1. When I think of you Janet Jackson I think of the 80's …
    Thank you Sista for the Joy you given us with your music✨❤️✨

  2. Love the 80's style of clothes and big hair…And Janet's hoop earring with the key…Woo…I wish I had a time machine…

  3. I am in this video. I’m at the 3:25 mark. The guy dressed in black arguing with the girl in the red dress. I was Paula Abdul‘s apartment manager at a time in Hollywood. She did the choreography for Janet Jackson’s videos at the time. Was at the studio for two days for me to get all of one or two seconds on screen..😆 It was so much fun!

  4. 50 year old veteran here with a tear or two for the loss of my youth, the sanity of the country and a more innocent time…GOD how i wish i could go back there

  5. Michael was soooooo proud of his baby sister! {Still is!} Janet worked very hard, to get where she is at here in 2020, and still is! A beautiful woman, a talented woman, a great dancer, a legend, an Icon! We love you Ms. Jackson!

  6. Pourquoi y a t il autant de meufs blacks qui utilisent des crèmes pour se blanchir la peau? Auraient elles la mauvaise couleur dès le départ??

  7. Gosh..
    I’m reminiscing.
    The 80s were the freakin best.❤️
    This new millennium 🤬

  8. It took me to be a grown man to get WHY he said MS. JACKSON…..because he is letting her know he is NASTY😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  9. Ahhhh….. much simpler times. It’s nice to go visit now and then in the not so distant past. People did actually survive without iPhones attached to their person. 😂 See, it is possible with dying! Janet just announced her new Album, “Black Diamond “ with tour dates. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what the new project sounds like.

  10. 'Cause when I think of you, baby, Nothin' else seems to matter
    'Cause when I think of you, baby, All I think about is our love

  11. 1986 oh hell ya. I was 19 back then. I never realized how much the quality of the choreography was and what talent was put into this video.

  12. 00:26 вступительные аккорды из мультфильма Одесской киностудии СССР "Приключения Капитана Врунгеля" 🙂

  13. I loved the dancing in this video, when she started uping the anti and dancing in her videos it just opened the door to some really great videos in this era. I was born in 1970, I totally enjoyed the 80's music, glad that its still reachable today.

  14. Memories of playing out, school holidays, tea and toast before bed, top of pops, soul train and the wonderful joy of childhood. The list is endless. Janet Jackson, Pebbles, Luther, Anita Baker ♥️♥️♥️

  15. Beautiful choreography by Paula Abdul. I hope Paula does at least one song on Janet's upcoming album Black Diamond. For old times sake 😉

  16. 0:43 Why'd it take me so many years to notice those little boys are her nephews Taryll and TJ Jackson (aka 2/3 of 3T ).That's so cute!

  17. I adore Janet at every stage of her life: petite, plus, young and older. I still get excited when I see her interviews. Such a sweet spirit. Huge part of my teenage years and military service. Thanks for all the great memories. Miss Jackson. 💘 💘

  18. Video, reminds me of when I was in Texarkana Texas back in 1990.
    I used play it alot. Pretty, sexy Janet Jackson. Watching it again 2/17/20.

  19. I was only 9 years old when I first heard this song by Janet Jackson. I would always use to listen this song alot. To this day Instill listen to this song by Janet Jackson alot. And I really love this song alot.

  20. Janet Jackson is a QUEEEEENN i loved this song ever since i heard it for the first time back in 2009 i was 11 years old ❤️❤️❤️👑👑💚

  21. This was filmed during the time that rumor was going around that she was supposed to had been pregnant by one of the Debarge's brothers that she married

  22. My neighbors called the police when I blasted this music loud.

    The police arrested the neighbors.

    (just a funny way to use this comments-meme.)

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  24. Love this video and song.by my female idol Mrs. Janet. Because of Janet I am a dancer like her. I send blessings 2 Janet. Chastity Lampkin pitts.🤩😍💄🐰😻😽💜💞🌹💜🐥💙💙♀️.

  25. This woman legit had three decades on complete lock and I just bought tickets for her tour this year! August 3rd in Dallas and I'm so excited I can't sleep.

  26. Even tho I’m only 19 , I’m glad to older mother , who gave me a chance to listen to old school jams , so I listen to type of music all my life ❤️ I wish it’s was still like this , this real music to me

  27. This Song Really Made Me Thinking About My Boyfriend Chas He Was Holding My Hand Today He's My Man And He's My Favorite He Was Dancing With Me I Love Him Very Much With All Of My Heart He's Mine And He Is The Only One That I Love Him The Most he Has My Heart He's Mine Forever And Ever


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