Kim Kardashian and Ellen Meet California Firefighter Who Lost Home

We’re back with Kim Kardashian. West California
firefighters are some of the bravest people I know,
and one of those firefighters is here today. He and his wife, Lisa, live in
nearby Oak Park, California. And while their house was
burning in the Woolsey fire, Michael was helping save
other homes on his street. Please welcome Michael
DRAGONS, “I BET MY LIFE”] So I, I bet my life bet my life. I bet my life, I
bet my life for you. I, I bet my life, I bet my
life, I bet my life for you. I’ve been around the world
and never in my wildest dreams would I come
running home to you. I’ve told a million lies but
now I tell a single truth, there’s you in everything I do. You’re amazing. We’re going to, yes,
we’ll get through this, But we’re going to
pour compliments on you the entire time– Oh. Because firefighters are,
as I said, the bravest. You’re running into
danger with nothing but yourselves, with
no weapons, nothing. You’re just running
right into danger. So we thank you and
all of the firefighters for doing everything
that you’ve been doing. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] All right. And you would think that
you’d know there’s a fire, you see a fire, and you’d think
you’d know to get out of there. But what happened
when you saw– how far away was it when you saw it? Well there were some events that
kind of led up to the moment, some family medical
history issues going on. So we decided to stay back. I was talking to the local
fire station friends of mine, I work a mile down
the road, and so I was in constant
communication with them. And so I knew that
it was pretty safe. Where our location of
our neighborhood is, I wasn’t really worrying
about our houses burning down. If I thought there was
a threat to our home then we would have
evacuated, I wasn’t going to take any chances. He kept telling me, we’re
safe, we’re going to be safe. He decided to look outside,
and he noticed our neighbor Lisa’s house. She had a big palm tree, and he
was going to try to put it out. And then he turned around and
he could see our fence on fire, and that’s when he came
straight into the house. And I was in the
home with four dogs. There’s a row of
trees right next to us that all lit off immediately
and caught our next door neighbor’s house
completely on fire, and that ended up putting some
impinging fire on our home. Right. So I’m in the garage now with
four dogs, and Michael came in and he says, honey,
the house is on fire. Can you make me a sandwich? [LAUGHTER] Yeah, exactly. I got to grab a beer. No. [LAUGHS] I was with the
four dogs and he says, we’re going to be
fine, you’re safe. He says, I’m going
to do a few things. But at this point
now, Ellen, I mean, the embers were coming
through the garage, I’m stomping on them. I have four dogs and. She was amazing. I was– And she kept it together. I’ve seen this before, so I was
kind of like, oh, this is fine. I’m just kind of– I did, I put her in a bad
position for sure, but– Yeah. She’s, you know,
honorary firefighter. But I think the hardest thing
was seeing the flames coming in the garage. And I called my mom because
my son was headed over there. And the hardest call I ever
had to make to my mom was mom, I don’t think we’re going to
make it, and can you please take care of Holden. It was the hardest call I made. And he came in at that
point and he says, Lisa, you need to
get off the phone. And I said, what do you
need me to do, Mike? And he told me, Lisa,
when it comes down, we’re going to run to the van. And we’re going to put you
in the van, the three dogs, and I’m going to go
run in and grab Bailey, which is our tan Cocker
Spaniel, my parent’s. And at that point,
Michael came out with him, and the embers just caught
his fur on fire, and– There were still
embers flowing around. But it was not, we
could still walk out. Stop acting like it was nothing. You’re like, I mean, there were
still embers flying around. Yeah, yeah. We could breathe. And all that. All right, so then you
get around the corner, and I’m going to cut
to when you come back, and you then saved
the neighborhood. You actually came
back, and grabbed hoses and started saving all
of your neighbor’s homes. I wish I could take
all the credit. I went around the
corner, we all did, and I saw one of my local
friends on an engine. I mean, look at this. And I pulled over to
the side, and I said, Ryan, can you go and put my
house off, put it out on fire. It’s on fire, can
you put it out? And I said, if you don’t
take care of that house, my whole block’s
going to blow away. And he looked at
me and said, Yeah, but can you stay here
and put out these fires. Because he was
working on something that I could do some good on. Right. You know, I’d stop by and
look at her in the car. And thumbs up– He gave me the thumbs
up, are you OK? And I’m like, I’m OK. Yeah. And then I went down,
I think there was some, I think you pointed over to the
TV, and there was a video of me in front of the house. A couple of LA County
engines were in there, trying to make a stop and
they did a fantastic job. I can’t be more proud of the
fire family that we have. Yeah. It’s amazing. And Kim is still here
with us because she wants to say something. Yeah, we know that there’s a–
we obviously have all the other firefighters that have helped,
but to know that you’ve lost your home– Kanye, Yeezy, and Adidas wanted
to donate to you guys $100,000. Oh, my God. So that. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] So that you guys can, you know. Thank you. You’ve got to pick up
all the pieces, you know. This is amazing. We’ll be right back.

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