1. What a gentleman. @9:22, he pours the interviewer some water. This is how billionaires should be. We can learn so much from a leader like this. Fightback.

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  3. This guy is amazing! He is the one (and he is very well aware of that) who won life because he refused to give up on it. My hobby is to listen to/read about succesful people and what I see is that they are not extraordinary at anything but they are very persistent and determined. Jack Ma is very humble as well! Big thumbs up for this guy! 🙂

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  5. Jack Ma is my favorite millionaire entrepreneur, he was rejected from a lot of jobs and so he still continued giving his best. He deserves everything he's done.

  6. The law of attraction is negative to positve or vice versa…. These idiots talk about the law of the same… you attract those that are like you.. .that is NOT the law of attraction… humana are so fucking stupid

  7. This lecture have given light to reference to what happened recently to our younger brother by the names of suubi at makererè university in Uganda, he needs to be respected and assisted by good samaritans in order to excel in his future life….the story was made by NTV and nbs Uganda.

  8. Grateful speech!!!! I dont like chinese political system. But, I respect their CEO and companies. They changed company's direction correctly for future 4 industrial revolution immediately after 2010. Unfortunately, Korea's industrial structure change is too late. Politicians are not only stupid, enforces numerous regulations until this urgent moment. My major is advanced and engnieering materials. But, korea society ignores enginners. So, we are stray cats. WTF!!!!

  9. How tech hubs, are generating billions of dollars and building powerful project from ideas less valued. Must watch https://youtu.be/VzkFRq8PMDg

  10. I love this video hands down…my question is how do you program your mind to be positive or lift your self or raise the energy if you are getting hit with Psychotronic weapons or REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING 24/7 attacking your thought and your brains
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  12. I think telling kids to be optimistic makes more sense than telling an adult to be optimistic because for an adult to be optimistic, he or she needs to have confidence, without confidence is equals no optimistic.

  13. Why is that dumb interviewer trying to make about himself? who cares about sububba or whatever? Just ask Jack Ma the questions and listen.

  14. Incredibly ignorant and cringy how everyone kiss this POS's ass.
    He is a A communist party SHILL that is turning out the most evil corrupt control mechanism the world has ever seen… The new "China Credit System"

  15. Jack Ma is just a rich Nazi. As a member of the Chinese Communist Party, he got where he is at ONLY because of his connections with that corrupt criminal organization. What a pathetic liar!

  16. Jack Ma is just a rich Nazi. As a member of the Chinese Communist Party, he got where he is at ONLY because of his connections with that corrupt criminal organization. Mainland China is an empire of lies!

  17. I dont know if anyone noticed this but Jack Ma poured water in a glass for the host before pouring one on his! You can’t teach humbleness and kindness. This is true and legit. I am not Chinese but a firm Jack Ma believer. We should have more people like him. Jack, wherever you are, you deserve all happiness and all I can say is “Thank you”.


  19. going here after watching the elon musk and jack ma debate and now i realise that when you're successful, People automatically think you're full of wisdom and knowledge.

  20. Talking money control but never think of the fall of COUNTRIES because of rushing to crap money but we see the fallen of the Chinese government

  21. This guy’s a fucking idiot. Sure, come at me with “But are you rich?” No I’m not. But I’d sure as hell rather be middle class and smart than as fucking naive and dumb as this guy.

  22. Anybody who thinks this guy has wisdom, go watch him and Elon musk. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a secondary language but this guy is fart.

  23. Successful people has first of all a genuine heart… firm and respectful…as great Jack Ma…thank you for sharing your wisdom with a heart…

  24. "If you have more than 100 Million dollars that money belongs to the soceity" –well said. Society trusted you, provided security and infrastructure built over the generations.

  25. Jack Ma claim that he wants to support the young people and the women must be like the most dangerous statement he had made to the Chinese Communist leaders without him realising it. This kind of thought is what scares the Communist leaders most as it can threaten their authority. Sure enough he has to retire even though he was the founder.


    After thorough investigative work, it has been found that Jack Ma actually has a billionaire sister living in Malaysia. Her name is Ros Ma.


    The investigations went on to reveal that Jack Ma's family is indeed very talented and successful. Jack Ma has yet another sister in Singapore who is the President. Her name is Hali Ma.

  27. The most important advice I ever got.
    Especially as a man who just arrived in Australian and wants to start his career in a different country different culture different everything. Thank you for this great advice, I really appreciate every word you said.

  28. Thank you for posting this video. I do not know much about Jack Ma. This was very information and makes me want to learn more about him. Also, I would like to reach out to him to see if he would like to speak at my non-profit in Dallas, Texas. Do you have access to his people to inquire? Thanks again. CJ with EMPOWER Series….

  29. Respect the students who came from small or poor colleges/univesities….what a wonderfull speech jack sir salute to you.

  30. Message is do not fear A i, is it not a coincidence that china will be the main manufacturer of these Ai controlled robots which are designed to replace humans in the work place and ali baba will be the main corporation who will be exporting these robots around the world making them lots of money .

  31. Why does Jack not specify exactly what sort of work will the people do whose jobs have been taken over by chinas Ai controlled robots ? How many non chinese products will ali baba be importing into china compared to the amount of stuff they will export to the world , do you really believe china will share the technology that is used to manufacture these robots with the rest of the world where it wants to export its manufactured robots ?

  32. China is wealthy today not because it imports products manufactured from around the world but because it exports its manufactured products all around the world .

  33. Jack Ma, Why did you delete
    the comments of the people on Google.. who were the victim of your fraud and theft??? You take money and don 't present the promised services! You 're a thief!!!

  34. Wow what an inspiration! Jack Ma is really a successful man who is guided by wisdom and virtues! I just recently watch a video on enlightened leadership where Master Del Pe profiled Jack Ma to have a more active spiritual energy more than most normal leaders. It's what makes Jack Ma, Jack Ma 🙂 A must watch for Jack Ma fans!

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