Kerbal Weapons Program #9 – Stealth Wing

Kerbal Weapons Program #9 – Stealth Wing

Robbaz here playing more Kerbal weapons program. Today, we’re gonna give Jeb what he always wanted, the element of surprise. I am going to build a stealth wing bomber all right. I will surprise my enemies with their death. Their very demise will be the surprise! Oh my god it’s a rhyme Robert! A rhyme! Aw this is gonna be very tight, but that’s *laughing* alright! Oh no Oh no fuck it actually was too tight. My bad! Bill How’s it hanging? No I need to stop the bad jokes. It’s gone too far already. Oh shit He got squeezed out like the last speck of toothpaste I’m not trying to copy any American wing bomber’s alright This is gonna be my own original design. I think we need to squeeze the engines Inside of the airframe. just keep the radar profile low I think we need to have the engines a little bit outside so we don’t burn anything. Roll, pitch, everything is working. This is the maiden voyage of the ding wings Godspeed! Come on baby boy get off. Get up. Ope! That was easier than I thought it was gonna be. Get the gears up. Can you stop turning please? It’s drifting. It’s shlipping. It’s a boomerang flying backwards. No no no no no no not good not good Oh my god. Oh Fuck. Bill calm down you’re upside-down You’re not Australian. There ya go calm your tits. You were flying the BOOM-merang No Bill, I didn’t mean meringue the meringue you eat, you can’t eat the airplane This tugs at my heartstrings, but I have to do this. We need some yaw control. That should keep our yaw stable yeah? That’s so ugly though. Dammit I love how good lift it has. It is Li lirallilitalital LITERALLY! A wing. You know what, you Americans are pretty good at making airplane designs. Look at me. I have fucking what is this trash? I’m a dumbass. Americans are also Rather efficient ok they weaponized everything from autism to to bats And what did I do these fucking wings? It’s it flies so good. I just wish it it also turned good. I Love making these little cockpits this. That’s my first. That’s gonna be a staple of the weapon series because it’s so adorable Calm your tits this is fucking genius Alright, I haven’t used that sentence in a long time, but we will have dockable weapons we will be able to arm rearm and change the weaponry fucking genius We can’t make the rearming vehicle, too Tall it is a fit in underneath the like skidding underneath our Bombur oh No, this is gonna look like one of those construction elevators or the window cleaning machines It’s gonna be pretty wonky, but remember just because it’s wonky doesn’t mean it’s not quality oh my god It’s adorable Look at that It’s gonna work like this. You just erase the roof put the bombs inside So smart, so simple it’s so elegant Ben be careful watch the clearance good brake Work oh fuck oh it collected wait, wait a second oh Yes This wasn’t part of the plan, but I can’t I just couldn’t resist I’m an evil evil man Come on Ben let’s go You know it’s a little less stable now probably add drag from the Delory I Didn’t sign up for this. I real something you’re near Let’s not be cruel We’re gonna release him a fuck. Don’t you buff the fucking plane? Oh shit what’s going on no. No no no no no no It’s a tentacle piercing my plane Oh What the fuck bill? Bill oh, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa calm it. It’s comet. It’s Oh It’s gonna tear apart The crankin is eating him the universe is tearing him apart Bill No he became what I always wanted to be a monster Damn it. I think we we made a little whoopsie here. It’s a whoopsie. We had this a meter away from Attaching I’m gonna squirt it in with the gears. Oh yeah there. We go. I can’t work those bombs into place Well it actually did it did a trick all right. We’re commencing the first weaponized test of the wing-dings I just noticed it was steering with the back wheels that’s a very very poor design decision Yes It actually works My design is flawless except it turning look at this so wonky so very wonky Bombs away Well fuck we only dropped one bomb Fuck two bombs yes Dude, that’s a 50-50 chance of hitting That’s very acceptable All right flying back in for rearming ready for the next mission Good your boys and girls the worst thing that could have happened has happened Hippies left over from the flower power festival is partying in my territory eating baguettes and snorting cheese Damn it. They brought radar with them. I will have to do a stealth insertion I Will give it to hipsters they came hard prepared But I am prepared error This is still so very adorable I love it oh Wait we don’t know oh, we forgot to remove the other one I’m a dumbass look this is perfect We’re all about equality here But let me and I push it off the women do the hard work and the men spreads to say Oh my god. No Robert Byrd Robert We have achieved the element of surprise We can strike first without the fear of retaliation we have literally become America Look at it. It’s perfect except the Indians, but I can’t have the Indians inside of the plane you know It’s a good tongue name popped up open oh no Nene buff on Open the bomb bay don’t throw up. The bombs. Oh fuck rip element of surprise bombs away Then hit base will soon have blown their last whistle Yes Fern you fuckers is just like Beatrice asked sent marry JJ Cale’s For two more bombs have turn it on oh It’s slipping a bit It’s like a hot knife in butter RIT RIT RIT literally Holy shit. This is one of the weirdest flight models. I’ve made so far. It’s slides side to side Bombs away I’m certain this airplane is not supposed to be air. You know close air support But you know fuck it who gives a hoot oh damn it but again We drop to two or six bombs by mistake come you fucking wanker I Absolutely Adore this game Every time I play it you can do whatever you want and the scale and the glittery shadows it’s all perfect Good job guys and gals Go grab some sandwiches from the cafeteria all right orchard Very well Like a favorite this shit anal rape some Trump Supporters today Is hippies anymore Easter but go bomb some hipsters today the CEO says did the same shit?


  1. Idk if he knew this but bats were planed to be weponized during world war 2 (I believe) they were bombs filled with bats with tiny incindary bombs and the bombs worked on a timer

  2. We weaponized Fire, then Bats, the Buttholes, and eventually combined them to use on japan in WW2, we prostituted bats to them and had fire charges inside them.

  3. 02:40 the B2 is not based on American design. It based on the design of the horton HIX. Germany knew how to make stealth bombers back in 1945

  4. builds a b-2 spirit stealth wing bomber
    proceeds to use it as CAS on an unsuspecting camp of hippies

  5. Auto-generated text:

    “I think we need to squeeze two Indians inside of the airframe, just to keep the radar profile low” 😂

  6. A little known fact is that the B-2 Spirit actually has 4 engines not 2, they are just concealed within the body of the plane.

  7. Robaz i wish you could make a carpet bomber that drops like ten little boy atom bombs

  8. You should create a dedicated drop ship. Like a large aircraft that drops instead of bombs small pods with parachutes and armour (heat shields and radiators) and contain several troops in them.

  9. "I'm not trying to copy any American bombers this will be my own idea"

    Makes a b-7 spirit bomber as his first plane


  10. “You Americans are good at making these planes”

    sad germany noises

    The Americans had found information about the german tech in ww2, as the Ho 229 was found almost finished in a factory, and they took it as their future design for a wing plane.

  11. that stealth bomber was made by germans in ww2 the American one was copied from them with some improvement that is. but theirs was still a prototype.

  12. Fun fact- the b-2 bomber can fly without a it’s engines when at cruising altitude. It charges the front and back of the plane with opposite charges and it created a gravitational well that the plane tries to fall into when it is actives— in turn propelling the plane forward.

  13. I know why you dropped two bombs by accident. Because when you use left click on the menu to open/close the cargo bay the left click also acts as a trigger for bombs' dropping. The solution is an action group for the cargo bay

  14. Ok, Robert, this is not stealthy. This is practically asking to be detected. Right angles are PERFECT foe radar to detect.

  15. Robbaz, use air brakes out on the wings instead of rudders to control yaw. That's how the Ho 229 did, and I assume the B-2A also.

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