Jail Cell Cold Open – SNL

Jail Cell Cold Open – SNL


  1. The Mueller report wasn’t a big fat zero. The Ruskies did meddle in the election and had been laying the ground work to do so since 2014.

  2. I just watched the other one before this one and happened to be the one about the horse girls mom

  3. As a person who had been in jail a few times this is not even kind of what it’s like and prison is so much better and worst at the same time it’s crazy

    (Which was 'Cut for Time: College Admissions', that I just came from X>)

  5. If y’all watch the collage admissions skit, they are debating wether or not to admit her daughter. First skit I’ve seen with any lore. Love it!

  6. Endless respect for Michael Keaton.

    But he's no Bill Hader when it comes to Julian Assange and that just doesn't feel right.

  7. with hindsight and recent developments, they might have done better to have Cicely Strong as Lori Loughlin and have Kate McKinnon ready to do Felicity Huffman

  8. So Kate McKinnon was the person who paid for her daughter to get into that school on the College Admissions skit that we saw, and Kennan was one of the admission people in that skit, but now he's here. So we can only assume he lied about killing his neighbor like that and actually went to jail for the Asian thing

  9. I was waiting for Trump to show up and blow all their “what you are in here for” to pieces 😂 – well i guess SNL has limits

  10. It's a travesty that Julian is in jail. No justice, just the govt "legally" trying to get revenge on someone who tried to give people a small sliver of a fighting chance against corruption and tyranny.

  11. Kyle Mooney acting tough is equal to a Chihuahua barking at a Rottweiller, or just barking in general. Just a little yappy bastard.

  12. It appears they hand Melissa the Almost-Made-It-To-"Cut For Time"-skits or as an afterthought in a good skit. Many skits are written by the actors and they choose who they want to be in them. Melissa, being the Mexican, is left out from most. What: these people are ACTORS, not Mother Theresa's, so they are highly prone to biases and prejudices, so I asked what? There it was. They probably fear her talent, who even without heavy make-up and prosthetic's she excels. I hope that those actors, and the SNL writers who are keeping Melissa down are dealt a similar dish in life soon enough. I don't want them to suffer, but that they go through something and see how wrong mistreatment is. If anyone loves or likes Melissa Villasenor, YOU can tweet, facebook, instagram, SNL and tell them to have Melissa do some of the GOOD skits as lead role or co-lead role in skits. And also comment about it right here on Youtube.

  13. If you don't know a takashi sixnine in your current group of friends

    You probably are the takashi sixnine of the group of friends

  14. LMAO everyone roasting USC is so bitter. Either A) you (or your kid if you’re a parent) couldn’t get in or B) got in without scholarship. Regardless It’s an amazing school and that’s not debatable 🤷‍♂️

  15. I like all the players in this, but some of Lori character's lines are funny and few others, but overall not that funny to me. Not hilarious anyway except a couple of lines.

  16. “You think prison is hard I’ve done 68 hallmark movies.” That’s not really had since acting is not a requirement. Just look pristine and white.

  17. $500k for bribing
    $300k for tuition
    And her daughter took a major in Communications. Now her daughter is a YouTube vlogger and an Instagram influencer. That is tragic.

  18. She’s an arrogant pos her daughter didn’t even want to attend college, so the hard working poor student gets fucked again thanks white privilege.

  19. Someone who leaks information in the hopes of keeping a better informed society is somehow worse than someone who ran scams?!?!?!

  20. The ridiculous thing is that Lori Loughlin could've just given her daughter a million dollars. When you have the power to just grant your child millionaire status, why pay for college at all?

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