippur War, they had alot more balls than they do now.

  15. Spent 2 years fighting in Baghdad. Challenges of urban warfare are many. You can always develop the best of plans, but execution never goes exactly as planned. Flexibility is the watchword for anyone fighting, and especially leading troops in that environment. Great training center. Train like you fight, and fight like you train. Kudos Israel – An Old OIF I, III, and VII Veteran.

  16. 7:32
    The IDF soldier tries to get over the wall and fails, then immediately makes a beeline for the reporter almost as if like to grab him and say, "Alright, come here motherfucker. Make yourself useful, why don't you?".

  17. What happens if they have to deal with terrorists in the is Israeli settlements? These cunts would lose the fucking plot with no prayers to listen to 5 times a day lol…😂

  18. Fucking terrorists using the civilians as a shield
    And then they attack Israel which isn’t allowed to defend therefore

  19. I recommend watching "The great war series. Stalingrad" and "20th century Battlefields 1942 Stalingrad" the soviets under general Vasili Chuikov are the real fathers of urban warfare.

  20. @2:28 “Built with significant funding from the US Military”. Why, what does the US Military get out of it? Intriguing..

  21. Why dont they just put barb wire around it, add a few hundred thousand starving people, who are also suffering anguish…That would be more realistic…Oh, I forgot; Israel already has that training site..Gaza. Shame!

  22. US military also envisions the future of warfare being the fighting in sprawling mega cities with a special emphasis on the underground warfare (think hundreds of miles of sewer, utility tunnels and metro lines). Imagine a 21st century Stalingrad, only 20 times larger with 10 million civilians still left in the city. A huge amount of money is being invested into the development of technology, training, doctrine and strategy for this kind of operations. There will be many robots and UAVs, drones and robotic mules that will carry the supplies in and wounded out. Armored vehicles will have to be smaller, more nimble but with the same if not better protection level then the current 70 tonnes Abrams have. A lot will depend on APS systems, or active protection systems, which will knock out incoming missiles and projectiles. Also a C-RAM (counter rockets, artillery and mortars) systems will improve dramatically. Think of the Iron Dome, but much more advanced, using lasers and hypersonic rail gun technology. Future warfare won't be fought on the open plains of Fulds gap or the Goby desert. No more climatic and gigantic armor battles like Kursk.
    On the other side of the spectrum ship to ship naval warfare is here to stay, as is the aerial warfare, although much different then we imagine it today. Future fighter jets will definitely be unmanned. Not just because we want to save the pilot's life but because of the unimagined capabilities these UAVs, (unmanned flying vehicles), will have. Imagine these UAVs doing 20 or even 50G turns while having in mind that current fighter jets are limited to around 10G cause the pilot goes unconscious exceeding that limit. Imagine how much more fuel and weapons these UAVs will be able to carry when you remove the pilot and all the systems within the fighter jet aimed at keeping the pilot alive and performing at their maximum capacity. You can throw out the ejection seat, panels, displays, oxygen generating equipment, etc…. We're going towards the interesting era in high tech warfare where, in the contained war scenarios, soldiers will die and get hurt much less frequently then today. Of course if these wars evolve from the contained and localized conflicts towards the great power struggle and full blown near peer war scenarios, then all bets are off and much more people will die than we could have imagined just a few years ago.

  23. "If the Arabs lay down their weapons, there will be peace. If the Israelis lay down their weapons, there will be no more Israel" – Golda Meir

  24. I love how they self-proclaim to be the 'toughest and most highly trained military in the world" when they are obviously just a bunch of pussies running around with state of the art equipment hiding in bunkers like cowards and shooting kids with rocks. Israel's day will come. fucking cowards.

  25. They always would build same exacly house like some terrorist they gonna atest…and they practice in exact replica….they always got flys with camera that how they find out exacly how its iside the house they need

  26. We helped found a 45 million dollar fake battle area and we have Vetrens homeless and American citizens homeless and starving is this the twighlight zone or a bad dream WTF

  27. Israeli attack force is Poorly trained and unprepared and extremely unfit! These soldiers first need a month of just marching day n night.

  28. Islam is the Black Death. So, Death to Sharia. Death to Islamism. Death to the Global Jihad. Deport Islam from where it has been mistakenly permitted to enter the West. Death to Islam.

  29. The americans built osama compound to practice before the raid. So the israelis do this it means prepared soldiers. Success of israel

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