Jim Carrey Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Best Motivational Speeches Ever

Jim Carrey Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Best Motivational Speeches Ever


  1. Jim Carrey is a very very disturbed man. His art demonstrates his illness. It’s full of hate and rage and anger. I’m an artist in galleries for 40 years. I have an art degree. It doesn’t make me an expert but there is no denying he is talented as an actor, comic and artist. But when I look at his paintings they frighten me. They are devoid of beauty. Again this is no longer a funny creative healthy soul. I don’t care what he says. It’s what a person does.

  2. i used to like him but he has become a hack liberal… i don't know if he is really as stupid as he comes across… or if it's just lip service in hollywood to try to keep working

  3. Sadly, the enemy is now using Jim to put forth some really potent lies that sound so good to those who don't know Truth. Potentially leading lost souls further into the fire. And for all eternity.

    To that one soul who might read this…including you Jim…know that Only through Repentance unto, Christ Jesus, can we be Forgiven and Saved. It's not about religion…it's about a relationship with, Jesus.

    "Saved from what?" You might ask. Well…Saved from an eternity without God. And THAT is the worst part about hell.

    So by beginning to read in: The Gospel of John, which is the 4th book of the New Testament section of The Holy Bible…this will allow, Jesus, to start to show you why He was sent to die for our sins.

    And when you get to John 3:16…read it…and then pause before continuing. Because what is written in this one verse, if followed…will be very opening to your heart and soul.

    Thank you Father for sending us your Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. ❤️

  4. Jim is deceived. His Catholic roots makes sense to me now. This is exactly how the enemy uses the false message to be put forth on the church to deceive millions. And not just the Catholic Church. The enemy of the soul is allowed in and he is allowed to deceive. "Why might this be?" you ask. Because God wants to see who is who. Do we want the Truth…or do we want a lie.

    Please read Isaiah 45:7, for an eye opener. God is in control, friends.

    Here's the exampl of the scripture the church twists…and not only the Catholic Church:

    John 14:13,"And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the glory may be glorified in the Son."

    This means spiritual needs, or those things that could be used to Glorify the LORD.

    Since Jim wasn't preaching Christ on his new bike…this tells me one of two things.

    First, God did give Him or at least allowed it to be given to him. In an effort to lead Jim to Jesus. This far, this has not occured. But there's still time! Amen!

    Second, this bike was allowed by God to give him the desires of his heart. Wether the desire the good or the evil. In this case…it furthered his walk in darkness.

    Again, God is in control yet still loves us enough to give us a choice.

    Jim is a precious soul who needs prayed for. When I say pray…this means,"Father, in Jesus name I pray for the Salvation of Jim's soul. In Jesus Name I ask this." Amen.

    This is true prayer. And the only way to be righteous in it.

    Hope this has helped a precious soul out there today.

    The Gospel of John, when you're ready, friend. Please begin to read there. 🙂

    We love you Jim, and that's why we're praying for your Salvation.

  5. Says the guy that hasn't learned to love the people with whom he disagrees. He crucifies those of Faith and those that adhear to conservative values, all the while screaming "tolerance" and "I want to serve the people"…

  6. Doors will open? Been waiting many years for open doors. It's called opportunity. Not everyone gets an opportunity.

  7. The opposite of both love and hate is indifference. The opposite righteousness is not wickedness, it’s ambivalent silence and ignorance. We don’t need hate as some balance to know love. Knowledge is neutral and intent is everything. Indeed without struggle wisdom is weakened but don’t take seductive shortcuts. Confront mortality by finding the knowledge, wisdom and power to heal yourself and others. Don’t listen to lies that say the balances of absolutes are natural and justified. Understand Hegelian patterns and tricks from occultist parasites and deceivers. Keep faith strong by forgiving those who know not what they do. Provide guidance from truth in yourself to understand tolerance for those who lost their way.

  8. Hello Jim 🙋‍♂️~ Mm, I'm not sure what's going on here with this video 🤷‍♂️~ It is your voice, but it is not your video? * How does this stuff happen to me? Aaa🙃~

  9. yes yes finally someone has the reason how come we are here What our purpose is? This putting ourselves out there for something else other than our own greed How can I help should be on all our minds The golden rule should have been the commercial that always on the air

  10. I am you without the fame. Everything you said is true though I do not know where you got it from. I only know where I got it. Eleven minutes, fifteen seconds before this video began, I saw myself as almost polar opposite you, but your words are my thoughts for years now. I hold back from being as successful as you because I have felt it would distract me from my true purpose, the reason I exist. I don't know that I could do what I love and have it be why I get all there is offered, but I definitely know it's there and been there all along.
    Very good speech Jim. I think I have another brother from another mother! Hope to meet you someday. It is a good day.

  11. I agree with many others here, what in all the multiverses are the videos doing as a backdrop to this Jim Carey speech? What kind of a loser does that? Cheap dude!!

  12. The job of celebrities has always been to free us from our concerns to distract us for a little while from the worries of a sometimes very cold world. Today many celebrities have moved away from this and instead of trying to free us from concern they make us worry even more while they admonish us from their ivory towers behind big walls surrounded by security

  13. Its so easy to sound motivational when your a famous millionaire..who basically just got lucky..like winning a lotto ..sure you can try all the nonsense he spews ..but in reality if it's not in the cards for you ..you can waste your time and life like many have done only to have failed over and over ..people win ..people lose ..that's it ..black an white ..if this really worked ..than everyone would be successful leaving nobody to be in the gutter to do all the hard work..like a pyramid scheme

  14. One of my favorite actors, my favorite scenes are when he was a Rhode Island State Trooper and he hits a Moose the other is where Morgan Freeman acting as God touches Jim’s chest and said go be all you can be Jim responds ouch that hurt next scene he gets hit by a truck. Does anyone remember these scenes let me know….

  15. Looks like Google's hard at work recommending Marxist fee fee propaganda junk to everyone. Nothing like the tyranny of symbiosis between private and government entities aka actual Fascism.

  16. Mr. Carrey aka Ace always seemed different, in a good way for sure. I remember on dumb and dumber when everything was going wrong and he said "I'm sick and tired of trying to eek my way thru life, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired". I felt every word

  17. Would have been better if it didn't come from a Socialist Communist. Has no one seen his rants and the nonsense he says normally.

  18. Here it is in a nutshell Today I Have A Job Interview today 😇 all because of positive energy and prayers 👌🌹 Give yourself a different approach to life and how you focus on it ! 1 door closes on you ? Kick open the rest and just do it !!😂 God Bless All.

  19. Before Jim’s head turned him into a douche….Nothing matters in life but love & happiness….Find those & everything else is eAsy….

  20. Why can’t we just get along with each other ….

    I just don’t understand that why do we have to kill kill and kill …

    “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. “Nelson mandala “

    Funny thing is .. is not the people that live in the country or countryside or in the city .. is always the government or king or the president or the queen or the prime minister .. that make the decisions … it’s never the people or the Citizen that has ever said let’s go to war let’s kill some people … reason ..because why u can go any country in the world as a stranger and no matter who u are and what u are and what color u are red ,pink ,black ,white green , yellow people will always show u love and respect and treat u as a quest and welcome 🙏🏽 u …

    So please can u tell me … from being a welcome quest and the love we have for each other around the world …..to the 1% that decide let’s go kill them let’s do this and that …and we the people are gnne be the sacrifice and Guinea pig to them … what’s worse is the good hearted people that do wanne help their country no matter where u from ..could be any where in the world and u have sacrificed step up to help the people in your country and joined the army u have done your deeds you come back to your home country and theirs no government or system that want to help you you might have ptsd or Death, injury, sexual violence, malnutrition, illness, and disability they will turn their back against you … and u have sacrificed all of this for doing the right thing .. but the real truth is … it was all about the money 💰 war makes money … 90 % of the people that have been to the war said why did we even come here for it’s clear that their is one reason to come here it’s to benefit our self … I hope we can all come together with peace and love ❤️ I will hope and hope and hope for this day to come I have faith for humanity

  21. The most intelligent people are the funny ones. Groucho Marxs to George Carlin, Jim Carey to Jerry Seinfeld. You have to be smart to be funny.

  22. I love when rich people tell the poor that money isn’t important. Rich people don’t/can’t understand that it’s kinda hard to care about “what truly important” when your broke and trying to figure out how to pay rent and buy gas and food. Uppity rich liberals are the worst🤦🏽‍♀️. I have always tried to have enough money so I don’t have to care or worry about money and when you don’t have money all you will care about is getting it

  23. The only reason I clicked on this video, is to say Jim Carey is a loon. And needs to do what he does best and pretend. That’s what made millions for ya buddy. I don’t care to hear your empty mental masturbations. You made a career of being a moron, I don’t care to hear your philosophy. Thanks.

  24. Quality speech indeed. However the visuals were random, a complete spoiler. Req u to change n either make it relevant to Jim's sincere flow of thots or just show him all through. The edit does no justice whatsoever to his splendid narration.

  25. been through so much and has seen so much and he turned out to be a liberal socialist. I guess enough money and the pursuit of power allows your mind to push reality out and except the socialist /communist agenda

  26. Great speech. But unfortunately it's all BS. Jim Cary has been hating on president Trump and all of his supporters. This is not a loving, caring and tolerant man. If Jim Cary disagrees with you. He makes fun of you and wishes you dead. He is a actor. So he goes onstage and makes money telling people what they want to hear. Go to hell on a greased pole Jim Cary. How do you like that?

  27. Jim, it ain’t the fame or the money that’s causing your grief. You sold your soul didn’t you. Turn to Jesus, he will fix it.

  28. Ok…Jim Carrey as George jetson…discovers the planet below the floating city is livable for humans….because the flintstones civilization is there. And Dwayne Johnson plays fred. Oh and rad speech mr Carrey.

  29. Really Great, I forwarded it to many, sheen I first heard it. Jim Carey is a smart & loving soul who shares his many talents. Thank-you Jim! Thanks for the post.

  30. Free from concern, really? So no responsibility? One man's meat is another man's poison. To hell with the environment, hell yeah just do what makes you happy. I like shooting and having a lot of guns, that's okay right, I like polygamy right, hell yeah just do what makes you happy.

  31. I didn’t hear anything that I can actually DO. Just nice sounding ideas about, really, nothing.
    I love his acting but his philosophies seem empty.

  32. Insprational indeed but these video images on top instead of Mr Carey's own facial expressions suck. I rather see the emotions! Anyway thanks.

  33. The biggest risk in life? Not taking the risk at all. When you grew up and fell off your bike. Did you stop riding now knowing the risks? Apply to daily logic.

  34. The visual video is not what is important…. the words are though….if they are meant for you they will help you get through the process to get to a good life…. I Love this video 🙂

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