Juilliard Drama | A Day in the Life

Juilliard Drama | A Day in the Life

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[uplifting music] I, well, I’ve always been a class clown but it wasn’t until I came back to New York when I was 15, and I’ve seen a student-ran show at theater row on 42nd Street, I was in the audience just relaxing, and I’m like, “Oh man, this is what I need to be doing.” So I was like, “Why not? Let me take a risk.” I auditioned for Juilliard. I come to this place. New York’s your background. I love New York. And I felt healthy here. I felt the teachers cared. They were serious about their goal and inspiring the next generation of actors. It felt like a good match, you know? All things were pointed to Juilliard. A typical day at Juilliard? Well, we go from 9:00 to 10:00. It’s a long day. Moni’s class is a big wake up call. That’s one of the most physically demanding classes that I’ve ever been in. I mean, if that alarm doesn’t wake you up, he’s gonna wake you up, you know what I mean? So his class emphasizes getting out of your head and finding the energy around you and being in that moment. Then that parallels to being in a scene, being able to stay with your partner and being so open and wherever this goes, just trust that I got your back. Going into that class, I’m like, “Aw, man,” but I then always feel like a champion coming out. Masks class is a gateway into different parts of your personality. Everybody puts on a mask, and everybody gets up together. Whether you’re utilizing a neutral mask, or animal mask, or a character mask, it allows you to bring out parts of yourself you never knew were there. Through the mask, you…you find these things that ultimately help you to believe in your character more and believe in yourself more. Kate Wilson…so we’ll form, like, a circle and everybody’s in their own different play, but it’s all a big collective. Whoever wants to take center stage, you go and take center stage and you speak until somebody else comes in, takes it, and moves their play along. And you get to give-and-take, see what inspires you and when you have the impulse to go and take the baton, you go. “And you are Irina, the youngest.” I mean, we’re together from 9:00 to 10:00 every day, with the exception of, like, two or three breaks, so on my off time, I like to either go to the fourth or the fifth floor, admire New York City, listen to meditational music, send a few emails…so yeah, it’s a “me time.” I like to quiet my mind and to recharge myself for the next group of classes. Voice with Andrew Wade,
the first 7 or 10 minutes we get to warm up however you want and try to channel that breath support down to the diaphragm. And we get in a circle, we pass lines across, playing with the structure that Shakespeare has given you. [Class reciting together] So now you can let your own creativity come through, so you learn the rules and then you break them. In scene study with Becky Guy, you get to see how people come into the process and rehearse from a week-to-week basis. So you get to learn where people are coming from, the different processes. She, she tracks what you’re doing and seeing what moments may have not worked. You didn’t…you didn’t get to that moment. You can’t get to that moment thinking about getting to that moment. “The same moment, the moments are very similar.” Then I have singing class with Deb Lapidus. Before Juilliard, you know, I was a shower singer, you know what I mean? But now I’m confident to go up and hold a tune or hit a note. Singing class is just like acting class, you know, this piece of text…how do you interpret it? Put your own spin on it, and you make it work. The great thing about being in Juilliard is you get to develop these connections and be around so many inspiring, talented artists. In our off time, we just like to, you know, rehearse! While doing normal day things…I feel it’s important, being able to allow the environment wherever you are, whether I’m eating in in the lounge. You know, you try to find things or let things find you and just be in the moment and rehearse. Half of my class, we’re doing ‘Three Sisters.’ So rehearsal is a great time to just in a way, let go. You did like eight hours of classes, now you can just let go and just bring what you got.>>And on those little girls faces was a look of horror.>>Fear, anxiety. I don’t know what. It wrung my heart to see their faces.>Maybe it’s not so much about the little girls, but as much as like what you’re>>able to see in yourself in them.


  1. Aah I wish I had the instrument to get in . But I'm italian and this is just my second year taking theatre classes. I'm already 18. I want to study drama in uk or us to collide my two passions: English and drama. But I'm not good enough yet and I don't have enough money. Sad.

  2. I'm only 11 but I would love to go to Julliard. I love drama and singing. The only problem is I am super far away. I also know that it is super hard to get into. I am also not the best actress but I wish I was better

  3. wow what a great look into this part of the school. This would definitely be my dream school. Thank you so much for showing this!

  4. This is so crazy, because all the classes he takes here are the things I absolutely LIVED FOR in school and in my mind. I always loved any opportunity to get outside of myself. Perhaps act a little silly. To me, it seems like playing games all day, but of course it's Juilliard, so you take your games very seriously…but to me, this stuff is all just great fun. Or at least it looks like it.

  5. I am 27 years old and have been a working actor in Milwuakee and Chicago for years in and have representation. But I am seriously considering auditioning for Juilliard next year. But is 27-28 years old too old then what you guys usually go for?

  6. I have always wanted to be actor since I was 5 and I love directing and Entertaining people. I'm not the best actor I'm 14 but, I'm passionate for it but, I have stage fright and strudder when I'm act in front of people. I want to take acting classes but, my parents can't afford it and my dad just doesn't like the idea of me acting but, I love it. I heard of this school from Adam driver always talking about so I wanted to keep it out. and now I'm in love.

  7. Hi , I'm 11 years old and my dream is to live as a musical start / actress. I just really want to be in the theatre and this video gave a bit of a hint too me about it so thank you

  8. I'm only 11 but I really want to go there! I want to Just be a New Yorker, I want to live there, Be on Broadway, sing, I just love the feeling of waking up every morning with the sound of cars and beeping. My family knows I like singing but I just would love to go to my dream school. Singing is something I've wanted to do since forever! Living and doing something I love in m dream city would make me feel so alive and happy! I hope to be a legend and be free like the people who go here they are my inspirations. I've been begging my parents to let me visit NYC for a while I would just do anything to be able to go for just a day and see a Broadway show! The city is just something that is attached to me something I can never let go of.

  9. Does Julliard also offer courses for Musical acting? And do you guys take international students/ offer part-time or full-time scholarships to students? I'm from Germany and being in this school is my dream.

  10. Watching this makes me so happy to see other actors living their dream. My heart is racing just watching the passion in his eyes talking about the school of many peoples dream.

  11. I would love to visit this school! It would be amazing to Attend too! I'm a singer & would to to join their Vocal Arts program?.

  12. Is there a lot of singing ? I love musical theatre and was wondering if for example in the plays they do its singing aswell or just acting

  13. I’d love to be an actress but I have performance anxiety which means I panic inside and shut down my emotions in front of people. I can get in the mood and make myself cry doing a monologue at home but freeze in front of people.

  14. I am torn between Juilliard's drama program or their music music. On one hand I love drama and have wanted to be an actress ever since I was little, but on the other I love playing my clarinet and everyone thinks I have a shot at it for music. Even though im nowhere near 18 or 19 I still think about it a lot, it might be my favorite thing to do besides practicing.

  15. I really want to apply here but I have a few questions. When should I apply, my Junior or my senior year in high school, and if I am not accepted into the drama program is there any possibility of being able to apply in a different program?

  16. Thank you for such a thorough break down of the schedule! I’m applying this year for my MFA! I’ve heard there are also rehearsals on Saturdays. I was wondering what the Saturday schedule is like. Thank you so much!

  17. Julliard is my dream school. Ever since I was 5 I wanted to act as a career and I am now like 12 and I have been doing a lot of theatre and although I live super far away from new York (I live in CA) and plus I have never felt like a good singer even though people think I'm good I just dont feel like a good singer and blabla this comment is getting too long

  18. This looks amazing! Ive only every heard about it by watching interviews of people who went there. Do you need to have a background in drama to do the drama courses? Can international students go there, eg from the UK?

    Guess i have some research to do ☺️

  19. all of these classes look like the ice breaker games we had to play in school that gave me crippling anxiety just thinking about lmao

  20. when I was 10 years old, my mother told me about this school, all I wanted to do was go here so I did some research. I read that you should have expeience, so i picked up the violin the piano, and took on vocal lessons. I've wanted to be an actress since I was 3 years old, but not as much as now, i'm in 6th grade (12 years old) and Im being way more serious with my acting, singing, and music I auditioned for the middle schools select choir, and from there to my county. I know nobody asked for this but this is just a little paragraph how much I want this. I auditioned for plays 3 and 1 musical, ( i know a lot of people will say "that's not enough to get into Juilliard" but im 12 i have 6 more years until collage) I am so determined to get into this school it actually hurts, but there is one problem, I could not dance if my life depended on it because im so busy with Monday- piano Tuesday-voice Wednesday-select choir Thursday- select orchestra and on Friday- music theory studies. That is my only worry, for the rest, I fell like if I just work extremely hard and be confident, i can do it, so can somebody please tell me, do you need to have dance experience to get into Juilliard? Please answer!

  21. I love this it amazing I am going to this school after I graduate high school it my dream school ??????????????????????????

  22. I’m only 12 but I really want to go to Juilliard. I don’t take part in any theater, but I really want to. I’ve been playing club soccer since I was five, and my parents spend thousands of dollars each year for me to play at my club. I don’t enjoy myself much, but I feel like if I told my dad that, he’d be mad at me for wasting him thousands of dollars. I want to do theater, I watch musicals all the time and think that that could be me, that it should be me. Idk it just sucks sometimes. ??‍♀️

  23. Really would want to study in Juilliard, only im from Europe everythibg then is much different i guess. Dream about acting and just visit USA to start my way for my dream ??

  24. The mask class seems so fun. I would really like to go here, but i'm going for some more drawing, photography based art. I might go to NYUTisch

  25. I'm a good actor but I want to be one, will it be hard for me to have admission in julliard considering that I have no acting experience.

  26. That’s a school I really want to go to I’m a young dancer and I’ve been wanting to go to that school since I was 6 when I learned about it I really hope if I keep working hard I can fulfill my dream and get into my school of dreams!

  27. I’m only a freshman in high school and acting has a place in my heart ever since I was little my parents would ask me what I want to be and I would always tell them acting they don’t support me all the way because it’s a really hard career and I know that but sometimes you just know that you belong and that you know who you are. I look at movie plays tv shows and I see what there doing and I know that that’s where I wanna be. Every day till I get to the point for college I’m going to keep doing what I do but I know that I’ll audition for Juilliard even if it’s so so far from my home Texas. And out of all those people that Audition each year you never know because they have just the amount of chance as you do so now you just have to prove to them why you’re there and what makes you special you have to stand out and make them remember you. Because at the end of the day you’ll have given your audition the best and you should walk out proud. See you in 4 to 5 years Juilliard meanwhile I’ll keep acting

  28. Ugh I literally can't describe how badly I want to go to Juilliard, I walk by to visit the school everytime I'm in new york and I'm there a lot, my closet is FULL of stuff from the gift shop (lol), and I'm going to the flagship program for the second time this summer. I'm probably not gonna get in anyway but its my dream to go.

  29. Hi Juilliard I’m currently 13 and I’ve known about Juilliard for a while but my name is Adrian Forister and I really want to apply here when I’m older. I love to sing and act. And I know Juilliard can help me to pursue this dream of mine. Me and my friend Amelie hope to come here when we’re older. We both just stared lead roles in our middle school drama play. In front of over 400 people. She’s done a high school play and I am also in band so we’ve both performed in front of big crowds. And we both are ready to rock the stage when we audition!

  30. I really love to get into this school and I am a very motivated young man. I want to gain any skills of acting, to become an awesome actor! But…this Juilliard school's acting tuitions are too expensive for me…????

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