John Krasinski Performed in Chris Hayes’ College Production of Die Hard: The Musical

John Krasinski Performed in Chris Hayes’ College Production of Die Hard: The Musical

-Your family. Two girls. Halloween. Do you they know
what they’re going to be yet? -Oh, yeah. They do, yeah. Hazel’s going to be
a rocket ship. -A rocket ship?
-Yeah. Like a full rocket — I was like, “An astronaut?”
She was like, “Rocket ship.” And I was like, “Astronaut.” She’s like, “No, no, no.
It’s a rocket ship.” -Gotcha. Then, is the point
of the rocket ship the head? Is that like —
-Yup. Correct. -She’s, like, in the cockpit.
-Okay, gotcha. -Yeah. And then my youngest
is going to be a cat. -Okay. -And I said, you know,
“So what should I be?” And the youngest says, “You should be an alien
for Hazel’s rocket ship.” -Yeah, that’s very good.
-I said, “Wow. That’s so nice. Maybe I will be an alien
that has cat ears on.” And she goes,
“Daddy, I’m the cat.” “Okay. Geez. I get it.” And then she, like,
stabbed me with a Barbie leg. I was like, “Oh.” -Do you, fellow New Englander,
do you have any good Halloween memories
of your days growing up? -I have tons.
-Yeah. -My birthday
is around Halloween, so it was always
that big month for me. But do you remember
Spooky World? -When it was mentioned to me
today, I have — -It was on the radio,
and it was, “Spooky World.” -Okay.
-Not ringing any bells? Now I’m embarrassed.
-But I never went. I never went to Spooky World.
-It’s basically our version of all of the amazing
special effects, L.A., you know, scare areas. So, a guy came to Boston
and started one. Spooky World. It’s not quite as well done.
-Uh-huh. -But it was just
so many good stories, one of which was I go through
the haunted house. I’m terrified
of all things scary. Is anybody else? No?
You guys are all — You’re terrifying.
-Was Spooky World in Boston? -Oh, no, in the middle
of nowhere, in a farm. -Okay, got you.
-And it was terrifying and scary,
and they had a haunted house. And I just loved —
There was one father with, like, a 7-year-old boy
going in in front of me in line. And the kid was like,
“I want to go in.” He’s like, “You know what?
Let’s not go in. I think you’re too young.
And I think you’re scared. And I don’t think
we should do it.” And the kid’s like,
“No, I’m fine.” And you could tell
it was definitely the father who was terrified.
So, as he’s going through, he’s like, “I don’t really
think we should do this. I don’t know.”
So, we got in, and the first turn we took is Dracula
coming out of his coffin. I kid you not.
The Dracula is like, “Blah!” And he goes… And just —
I mean, hit Dracula. And Dracula was like, “No!”
And the coffin went back. And then, I swear to God,
as we were leaving, I saw Dracula talking
to a cop and the guy. And Dracula was like,
“And then he hit me. It was — It was fantastic.
Worth the price of admission. -I mean, to see a guy, to see a
Massachusetts guy punch Dracula. That’s why they have, like — There’s almost no reports
of vampires in Massachusetts. ‘Cause they’re like,
“It’s not worth the trouble.” -Yeah, you’ll just
get coldcocked. -Yeah, you’ll get coldcocked, and also their blood’s got
a lot of alcohol in it. -Yeah, totally.
-It’s mostly beer. -You can’t bite and drive
in Boston. -Yeah, no, no, absolutely not. You’ve been name-dropped
a few times on our show recently by other guests.
-Really? -Which I think
is very high praise. -It’s great praise.
-Chris Hayes, who — -I went to college
with Chris Hayes. -You went to college
with Chris Hayes. And you — You guys were in the
theater department together. -He was in
the theater department, and I was just, like,
Armed Guard Number 4 in whatever I could get. -Was that —
No, so, your early days — This is very healthy
for people to hear, I think. Especially young actors
in college. -I was ready to be a
professional chorus member forever. It was great. -Did you guys —
Is it true that you did a — you did a “Diehard” play? -Yes, he directed a play
called “Artistic License.” Brown is an amazing school and does all these —
allows you to take big risks. So we did.
We did “Diehard: The Musical” at Brown, and Chris directed. And he was
the most amazing director. Because I was, you know,
Scared Guest Number 6, I got to just watch Chris. And he had the — He was
the most intense director. But really enthusiastic. So, you’d see him doing this,
like this. And then whenever somebody had
a nice moment, he would go… [ Laughter ] And I was like,
“This guy is incredible!” But there was an actor,
actually, he was so intense, that we — I remember
we were rehearsing, and the sets weren’t done yet.
I didn’t know that. So these sets —
It takes place in the Met. And so the Temple of Dendur, that huge ancient thing
in the Met, we had built it
out of Styrofoam. But it looked real.
So we rehearsed. And our lead actor
goes up there. And I actually have this
emblazoned in my brain. He started singing the song.
And it was to his daughter. And he was playing John McClane
or whatever. And he goes up on there,
and he goes — ♪ I swore to protect her
and keep her from harm ♪ ♪ My life gained new meaning
the day she was — ♪ “Ooh! Aah!” And he fell a story and a half
through a Styrofoam set. And I was like, “Oh, my God!” And Chris was like this. “It’s all right!
You’re all right!” -[ Laughs ]
Early beginnings. Early beginnings
to great things. That’s John Krasinski.


  1. And you know that Dad tells the story of how he knocked the fangs out of a real Dracula once every time he has a few.

  2. They finally invented a character who transitions from cubicle to action hero seamlessly. So now all those cubicle warriors with Navy Seal posters and keep dreaming and never, ever, discover that it only has 3 walls and they can leave any time they want.

  3. Spooky world is in NH :-). I never went in myself but I directed parking traffic there to raise money for the Lions club!

  4. I vividly remember spooky world ads on the radio. I never went since I hated horror and haunted houses but I can still hear the guys saying to visit and the haunted house sound effects

  5. Oh my god, SPOOKY WORLD. I have several traumatizing stories from going to that place in elementary school, and I definitely had to be carried out of the end of the haunted house.

  6. the Hallmark of a great actor; the ability to recount real-life personal experiences that captivate the audience…

  7. I really don’t like Seth Meyers he’s not a good interviewer you doesn’t comment on answers just asks next question instantly.

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